Pregnant boy (modern story)

The 16 -year -old boy in Shaoyang, Hunan, has a monster in his belly. It looks like a dog and a dog.There are teeth, nose and hair, but there is no life.What happened to this boy, and what is the relationship between him and this monster?

This belly is not ordinary

In the early morning of the second day of the first month of 2008, this 16 -year -old boy named Xiaohua was helped to enter the emergency department of the affiliated hospital affiliated to Shaoyang Medical College in Hunan.As soon as he entered the door, he attracted the attention of doctors.When he came, he said that he was 16 years old, but from his perspective, he was only twelve or three years old. He was short, thin, and anemia.

Take a closer look at this child, as if graduating from elementary school, it is really a little bit like a 16 -year -old. The 16 -year -old should be almost the same as that of adults!What’s even more strange is that the doctors said: Xiaohua was still wearing huge coats that day, and the neckline was almost falling from the shoulders. This was always reminding others of his discord.

Xiao Hua’s attending doctor, Xiao Tia Jun, felt surprised, and it must be the disease.Torture him was like this, the chief of the sick was on him, and slowly consumed him.Xiao Shijun is known as the first knife of Shaoyang Medical College Hospital. His professional experience gives these doctors a premonition. The thin Xiaohua is by no means an ordinary patient.It affected his development.What kind of disease will Xiaohua get?

According to the convention, the doctor conducted some simple examinations and medical history inquiries on Xiaohua. During this, a movement of Xiaohua attracted the attention of the said that he would not let the doctor touch his belly.He had a resistance in his heart. He resisted the medical behavior. He seemed unwilling to see a doctor. When he checked, he did not cooperate and was unwilling to be inspected.

The patient does not cooperate, how can this disease be cured?Is there any hidden hidden in this child?Dr. Xiao also found that the child’s eyes were very disapproval and indifference, and that look would never originate from a certain daily simple disease.This silent 16 -year -old boy must be carrying a lot of misfortunes!What secrets are hidden under his wide and large clothes?When I first arrived, I said that my stomach hurt could not stand. The doctor understood that the problem was on the child’s stomach.

He could touch a lump in his abdomen himself. When he arrived at the hospital, he was already obvious. When he picked up his clothes, he could feel it on his right upper abdomen.Unwilling to let people see in life.The stomach is so big, afraid that others will talk about him behind and laugh at him, and deliberately avoid it in life. The same goes to the hospital.The stomach is afraid of people’s jokes. This child’s mind is also heavy enough. His life is good over the years.But the doctor said, no, Xiaohua’s belly is not ordinary!

He is very small and thin, unlike fat people, he is afraid that others will say that his gender is a problem, and his stomach is very large, just like a woman is pregnant.Is the stomach bigger like a woman?It seems that this is not a joke.Xiaohua is such a thin body, which is no wonder that he is unwilling to do the doctor to touch his belly. He always walks with a cat’s waist and wears large clothes. He is deliberately covering his embarrassment!

Although from the outside, Xiaohua is thin and thin, but he develops normally in his heart, a 16 -year -old and half -size boys.How can others say that he is pregnant?Xiaohua’s father also said that the child is usually taciturn, but once anyone joked with his stomach, or with his gender, he would rush to desperate and desperately.

Monsters growing in the body

In order to remove the child’s ideological burden, doctors told him decisively that you can’t get pregnant because you are a man!After hearing this, Xiaohua’s eyes began to have hope. This silent child no longer resisted the inspection, and everything seemed to have a turnaround.

But doctors know that the treatment of Xiaohua has just begun. The first thing they have to understand is what the big belly is.In order to understand the condition more accurately, the doctor conducted various examinations such as blood routine tests, B -ultrasound, and CT on Xiaohua.Several problems should be solved: where does it grow, where does it come from?What does it have to do with the surrounding organs, what are the anatomical structures?

Soon, the results of the inspection came out. Although they were prepared, the description in the report still surprised the doctor present: it grew below the liver and the stomach, the rear of the pancreas, connected to the kidneys, and the intestines were flattened;It grows in the middle of the arteries and veins, and does not originate from the liver and pancreas. The location is very special.Dr. Xiao said: "The position of this monster is too special. It is not unusual with all important organs in the child’s body, and sandwiched between large arteries and veins.It also said: "At that time, it was suspected to be abdominal abscess, but it could not be ruled out as a malignant tumor."

What does the doctors do not expect is that the reason why this special lump can be connected to all organs is that it is as big as volleyball in itself, volleyball, no wonder it is as pregnant.Even if it can be removed, it can be imagined!Not only that, doctors have also found that the internal structure of this thing is also said that there is a very complete mass of the right upper abdomen. There is a core area in this mass, that is, there is a low -density mass and a density in the density.Tall small lumps.

