Pregnant mothers eat more fruits, the baby’s skin is white and tender, is it true?

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Fruit is a healthy food, which has many benefits to pregnant mothers.

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1. Fruits are rich in nutrition. Pregnant mothers have sufficient fruits to supplement various trace nutrients, dietary fiber and some polyphenols that are beneficial to the body and other plant chemical components.

2. Many pregnant mothers are susceptible to constipation or hemorrhoids in the second trimester. Many fruits, such as dragon fruit, Xi Mei, kiwi, bananas, apples, can help to defecate, prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.

3. Due to the changes in hormone levels in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers often have lack of appetite, pregnancy vomiting and other reactions. Early pregnancy reactions may consume the body’s physical reserves of pregnant mothers. At this time, eating some refreshing and sweet fruits.Folic acid and carbohydrates that are needed in early pregnancy can also be provided.

But as soon as the expectant mother eats more fruits, the baby’s skin is white and tender, and a lot of fruits are eaten. This is not conducive to pregnant mothers and fetus health.

Pregnant mothers are good for health, but the baby’s skin color is inherited, and it will not change because the pregnant mother eats.After the baby is born, it is carefully fed, and the nutrition is reasonable. Pay attention to sun protection to achieve the best skin condition on the basis of heredity.

Pregnant mothers eat fruit too much, which is harmful!

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1. Fruit sugar, sucrose and glucose in fruits can be converted into fat in the body, which may cause hyperlipidemia and obesity.

2. Pregnant mothers have a resistance to insulin during pregnancy, decreased sensitivity of insulin, abnormal sugar metabolism, and excessive fruit may also cause diabetes during gestational.If gestational diabetes is not controlled in time, the most common is the occurrence of hypoglycemia in huge children and newborns.[1] There are still many impacts on maternal and newborn, such as metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, excessive amniotic fluid, infection, ketone, dystocia, fetal malformations, neonatal nervous system development disorders, neonatal respiratory distress synthesisThe extended jaundice time of the newborn, also increased the risk of pregnant women and fetuses in the future [2] [3].

3. A large amount of fruits may reduce the intake of other foods, and the lack of protein, fat and other nutrients necessary for pregnant mothers to lack pregnant mothers, which will lead to malnutrition of pregnant mothers and affect the growth and development of the fetus.

How much fruits should pregnant women eat every day?

According to the recommendation of fruits during the dietary pagoda during pregnancy, it is recommended that normal pregnant mothers ingest 250 grams of fruits per day.

Recommendation for food consumption of diet pagoda fruits

Most of the sugars in fruits are simple sugar, which has a great impact on postprandial blood sugar. Therefore, it is necessary to choose fruits with a hypoglycemia index with a blood glucose index (GI) less than 55. Such fruits are not easy to affect blood sugar.Priority to choose apples with lower blood sugar reactions, grapefruit, cherry, apricot, plum, peach, strawberry, kiwi, orange, etc.

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