Pregnant mothers are dizzy and want to vomit, and they can pay attention to these symptoms during pregnancy!

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Pregnancy is a very long time. There are many expectant mothers who do n’t want to delay their work during pregnancy. When there is something wrong with the body, find an experienced relative and friend to consult. I feel that I have no big deal.This practice of acting is likely to hurt the fetus in his belly.

Pregnant mothers are dizzy and want to vomit, acting with experience to hurt the baby

Kobayashi is a senior white -collar worker. Because he wants to give children a better material life. After pregnancy, he did not resign at home to give birth at home. Instead, he chose to continue to work.When I was pregnant for more than three months, Kobayashi had symptoms of nausea and nausea. She felt that this was a normal response during pregnancy and did not take it to the heart. Who knows that Xiaolin’s husband soon took Kobayashi to do a birth checkup, the doctor told Kobayashi fetus.Defensive, it is recommended that the Kobayashi couple better flow off the child.

After hearing the doctor’s words, Kobayashi felt unbelievable, because she had no other symptoms except that she had no other symptoms except that she felt dizzy and disgusting.

After talking to the doctor, Kobayashi learned that the reason why she was dizzy and nauseous was because the lack of some trace elements in her body was a signal given to her by the fetus. UnfortunatelyAfter the doctor’s words, I regretted it. I did not expect that with the experience of the people around me, a decision to take it for granted actually hurt the baby in the belly.

Although the fetus does not speak, if they feel uncomfortable, they will find a way to inform the mothers that the process of transmission may be related to the feelings of pregnant mothers, so it is not a career as a pregnant mother.Fortunately, it is often harmful to the fetus!

Pregnancy during pregnancy is not wrong, and the body should pay more attention to these abnormal symptoms!

1. Dirty and want to vomit after 3 months of pregnancy

Dizziness and vomiting are a very common symptom of women during pregnancy, but this symptoms generally only appear in the early pregnancy. Because female body hormones change after pregnancy, the secretion of gastric juice is reduced, resulting in symptoms of nausea and nausea.Usually after three months of pregnancy, these symptoms will not occur after the female body hormones are stable. If the expectant mothers appear again three months later, they must go to the hospital for examination in time to see if the body appears in the body.What accidents.

2. The fetal movement is too frequent

Usually, after six or seven months of pregnancy, women will find that the baby suddenly becomes active in the body. At this time, the mothers should pay attention to it, it is best to record the baby’s fetal movement frequency, so as not to be discovered in time to avoid abnormal fetal movement.If the expectant mothers find that the fetal movement breaks the law of daily records during this period, it is best to go to the hospital for a timely treatment. The fetus is likely to have hypoxia or umbilical cord around the

3. Hypertension, hyperglycemia

Some women are likely to suffer from hypertension or hyperglycemia during pregnancy because of their different physical fitness. At this time, pregnant women must go to the hospital in time. Don’t think that this is a special circumstances during pregnancy.Hypertension is likely to cause the fetus to stop developing, and high blood sugar will affect amniotic fluid, and the consequences of not diagnosis and treatment will be unimaginable.

All in all, pregnant women must always pay attention to their physical condition during pregnancy. Do not blindly confident, so as not to cause irreparable consequences.

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