Pregnant mothers are prone to edema, improve edema 6 wonderful tricks

During pregnancy, because of physiological changes, edema will inevitably occur, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers are prone to edema

Predecessor syndrome

Pre -pregnancy is a pre -menstrual syndrome pregnant mothers. During pregnancy, it is easy to have edema on the hands, calves, ankles and eyelids, and may be more obvious in the middle and late stages.

Professional pregnant mother

For professional pregnant mothers who need to sit for a long time, stand for a long time, and squat down for a long time. For professional pregnant mothers who can move their bodies, edema during pregnancy is a very common symptom. The blood flow of the lower limbs is not smooth, causing blood to be blocked and accumulated, and edema occurs.

Improve edema 6 tricks

Tips 1: Massage

Pressing the way to the bottom, it can help blood circulation and return the blood accumulated to the heart.The force of massage should be comfortable with pregnant mothers, and try not to massage the soles of the feet, because there are many acupoints on the soles of the feet, which will stimulate the uterus or other may lead to the occurrence of signs.In addition, massage can also increase the speed of blood circulation in a hot bath, feet or bathing, and massage before bed can improve the symptoms of insomnia!

Tips 2: Sports

Most of the reasons for the edema of pregnant mothers are that the blood is not circulating, especially the professional pregnant mother who takes for a long time or stands for a long time. The lower limbs are more prone to edema. After working for a while, you can move a little bit, such as walking, lazy waist, hands and feet.Relieve blood flow.Simple exercise, such as pregnant women yoga, can increase muscle flexibility, reduce joint burdens, and relax the stiff body through breathing and interest regulation, limb stretching, and movement of the shoulder and neck.Keeping the habit of exercise can promote blood circulation in the body and achieve the purpose of edema.

Tips 3: Rest full

If you are too tired in your mind and mind, you will increase the burden on the liver, heart, and kidney, and even cause endocrine disorders.Therefore, pregnant mothers must measure their physical tolerance, maintain proper workload and full rest, to help more smooth pregnancy.

Tips 4: Adjust the sleeping position

In the middle and late pregnancy, the larger the stomach, the greater the oppression. It is impossible to change the sleeping position freely like ordinary people.Not smooth, back pain, etc.The best sleeping position of pregnant mothers is lying on the left side, because the right side has the lower cavity vein that allows the blood to return to the heart. If you lie flat or lying on the right side when you sleep, you will compress the veins, causing the blood flow and edema, Limb numbness will also increase the burden on the heart.

In addition, pregnant mothers can also do the leg -lifting movements before going to bed. Find a comfortable pillow under the calf, about 30 degrees to help blood flow.When lying on the left side, you can clip a comfortable little pillow between your legs to help yourself find the most comfortable sleeping position. You can not only relieve edema, but also sleep well!

Tips 5: Wear auxiliary

Although it is necessary to keep warm in winter, do not wear too tight clothes, underwear and pants to avoid wearing socks that can oppress the ankle, as well as too tight pantyhose.The pregnant mothers who have to stand for a long time must also choose the materials that are comfortable, breathable, soft, non -slip, and not biting feet. In addition, you can buy elastic socks that can help blood circulation.Opinions, so as not to buy poor elastic socks, instead aggravate edema.

Tips 6: Pay attention to the diet

Pregnant mothers can drink red bean water and mung bean water without sugar to help eliminate edema, but not too much.And enough water every day, about 2,000c.c. a day to strengthen the efficiency of metabolism.

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