Pregnancy saying: When is the first birth check -up when you are pregnant?The sooner you know the better

Guide: Lily, who was already pregnant, asked me, where did the birth check proof?When will the pregnancy test appropriate?

Certificate of production inspection (reporting form) was helped by the doctor after a pregnancy examination, and when it was appropriate to say when the production inspection was appropriate, some sisters would say, of course, it was 7-9 weeks of pregnancy, and some sisters said they were 11 pregnancy 11.~ 13 weeks+6 days, I don’t think it is. The pregnancy examination should start a pregnancy examination from knowing or doubting pregnancy.

From 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy+6 days, the examination of the transparent thickness of the fetus’s neck is the category of the Tang sieve. This is the first pregnancy examination after some city -building cards. Therefore, many people think that many people think thatThis examination is the first pregnancy test for pregnant women. The pregnancy test started from this time, but there was no previous B -ultrasound examination to confirm that the embryo development was good. Pregnant women could continue pregnancy.Said, it is deepening tension or threat.

As for the 7-9 weeks of pregnancy mentioned earlier, in general, because their menstruation stopped, menstruation is an obvious feature of pregnancy, so they doubt whether they are pregnant?I went to the hospital for an examination. If I was pregnant, I had been pregnant for at least 35 days at that time. Because the number of days was too small, I could not see the fetal heart buds.Whether the embryo has fetal heart germ, number of pregnancy sacs, and fetal development. Strictly speaking, it is also right to do a pregnancy test from 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy.Before going to the hospital, urination is more conducive to B -ultrasound examination).

However, in order to live the safety of the life of pregnant women, I suggest: Once you know or get pregnant, you should go to the hospital for blood HCG and abdominal B -ultrasound. Because these two examinations, you can not only know the quality of the embryo in advance, but also you can also do it.It is determined whether it is an ectopic pregnancy in advance. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, you can also know at the earliest time. The sooner the abortion, the better, the better, and preventing miscarriage.Pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination on an empty stomach. If the progesterone is too low, the fetal preservation measures can be carried out in time.

Important tips: Once you know or doubt that you are pregnant, you should go to the hospital for examination immediately. If you are in a different place, you need to bring your own ID card.

Today’s topic: When did you start a pregnancy test when you recall your pregnancy?When do you think it is more appropriate to do a checkup?

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