Pregnant mothers should eat cautiously in the hot summer, and the pregnant mothers have been born in the abdomen.

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In summer, many fruits are on the market, and many pregnant mothers see the fruits on the market with saliva!There are still many pregnant mothers who think they should eat more fruits during pregnancy, so that children will be tender after their skin.

As everyone knows, summer fruits look good and eat delicious, but some fruits are honey for ordinary people, and it may be frost for pregnant mothers!

When a 29 -year -old young pregnant mother was pregnant, because she was busy doing business and did not go to the birth check -up on time, and she just met the season when she was on the market in the summer when she was pregnant. She particularly liked to eat litchi.The lychee of about around.

She also heard that eating fruits is good for children’s skin, so eating a little more every time I eat, and feels that this is better for children’s skin.

Unexpectedly, when she was nine months pregnant, she suddenly found that she seemed to have no fetal movement. She hurried to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that the child’s heartbeat was gone.

Later, when I checked the cause, I found that this pregnant mother had very serious gestational diabetes. The reason why she had gestational diabetes was because she ate about a pound of lychee every day!

The sugar content of litchi is very high, and the pregnant mother itself is prone to high blood sugar. At this time, eating litchi with high sugar -containing amount is prone to increase blood sugar. In addition, this mother did not have a timely production check.Blood sugar increases, so severe gestational diabetes endangers the health of the fetus, which eventually led to 9 months pregnant, and the fetus was still dead!

No. 1: Litchi

The poet has three hundred litchi in the sun, and he is a Lingnan native.

But in fact, we recommend that the fruits you eat every day are controlled at about half a catty, and if the litchi sugar is so high, it must be more strictly controlled.

Because the mother’s insulin is secreted less for the healthy body of the fetus. If you eat a large amount of lychee, it will easily cause blood sugar to be difficult to control and cause diabetes during gestational.Do not eat litchi on an empty stomach when you are pregnant, otherwise it may cause "litchi disease".

If you have had gestational diabetes during pregnancy, or the family has a history of diabetes, it is best to eat less lychee.

And if you are already in pregnancy diabetes, do not eat litchi anymore. If you eat healthy pregnant mothers, do not have more than 10 a day. Try the taste.

Second type: Li Zi

Summer is also a season for various plums, but it is not recommended to eat pregnant mothers even more deliciously, because the plum contains fat and bitter almondoside, which can easily cause heat accumulation in the body and fire.

Coupled with the more acidic acid in the plum, the mother is easy to feel uncomfortable with teeth, and it will even affect chewing food.

Third type: durian

Durian is also a very high -calorie fruit. If the pregnant mother is pregnant, if the weight exceeds the standard, or the blood sugar is high, it is not recommended to eat, or the mother’s gums are bleeding and the fire is not recommended. There are no other problems.In order to eat a small amount.

4th type: longan

Longan is also a common fruit in summer. It is also a dual -use food. It can also be used as a longan medicine, but the longan sugar is also very high.Fire!

If the blood glucose is high, it is not recommended to eat it. You can eat a small amount of blood sugar.

5th: Mango

Mango is a kind of subtropical fruit. It is listed in large quantities in the summer. Mango is sweet and sour. There is also a special fruit fragrance. Many people like to eat, but pregnant women should eat cautiously.

Because mango is a kind of fruit that is easy to allergic. Some pregnant women are physically allergic. Severe mango allergies may also cause throat edema to affect breathing.

Another reason is that the fruit sugar in mango is also very high. Eating too much can cause blood sugar to rise.

And now there are many varieties of mango, sometimes a large mango is one or two pounds, so you should pay attention to eating less when eating. If you do n’t have allergies, you can try a small amount every day, but if you have high blood sugarEssence

These 5 kinds of fruits are listed in the summer, but pregnant mothers should also pay attention to when eating. Of course, in addition to eating fruits, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to all kinds of meat and vegetables.Only in order to grow the fetus without meat.

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