Pregnant mothers diet to lose weight during pregnancy?Knowing this, you may consider it carefully

Many pregnant mothers have the habit of daily weight loss before pregnancy. In the pregnancy, the weight increases with the changes of the body, and the "more and more of their bodies can not stand. ThereforeDiet and picky eaters.

So, is this suitable for pregnant mothers?

The answer is: Of course not appropriate.

During pregnancy, the weight growth of pregnant mothers generally increases the weight of the weight of the fetus, amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus, breast milk. In addition, the amount of fat will increase.However, these fats are not equivalent to general obesity, but are stored as the physical energy of pregnant mothers. They are supplemented by energy during pregnancy and lactation, so they must not be reduced.Otherwise, the situation of "lack of food" for pregnant mothers and babies will cause development problems, malnutrition, poor immunity, physical disorders, and production problems.

At the same time, a large amount of protein must be supplemented during pregnancy. They are essential substances for the development of fetal brains, nerves, cells, etc., as well as various inorganic salts, vitamins, and minerals.And when diet picky eats weight loss, they can easily cause nutrition to keep up.

Therefore, the pregnant mother’s diet to lose weight is basically a joke with the health of themselves and children!

During pregnancy, women’s bodies will be much weaker than before, and the digestion of nutrients will increase a lot, such as eating eggs, drinking milk, eating fruit, exercise, etc.necessary.Nutrition can keep up with the daily life of pregnant mothers. There is nothing to discount.

Therefore, weight loss during pregnancy is obviously not desirable.

So expected, pregnant mothers please remember: your health is not just your own.

In fact,

The sudden increase or decrease of the body’s fat during pregnancy will easily destroy the hormone balance of the body of the pregnant mother.For example, when the amount of estrogen is reduced during pregnancy, the skin will become rough and the bone density will be reduced.In addition, it will cause hair loss and teeth to become brittle. In this way, if you lose weight during pregnancy, pregnant mothers really have to think twice!

Maybe you will find a lot of pregnant mothers on the Internet to successfully reduce a lot of pounds during pregnancy, and after giving birth, they will be very quickly recovered to the prenatal level, and then they will produce a variety of "friends circle miracles" … but everyone, everyone, everyone, everyoneThe physical fitness and circumstances are completely different. Their "heroic deeds" cannot be the criterion that you must do:

Maybe they do very well, but if you do it, you may face the situation of entering the hospital …

This is not for you, please keep in mind.

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