Pregnant mothers are full of erythema and blisters!It was because of severe allergies to the baby in the stomach …

Allergic constitution, workshops should have heard of it,

There are some friends around Xiaofang

Mango, peanuts, milk, etc.

Common food allergies …

But you heard

Is it seriously allergic to your own baby?

At the end of 2020,

Living in Hampe County, England

Fiona Hok

His second child.

However, what made her unexpected was that

This time her pregnancy experience made her pain,

Because she appeared to the child’s gene

"Allergy" reaction.

(Some pictures in the text may cause discomfort, please watch carefully)

Recently, this mother shared photos of blisters and scars during the pregnancy, and tells a rare immune skin disease, which makes her allergic to her children.

According to foreign media reports on February 13, at 31 weeks of pregnancy, Hu Ke suddenly found that there was a red itching area like ulcer tadel spales on his stomach, and the situation became more and more serious.Itchy, made her feel like "fire".

So she had to go to the doctor, and the doctor also prescribed some steroid ointment. However, the red and itchy area on the skin became larger and bigger, until her entire stomach was covered by red plaques.

At the 35th week of pregnancy, the situation became more and more serious. Hu Ke, who could no longer bear, had to go to the emergency department. The doctor injected her for four days for steroids for her symptoms to relieve her symptoms.

However, two days before giving birth, her skin began to appear unbearable itching and pain again.24 hours after giving birth to Son Bani, allergies are "explosive" into an incredible pain. The abdomen, thighs, arms and chests are everywhere.stage".

It is reported that after the blood test after delivery, the doctor confirmed that Hu Ke suffered from rare self -immune pregnancy mob, and said that it might be a kind of genetic allergy reaction, which caused her immune system to attack her skin.EssenceBecause this happened when she was first pregnant.

"They think this may be related to the child -some substance in the father DNA triggers the placenta to start attacking a protein that also exists in the skin, so my body began to attack my skin. My son must inherit his father’sThe gene, because I did not have this reaction when I was pregnant for the first time. "Hu Ke explained.

According to reports, pregnancy mob is very rare, and one of the 50,000 pregnant women suffer from this disease.Hu Ke said that she had never heard of this condition before, and now sharing her experience is also hoping to let everyone know about such diseases.

In the 6 months after the diagnosis, Hu Ke has been taking oral steroids of different intensity.She said that although itching, blisters and scars caused by extreme reactions have finally faded, she still needs to use steroid cream regularly, and mild symptoms may occur from time to time.

"Many people must get rid of steroids and control the condition through immunosuppressive therapy, so I am lucky." She said, "But I may always have some symptoms, but it will not be as serious as before.Plan, especially research, shows that this situation (in the next pregnancy) will appear earlier and more serious. Therefore, even if I take steroids, I will not get pregnant anymore. "

Every mother is not easy to want Hu Ke and the baby to be healthy and safe

Red Star News (Reporter Xu Hui)

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