pregnant?Zhong Liti took a large snow scene with a small abdomen that protruded 4 babies, kneeling on the spot to confess her husband

Zhong Liti has always been a sexy representative. When he was young, his face value and figure were the object of countless men’s obsession.Although he is old at the age of knowing destiny today, he is still not convinced.Learning young people to enter live broadcast and bringing goods, clothing also attracted a lot of criticism. It really dares to wear it. There is nothing to control.

On January 12, 52 -year -old Zhong Liti updated the dynamic through a short video account, took a large snow scene, a large white wavy hair, with the falling snowflakes, instantly filled the atmosphere, and it was too beautiful.Zhong Liti’s eyes are discharged, and the flames of red lips are particularly charming, sexy and charming.

I saw Zhong Liti wearing a sexy white sequin and white skirt, with white fur coats outside, and even the ears with furry earrings, full of ladylike temperament, like the queen who came out of the comics.Subsequently, she put the snow bottle in her hand and created artificial snowfall. Instantly, the whole person was in the snow scene, and she was so beautiful.

In the face of the falling snowflakes, Zhong Liti was immersed in it. When he enjoyed his face, he did not forget the concave shape and movement, and his expression was full of charm.It is for this reason that many criticisms have caused many netizens. Many netizens feel that her big movement expression is too fierce, and the whole person looks embarrassed and does not match age.

I believe that Zhong Liti is 52 years old, so I should do things that should do at this age, rather than over -pretending to be tender, challenging things that do not belong to this age.In addition, everyone also noticed that Zhong Liti’s belly, the bumpy belly looked bloated, causing widespread doubt.

In this regard, netizens also talked about it, and some speculated that the skirt was fat and looked a little bloated.But more netizens suspect that Zhong Liti is pregnant?It looks like a pregnant woman, won’t be really happy.

Everyone knows that Zhong Liti and Zhang Lunshuo are a veritable sister -in -law, and they are very old.Zhong Liti got married with three daughters.After marriage, her mother -in -law has always wanted to have grandson, and she has become an eternal pain in her heart. She desperately wants to give birth to her husband. Even if she is 52 years old, she has not given up. I have tried many methods.

And this time, the snow -capped blockbuster, the belly protruding the lower abdomen is obvious, there is really pregnancy, so she wondered if she was pregnant?It is estimated that you want to use your children to maintain this marriage.In the eyes of everyone, Zhang Lunshuo did not love her. Zhong Liti has always been a humble party. She cried many times in the live broadcast room, accusing Zhang Lunshuo, but the other party ignored it at all.

To this end, Zhong Liti also recovered various, and even kneeling on the spot to confess her husband.At that time, Zhong Liti appeared in the hospital to check her body accompanied by Zhang Lunshuo. On the eve of the inspection, Zhong Liti suddenly kneeling to her husband in public and shouting that her favorite in her life was her.The two then hugged each other and showed their love, dog food filled the ground.

As a result, he was suspected of whether he was pregnant with 4 babies, so he appeared in the hospital for examination.But it was not confirmed, and it was slowly forgotten.Now Zhong Liti’s lower abdomen is so obvious, which once again triggers her pregnancy speculation.However, this is the private affairs of their husband and wife. Whether it is true or not, I believe time can prove everything.

Whether you are pregnant or not, you hope that Zhang Lunshuo can be better to Zhong Liti and care about his wife. After all, the marriage is not easy and cherished. Don’t worry about the woman who really loves you, do you say?

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