Pregnancy says: Will pregnant women bending and picking things will hurt the fetus in the abdomen?These two tricks must know

Guide: Some netizens have been 27 weeks, saying that when I bending down and picking up things, I feel that I feel that it will affect the fetus.

Will pregnant women bending and picking things will hurt the fetus in the abdomen?

Pregnant women do not hurt their abdomen.Because the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid in the pregnant mother’s uterus, shockproof and stress are very comfortable. If he is squeezed in the fetus for 27 weeks, he will kick the pregnant mother and you will feel his fetal movement change.

Pregnant women bending down and picking things wrong on the physical impact on pregnant women:

Pregnant women bending down and picking things up will hurt the back of the pregnant woman’s own waist, causing low back pain, strain on the back, or uncomfortable symptoms of stomach cramps when they are not smooth.

This is normal. When we are not pregnant, we will accidentally pull the side of our body. It ’s been a long time when we are in pain.The month is good.

Because the body gains weight, the pregnant woman is larger, and the movement is inevitable that it is even more clumsy.

How to avoid hurting themselves when pregnant women bend over and pick up things?

1. In fact, there are still pregnant women who are squatting every day. The most important thing is that the posture should be correct: open your legs on your legs, bend your knees, and slowly stand up after picking up things.Way.

My mother -in -law has always been bad, and has always been to pick up things like this.

Since I was bent over and picking up things in improper waist injury, I was also morality to pick up things.

The funny thing is that my daughter saw that her family was picking up things like this, and she never dared to bend over directly. She was picking up things like this. The power of the role model was really powerful.

2. During pregnancy, if the pregnant woman allows the body to sit and lie down all day, they must insist on walking. They can also do a lifting movement to keep the body warm and soft and flexible.Essence

Key tips: Pregnant women who bend over and pick up things will not hurt the inner abdomen, but they will hurt themselves. The expectant mothers must be careful.

Today’s topic: Have you ever bent over during pregnancy and pick up things and hurt?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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