Pregnant mothers, please prevent anxiety!Should eat and drink!#

Hello everyone, I am Bao Ma, now I am 23 weeks in the middle of pregnancy. For the first time, I wanted to record this video a long time ago, but I have always been too lazy.Today I will share with you.

Many Baoma is worried about what to eat or not, and I will list what I can think of now.For example, I heard that it was all that I heard that it was miserable.It is said that peaches can not eat watermelon or not, cola can not drink, carbonated drinks are hot and hot, and there are snails. For example, lychee coffee.I have eaten these.When I was just two months pregnant, I did n’t exaggerate the morning sickness at that time. I had to have 2020 pregnancy in a day.At the stage, it was nearly 20 pounds.I just want to drink carbonated drinks every day and just want to drink Cola. Sprite does not work just want to drink Cola.I drank two bottles of cola every day, and no one could control me at that time.

During the pregnancy, the doctor said: If you drink cola, you drink, and your baby shakes his head in your belly because there is caffeine in it.But I think I said that it shakes it, and my heart is quite large lychee.Because maybe constipation?Pregnant mothers and pregnant mothers eat constipation very, very, very serious.From pregnancy to now, I have been very serious, but the more I really can’t eat what I want to eat.

I do n’t recommend pregnant women, but I especially want to eat. When I do n’t want to eat lychee when I do n’t want to eat lychee, I do n’t control it now, so I did n’t control it.However, constipation has always been used, and the short video platforms on honey can be bought. Until now, even if you do n’t eat lychee, you will be constipated, so I think you are right, do n’t eat too much.

What kind of drink?In fact, those things are really not recommended, but as long as the right amount is enough.You can drink it like coffee, as long as you do not exceed 100 ml.

Other random snail powder, instant noodles, and hot and sour powder are in the most serious stage of pregnancy. I just want to eat it and I can only eat rice noodles snail powder, hot and sour powder. Various powder strips.This thing is very strange, but I do n’t want to eat it now, because the pregnancy is reacted, so it has no effect at all to check the green lights.It is only to check that the shortage of vitamins D and vitamin D, and vitamin and iron deficiency.Through the popularity of this time, most pregnant women may be deficient in iron or land, basically there are basically.

Therefore, the Baoma is also welcome to leave a message to me below.

· Speaking of barbecue, barbecue and barbecue, I brushed a short video two days ago. I feel that the baby is so anxious for himself. I just feel that I do n’t live. What should I do if I do it?I was pregnant today, I took 4 pieces of meat, what should I do if I have any problems with the baby?How about online consultation, and also post it.I think it is completely unnecessary, because our family is opening a barbecue restaurant, and basically it will definitely eat and not eat less.

In fact, there are many videos to check these things on the Internet to tell you that pregnant women can eat. Even if it is Baidu or watching short videos, it always has two sides.But when you are anxious, what will the short videos always give you?That’s right?Why do you say that sometimes it seems that you can understand the dialogue between our human beings.For example, if you are talking about pregnancy and your baby, you can push you unlimitedly to push these things immediately when you brush your vibrato.

· There are ice cream. Ice cream has basically been one day from pregnancy to now, and drinking drinks, because only it is very comfortable to eat.If I don’t eat it, will it be uncomfortable?I don’t think I listen to me, it’s just a bitch, because each pregnant mother’s constitution is different.I went to ask the doctor and said, "Can I eat ice cream?"The doctor will not tell me: You can eat or not, you can only test it yourself, that is, I will.

First of all, when I eat ice cream now, I will contain a long and long time in my mouth.In fact, it is just to solve or even the psychological effect of pregnant mothers.I have no response when I eat it, and you can continue to eat it again.

If there are some Baoma who eats half -roots or take a few mouthfuls, there will be a severe stomach uncomfortable or painful or sore or what about it. Don’t eat you this ice cream.So take a small amount of experiment first, and don’t take it too easily for your anxiety during your baby’s anxiety, you can’t eat it!I ca n’t eat this, this is my suggestion for everyone.

Then, I also welcomed all Baoma to leave a message below me, let’s discuss it together.In the next video, let me tell you what you can do, what you can’t do ,e.This is this, not to eat.

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