What is a small lump in the big mass?It turned out that Dr. Wu Pulin meant that there was a small lump in the volleyball -sized mass in the belly of Xiaohua, and the density of the small mass was quite high.What does the density of the lump mean?

We all know that most of the low -density substances in the human body are water, blood, and soft tissue or something. That is to say, the large lumps of the outer layer are nothing more than water, blood, pus.Basically this is the composition.What will be the substances with a particularly high density in the small mass in the small Chinese body?

At this time, Dr. Wu said, "It has bones and teeth!" This is too scary.Isn’t it a organism?But in Xiaohua’s out -of -the -box male body, how can there be such a weird thing?

Can’t confirm the diagnosis

Shaoyang Medical College Hospital convened all experts and backbone research on all experts and backbone research. Doctors first ruled out the possibility of "planting" the acquired "planting".Then someone said, why is it impossible?It is not possible that the child accidentally swallowed the fishbone, bones and the like in his stomach when he was a child, staying now?Dr. Xiao explained: "It is impossible for food to run into the abdominal cavity after food and stomach. Even if they can run there, they have already been absorbed and digested."

Since it is not a foreign body, will it be the parasitic that the parasite grows in it?The doctors said again: This is impossible. Parasites are a living body, which can be moved.It is not easy to form calcification. Even if calcification is formed, it is easy to be absorbed and cannot form such a large mass.

The possibility of this kind of accident was excluded, and the discussion of doctors was in an interruption.It is not surprising that we ordinary people can not touch such things, but these experienced doctors are also hard to hold, which is not easy to do.Seeing that the doctors couldn’t diagnose, Xiaohua began to appear obvious anxiety on the side. He often had nothing to say all day, and suddenly yelled at the nurse. People even saw anger in his eyes.And hatred, why is this?

His parents divorced when he was very young. He was a child who grew up single -parent family, and he didn’t study at a very young age. He went out to work at the age of 15.Single -parent families, dropped out of school since childhood, and worked early. These kinds of information made people understand the things in the eyes of lonely Xiahua.He grew up in a lack of love and warmth. In the world of Xiaohua, there were no mother love, no companion, and no classmates and teachers.Mu’s father, rough work tools, and then there is the scolding of the boss. In the world of Xiaohua, there is no smile, no joy, only these.By the way, there is the pain of drilling the stomach.How unfortunate this child is compared with children of the same age!Doctors secretly determined that no matter how special this case, this child, they cannot give up!

To figure out what the child’s belly is.Doctors carefully studied the pathological examination report and read the medical data. Finally, a bold speculation was proposed to the high -density substances in the mass: high density may be parasitic tumors or malformed tires!

Parasitic tumors and malformed tires, what is this?Saying a pair of twins, when the mother’s belly, the development was synchronized. After coming out, it was exactly the same.If in the process of breeding, one, one small, small development, terminate development, parasitic in large, and become the so -called "tire in the fetus" in medicine.That big and normal development, after birth, like a normal baby, and that should be a parasitic tire with a twin brothers and sisters, and it is the extra part.For example, a child has a hand on his waist and a leg with a leg on his leg, which is a deformity tire.The principle of the occurrence of abnormal tumors is close to the parasitic tire, but the occurrence of the occurrence is wrong.With 30 years of clinical experience and Xiaohua’s clinical manifestations, doctors speculate that the masses in Xiaohua’s belly may be teratoma, but there are still many doubts.

From the previous experience, teratoma has fewer occurrences of male body, and even if there are, most of them grow near the genitals, and this unclear lump in front of me grows in Xiaohua, a boy’s boy’s.In the belly, the head is particularly large, all of which exceed the previous common sense experience.For a while, it was difficult for experts to give accurate answers.In other words, doctors cannot confirm the diagnosis before this lump is taken out.

Still unable to confirm the diagnosis!For Xiaohua, who was lying on the bed all day, it was simply a thunderbolt.From the divorce of his parents, to his child dropping out of school, he had swallowed too much life. He didn’t understand how he was so bitter, but he was so terrible that even the doctor couldn’t understand the illness!The child’s chest seemed to be on fire, and his temper was extremely irritable.

He lost confidence in his illness and medical care. He believes that society and family do not care about him. He has a burden on the illness and believes that the family cannot afford the expensive treatment costs.So during the treatment, he said this many times: Don’t treat me, let me die.

This 16 -year -old poor child even thought of death!He even started torture himself consciously!As the condition worsen, the monster in Xiaohua’s belly may take his life at any time!All of this, doctors look at it, in the heart, in order to save the child, the expert group decided to immediately perform the surgery.

