Pregnant mothers do this will be seriously related to the baby’s "granary"!

Breast milk is the best food for babies and the first gift for mothers to give new babies healthy.Moms all hope that they have sufficient milk and make a qualified "granary", which requires mothers to start related nursing work from pregnancy.

The benefits of breastfeeding are: breast milk contains the nutritional components required for the growth and development of the baby.The proportion of the main ingredients is most suitable for the needs of the baby’s body, and the easiest baby is digested and absorbed.Improve your baby’s immunity.The immune antibody contained in breast milk can protect children from infection of intestinal and respiratory tract. In addition, it also contains lactic iron protein, lycase and various cell components, which are also conducive to anti -infection.Among them, colostrum (1 to 5 days of milk) and transition milk (6 ~ 11 days of milk) have higher immunization content.Breast milk is directly secreted by the mother’s breasts, the temperature is appropriate, there is no irritation to the baby’s stomach and intestine, and the chance of being polluted is less and the mother breastfeed is convenient.It is conducive to the recovery of the mother, accelerate the discharge of uterine contraction and dew, promote uterine recovery, and help weight recovery.Reduce mothers’ chances of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, type I diabetes and heart disease in the future.Breastfeeding is a process of bacterial feeding. It is very important to establish the environment and autoimmune in the baby’s intestine and reduce the chance of the baby’s allergies in the future.At the same time, breastfeeding can close the feelings of mothers and babies.

The system and organs that are closely related to lactation after pregnancy are endocrine systems and breasts, respectively.

After pregnancy, the endocrine system has changed very much, and the pituitary is a warehouse of oxytocin and prolactin, which has the effects of inducing childbirth and milk secretion.Therefore, to ensure the normal of pituitary function, it is the key to successful lactation.In daily life, we must pay attention to developing reasonable schedule habits and maintaining a happy mood.

In addition, pay attention to the reasonable intake of essential fatty acids and lecithin in the diet, thereby ensuring the normal metabolism of the pituitary.Food sources that must be fatty acids are: soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, walnut oil, linen seed oil, perilla oil, etc.; Phospholipid food sources include soybeans and products, eggs, etc.

The breasts are mainly composed of areola, nipples, fat, breasts and breast ducts.Adult female mammary tissue consists of 15-20 breast leaves, and its main function is lactation.Breast leaves are composed of many breast leaflets, and mammary gland lobular lobular lobular lobular lobular lobular contains many prostate.A glands have an excretion tube, called the breast -vitamin, with a total of 15-20 milk tubes. It is arranged in radiation -shaped with nipples as the centered on the nipples.Sucking to my mother’s milk.

Whether the mother can succeed in lactation has nothing to do with the size of the breast?Pregnant mommy can feel the changes in breasts from the second month of pregnancy. Under the action of estrogen and progesterone, the breasts increase, the nipple becomes strong and sensitive, the areola gradually expands, the color becomes darker, the entire breast will be the entire breast, and the entire breast will be.Bloating, the texture of the surface of the surface will be more obvious, and even stretch marks occur.

1. Avoid squeezing and keep the breast dredging

After pregnancy, the mothers’ breast changes are the first to be reflected.During pregnancy, the entire breast is larger, the distance between the left and right nipples becomes wider, and the bottom of the breast will also expand under the armpit. From pregnancy to production, the breast increases approximately twice the original cup.For the sake of beauty, ordinary bras have the role of steel support to set off and gather, but this will squeeze the mother’s breast tissue. If the replacement is not timely, the tight bras before pregnancy will cause the hyperplasia of the breast and affect the development.In addition, ordinary bras are mostly artificial fiber. Skin friction may enter the breast ducts, which will cause postpartum no milk or less milk. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms replace the breasts of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy.

2. Pay attention to cleaning and massage breasts

By pregnancy until five or six months, the pregnant mummy squeezes the breast or some pregnant mummy will secrete some milk itself, and these milk will be condensed on the nipple.Therefore, during this time, it is best to clean the nipples every day.After the nipples are cleaned in the middle of pregnancy, it is best to insist on breast massage. This can better maintain the breasts and breastfeed the baby after birth.

Special Note

Pregnant moms cannot massage breasts in the early stages of pregnancy or stimulation of the nipples for a long time, which will cause uterine contraction, which can easily lead to abortion or danger of premature birth.Therefore, the force must be gently during the cleaning, massage or pulling process. If abdominal pain or vaginal hemorrhage symptoms occur, stop the movement immediately and consult a doctor.

1. Clean nipples

First apply the nipples with a warm towel, remove the milk, and then clean the skin on the surface.

2. Breast massage

First apply the breasts hot, put a hot towel on the breast. After 2 to 3 minutes, remove the towel, massage the oil on the palm of the palm, about a 1 yuan coin size, and then rub the palm of your hand until warm.Oil.There are three types of massage methods: spiral massage: one side of the breast is fixed with one hand, and the other hand is distributed along the breast of the breast with the finger, and the nipple -like massage is used to the nipple.Circle massage: Put your hands on your breasts or left and right, hold the entire breast, massage from the root of the breast to the nipple.Squeeze the breast: Put your hands on both sides of the breast, the thumb is up, the four fingers are down, squeezing from the root of the breast to the nipple.

3. Nipple maintenance

When many mothers first feed their baby, because the nipple skin is too delicate, it is easy to cause nipple cracking, resulting in breastfeeding. In order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, the nipples should be massaged frequently in the second trimester.

Use a mild moisturizing lotion to clean and massage the breast massage again. The focus of this massage is the nipple. To put a certain pressure on it.Twisted to moisturize the skin of the nipple, so that when the baby bites it and sucks hard, it is not easy to break, thereby avoiding the injury and affecting breastfeeding.

How to correct nipples

The inside of the nipples obviously causes postpartum breastfeeding difficulties, and it cannot even be breastfeeding, milk stasis, and breasts cannot be emptied in time and secondary mastitis.Therefore, the mother who is inherent in nipples will start correction in 5-6 months of pregnancy (in the middle of pregnancy).

Frequently pulling the nipples can make the nipple protruding, the breast ducts, fiber strip cables and smooth muscles are extended and extended, and the nipples naturally raised outward.But this takes a long time to progress step by step in order to achieve good results.The following methods can help pregnant moms to correct the infection of the nipples.

The first method: Hoffman method -nipple stretching exercises.Put your two thumb parallel on both sides of the nipple, slowly pull from the nipple to both sides, pull the areola skin and subcutaneous tissue, make the nipple protruding out, and then place the two thumbs on the two sides of the nipples, from the nipple upwards upwardsPull the lower line, and then hold the nipples with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger and pull it lightly several times.The above steps are repeated multiple times, and each exercise lasts for 5 minutes to make the nipple protruding.

The second method: use the nipple appliance.Using the principle of vacuum negative pressure and the principle of skin traction expansion, continue to pull the inherent nipples, extend the breast ducts, nipple smooth muscles, and nipple areola under the connective tissue, thereby correction the problem of nipples.

Sister Bin Crushing:

When some mothers open milk after giving birth,

Often nipple cracking, mastitis, and even fever, etc.

Make moms suffer or even breast milk.

In addition to the wrong way of breastfeeding, these problems,

It also has a lot to do with the correct care of the breast during pregnancy.

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