Pregnancy vomiting is serious, how to relieve pregnancy?Teach you a few methods to effectively relieve pregnancy vomiting

Pregnancy vomiting is also commonly known as harmful joy. It is a very common physiological reaction in the early stages of pregnancy. Almost 50%of pregnant mothers will have vomiting during pregnancy.

Although pregnancy is normal, many pregnant mothers still feel very troublesome: even if the body is uncomfortable, it is worried that it will affect the baby’s body.

However, will pregnancy really affect the health of the baby?Is there any good way to relieve pregnancy?Let’s look down together.

Will pregnancy affect the baby’s health?

Many pregnant mothers are worried that they will affect the baby because of their nausea, decreased appetite, and partial anorexia.

First of all, pregnancy vomiting will slowly alleviate over time. Pregnancy vomiting is related to immune response during pregnancy and changes in hormone levels. In the early stages of pregnancy, the body is still in the stage of pregnancy adaptation., Entering the middle of pregnancy, it can gradually be relieved after 12 weeks.

Common mild vomiting is a physiological phenomenon during normal pregnancy. We do not need to worry about the nutritional loss caused by vomiting, which will affect the health of the baby, because the early pregnancy is in the stage of embryonic development, and there are not so many nutritional nutrition.

However, if pregnant mothers have frequent vomiting (> 3 times/day) and accompanied by weight loss or severe vomiting, they may cause complications such as malnutrition, ketoic acid poisoning, dehydration, low potassium, etc., threatening the baby and motherHealth, you must go to the hospital at this time.

If the weight of the pregnancy period has picked up after the past, there is no need to worry about this aspect at all, so although the pregnant mothers have relaxed their hearts, a good mentality will also help the mother and baby health.

6 wonderful tricks to relieve mild pregnancy?

We are worried about the baby, and we are solved by the discomfort caused by the pregnancy to the pregnant mother?Below I will give you 6 "tricks" to relieve mild pregnancy. Pregnant mothers remember Mark.

1. Find the source of vomiting and stay away from it

The vomiting behavior of the human body is actually a protective nerve reflection. When our stomach encounters injury, the body may clear the threat in the way of vomiting.

So in fact, we will not vomit for no reason. If we want to avoid vomiting, we must find the reason for letting us vomit and stay away from it.

Among them, the most common "vomiting source" is fat. Therefore, pregnant mothers are best to choose low -fat foods and choose sugar -rich foods to ensure energy supply, such as fish, shrimp, lean meat, tofu, etc.

At the same time, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the method of cooking food. It is not recommended to fry and fried. It is better to use stewing to promote digestion and absorption.

Here I also want to remind the family of pregnant mothers: If you know what the pregnant mother in the family will vomit, try to collect such things as much as possible, because sometimes the reaction is excessive, and the smell is smelling.It may cause vomiting.

2. When you want to vomit, you should vomit in time, don’t drag no matter how much

When pregnant mothers are disgusting, they must not be allowed to leave, and they should immediately take methods to prevent vomiting.

For example, you can smell the disgusting feeling by smelling the smell of oranges, lemon, and mint, or drinking a glass of ginger tea by slices of ginger, which can also relieve the gastrointestinal discomfort.

If it is too late, you can also include ginger slices, ginger sugar or plums, which has a certain effect on stopping vomiting.

3. Pay attention to the method of drinking water, and the things you drink are also particular about

Pregnant mothers should also pay attention when drinking water. It is best to drink water between two meals. Do not drink a lot of water in a short time in a meal, so as not to cause nausea and vomiting due to the rapid increase of the stomach content.

And drink a small amount when drinking water, swallowing it after a while, it will make the stomach more comfortable.

If vomiting frequently, you can drink functional drinks containing sodium, potassium, and glucose to supplement the loss of electrolytes. Bubble drinks may be better.

4. Frequent small snacks at hand, supplement nutrition at any time

Three meals during the normal period of pregnancy may be difficult to do for some pregnant mothers, but in order to ensure the supply of energy, we can eat less meals.The words of plums, or sulcus, oranges and the like, eat a little when you want to eat, in order to supplement nutrition at any time.

In addition, you can also put some snacks on the bedside. Wake up in the morning. Don’t worry about getting up. You can sit in the bed and eat a brown biscuit. Generally speaking, the pregnancy vomiting response will not be too strong when you just wake up.

5. Take VB6 and foods containing VB6, which can effectively vomit

VB6 has a good town vomiting effect. In 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified VB6 as a legal drug for pregnancy.

If pregnant mothers are very uncomfortable, you can ask whether the obstetric doctor can open a VB6, and the composite vitamin supplements during pregnancy should be remembered every day.

At the same time, eat more chicken, fish, eggs, and beans rich in VB6.

6. Don’t be lazy, "open your legs" appropriately

Pregnant mothers may not want to move in the days when vomiting, but appropriate exercise can actually promote gastrointestinal motility, enhance appetite, help exhaust, and relax our body and mind, help to divert the nausea and vomiting, and vomit.attention.

It should be noted that the movement of pregnant mothers should not be too intense at this time, such as walking with family more walks, stomach and dispersing heart.

At the end

In fact, pregnancy vomiting usually represents a healthy state of pregnancy, indicating that there are no major problems with mothers and babies.

Studies abroad have shown that the abortion rate of pregnant mothers who can vomit is low.Why is this so?The reason is not very clear. It is said that pregnancy vomiting may be an ancient embryo protection mechanism. Nausea and vomiting, the harmful substances intake will be reduced, and the normal development of embryo development can be protected.

But if you happen to be the pregnant mother who does not react in pregnancy, it does not mean that your baby is abnormal.

The mood and sorrow that appears during pregnancy, and the reactions of all sizes of the body are actually a challenge to pregnant mothers. It is to test whether you can bear the weight of life.

Therefore, although pregnant mothers relax and experience everything during pregnancy ~

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