Pregnant mothers have these four characteristics, and are likely to be pregnant with twins. Is there you in it?

For many women, pregnant twins are a good wish. They do not have to worry about children alone and without playmates, nor need to regenerate the second child to suffer from two forks. After all, pregnant in October is really difficult!

In human society, the average birth rate of twins around the world is 1: 89. This chance is not high.If the pregnant mother has the following three characteristics, then it is likely to be pregnant with twins. Are you among you?

1. The belly is too large

Compared to the pregnant mother in the same month, the pregnant mother’s belly of the twins will be obvious. After all, there are two babies in the uterus, and the abdomen of the twin pregnant mothers is much faster than the pregnant mother who is pregnant.

Second, there are twin genetic genes at home

If you observe carefully, you will find that the mother of the surrounding twins, their family relatives are likely to have experienced twins.Because the twins are also influenced by genetic basic basic, if you often have twins in your family, the chance of your twins will be relatively high.

Third, the pregnancy reaction is more serious

Because of the twins, the expectant mother’s HCG value (human chorionic gonadotropin) is higher, and the pregnancy reaction will be more serious, such as severe pregnancy, frequent urination, dizziness, and more difficult to feel sleepy and fatigue.

Fourth, fetal movements in different directions

About four months, pregnant mothers can feel obvious fetal movements.If there is more than one fetus, the pregnant mother can feel the fetal movement in different directions, which may also be a signal of the twives.

Of course, the above -mentioned twives do not apply every pregnant mother. The large belly and fast -growing may also be caused by the overeating or the fetus of the pregnant mother.The test results are prevailing.

What should I pay attention to when pregnant with twins?

Although twins dream of many women, from the perspective of eugenics, the twins will cause the pregnant woman to be too heavy. Not only is the pregnancy reaction stronger, but the demand for nutrients is also higher than the pregnant mothers who are pregnant, especially the iron element.The lack of iron will cause pregnant mothers to have symptoms of anemia. Pay attention to the multi -shot of iron in the daily life.

And because the uterus is excessively expanded, pregnant mothers often cannot give birth to the moon, so twins are mostly premature infants, and they should pay attention to reasonable feeding and care.

The pregnant mother who has twins, because the stomach is larger than the average pregnant woman, has increased the burden on the body, and it is prone to discomfort such as dyspnea and panic.The health of pregnant mothers and fetuses is more guaranteed.

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