At the moment of opening, its hair was floating

The discussion took more than ten hours. Experts studied several sets of surgical solutions, but there was still a problem that could not be solved slowly: Do you consider removing the neighboring organs, because it was not sure that this tumor and organ could not be determined through examination.Whether there is adhesion.

There are still difficulties in the surgical plan and have not been solved. The time to study is gone. Seeing that Xiaohua’s body is frequently issued an alarm, the morphine used in pain has reached the largest dose, and then delay for one minute. Xiaohua’s life may disappear.IntersectionThe operation must be performed immediately!

Xiaohua was pushed into the operating room, and doctors also ushered in the most severe test in their career.The palms of these experts were sweating, because everyone knew that the operation was slightly lost, let alone the monsters in the child’s belly could not be taken out, and even his life could not be guaranteed.After 6 hours of nervousness, the problem in that plan still appeared: there was adhesion, I thought of it beforehand.First of all, when you think that blood vessels, tumors, and pancreatic heads are not peeled, they must be removed.However, after the pancreatic head and tumor are cut down, the intestinal detailed arteries cannot reinstate 80 blood to supply the intestine, and the heart hangs up.

Experts studied countermeasures at the surgery site. The 16 -year -old life of Xiaohua was lying on the operating table. The time passed one minute and one second. Finally, in the 30th minute, a relatively complete solution finally came out: First, first, first of all, first, first of allKeep life and cut into part of the tumor.

11 hours have passed, and the experts finally took out the monster entangled in his 16 years from a young man.The ecstatic experts couldn’t wait to cut it with a operating knife.Dr. Xiao recalled: "At the moment of opening, the hair was floating. At that time, the first feeling was not a parasitic tumor. It was similar to a skull. The first time I saw it, it was too rare. At that time, I felt strange.have."

The surgery was finally over, and the monsters in Xiaohua’s body finally unveiled its mysterious veil. The test results showed that this monster was the doctors who had previously predicted but could not take it.It is rare to refuse to conclude that it is rare for such a large teratoma in a boy!

If the family is good, the parents will not be divorced, they will be found very early. At the age of two or three, they can be discovered that at that time, the surgery did not have such a great impact on the development of the child, and the difficulty of the operation was not so great.If you can get enough care and attention of your parents when you are young, do this unfortunate child still endure this long 16 years of pain?Although this disease is inherent, the love of parents can end it at a time!Fortunately, the operation was successful, and Xiaohua had 4 or 5 beautiful 16 years waiting for him.

Doctors also told us that the formation of malformed tumors and malformed tires is related to genetic factors and environmental factors.There is no targeted prevention method at present, but in some aspects, pay more attention to the mother during pregnancy, which can still reduce the chance of the occurrence of this strange disease.For example, you should avoid tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy. Do not take medicines randomly.Of course, meticulous and serious prenatal examinations are also effective preventive methods.Anyway, if you are pregnant with a small life, adults will be serious, because the children are innocent anyway.Of course, after the child is born, it is more important to give them love and care. They can’t choose their parents and origin, but they have the right to live a happy life!


Parasitic tires, also called internal tires.As the name implies, this is an abnormal embryo that is parasitic in a fetus (host) in another accompanying carcass (host).

When a pregnant woman conceives two or more fetuses at a time, it is called multiple pregnancy, commonly known as multiple births.Multi -child pregnancy is the most common for double babies, followed by three babies, and the others have four, five -child, sixth child … Duodes are divided into same -oval twins and ectopic twins.The twin of the same egg is an individual developed into two or more individuals when dividing.The twin of the heterogeneity is fertilized by two or more eggs at the same time, with two or more fertilized eggs, and develops into two or more fetuses.When the twin of the same egg, if the development of each cell group after division is not uniform, one of the advantages of the advantage is to compete for the nutrition of the maternal body, and to absorb or curb its development in the other or weak embryos;It may be that the embryo of the twin brothers (or sisters) is inhaled, and the bag is covered in its own body, which will form a parasitic tire.It can be seen that the so -called parasitic tire is an embryo that is wrapped in during embryonic development.In tissue, since the parasitic tire is the same as the twin of the ovary, the gender of the parasitic tire must be the same as the host of the host.The embryo of parasitic tires is often inaccurate, the size of the limbs varies, or the absence of limbs, or no internal organs, so it is impossible to survive.The organs of parasitic tires are incomplete, but it can grow according to the nutrition of the KAO host.Parasitic tires can be parasitic in any part of the host’s body, such as abdominal cavity, thoracic cavity, skull cavity, body surface, etc., so the symptoms of symptoms caused by are also diverse.Most parasitic tires grow up with the age of host host.

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