pregnant?The singer Alan is full of pregnancy, and his hands hold your belly with your belly.

Before I heard of getting married?

Singer Alan, a sweet -looking and bright Tibetan singer.

She is all named Alan Davazoma, 32 years old, and has sang songs for film and television works many times.And the ending song "Waiting for Love", which is sang with Deng Lun, is a professional household in OST.

At noon on June 10, 2020, she published a dynamic on her personal social platform: "I’m sorry everyone …" Three expressions of covering their eyes, as if talking about some secrets.

Click on the picture to see "肚, why is the belly so big?" Feeling echo the text, there is something in the words.

Alan tied the ponytail in the photo, and a chair lying on the photo was put on makeup by the staff.I saw that she was wearing a white loose dress, holding her obviously raised lower abdomen with both hands, and her slender figure was completely different.

Another selfie can also obviously feel that her cheeks are rounded, and I don’t know if it is caused by blessing.

Seeing Alan’s selfie, fans have left a message to guess: "This is a child with hot pot", Alan replied the word "haha", and there was old fans below. Congratulations to her children. She replied "KeepGoing continues … ", attitude is very ambiguous, attracting netizens to speculate that it is indeed pregnant.

Alan was born in Kangding, Sichuan, and grew up in Chengdu since he was a child.

Most people don’t know much about her, not because her works are not famous enough. The OST of the popular film and television dramas such as "Step by Step by Step" and "Flower Thousand Bone" are singing.She has a nickname "Lazy Ji". This lazy word may explain that she is still a 18 -line singer.

Alan is a true official official, born in a soldier family, or a young daughter at home.In the fourth grade of elementary school, she won the excellent results of the first -hand Erhu with a beautiful Erhu. Three months before graduating from high school, she directly obtained the qualification to protect the Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

In 2007, she made her debut in Japan and enjoyed the resource treatment of Hamasaki Masaki.But after a few years, she didn’t even learn Japanese. The fans questioned the Internet, and she refuted "You also match?"

After returning to China, a group of fans were harvested. Some netizens worried that she had never been popular. She replied: "My mother is not in a hurry."It’s really wayward.

There is such a Buddhist department in the acting career. She has disclosed less information to the outside world in her private life. Since her debut, it is almost zero scandal.

Regarding whether she was pregnant, the editor read the photos she had taken recently and found that the photos taken in Gelomu in May were unexpectedly revealed. At that time, her abdomen was flat and her limbs were slender.EssenceAnd if there is a baby in the belly, you should dare not do such a big move.

At the beginning of June, she took a photo on her personal social platform and posted: "It’s so cute, it’s also an old man. It should be fast."Seems to imply that you are still single, and your emotional life becomes a mystery.

Guess about her husband had also been searched, but she denied it at the time, claiming that she wanted to work.Looking at her recent dynamics, it is not like someone around her.But whether you are pregnant or not, bless her!


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Responsible editor: Xiao Zhongshan

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