Pregnancy is not only pregnant!

After pregnancy, I really feel how uncomfortable the pregnancy is. Not everyone will. If you are pregnant, you won’t congratulate you so much, you are really lucky!It is said that this is not to make you afraid of marriage and childbirth, but hope that every pregnant mother can know what pregnancy may be experienced, prepare psychological preparation in advance, so as not to be at a loss or doubt yourself.

1. Pregnancy is not only the first three months!Some pregnant mothers have a pregnancy reaction until they are before giving birth.Drinking water is vomiting.The mouth is very light and tasteless. Every day, my throat seems to be burned out and can’t swallow.

2. You will hate a lot of smells and will be inexplicably disgusted with some smells, and those who like it in the past will become annoying.

3. You grow acne.Because of the influence of JI prices, your skin will worse

4. Your emotions will become inexplicable.Due to Ji prime reasons, your emotions will become strange and easier to feel more sentimental.Suddenly I wanted to cry and get angry.I don’t understand why.

5. Your applause will change.Everyone is different.Some people want more, and some people have no idea.It even felt painful.

6. Your room R will become larger and the color will deepen.Some will become sensitive and painful.Some people have babbling one by one.It was the Montessor.

7. You may grow stretch marks.Some people will not.Some are long after giving birth!And irreversible!

8. Inst frequent urination.Because the uterine enlargement is squeezed to the bladder, it is prone to frequent urination.The first thing to go out is to determine the location of the toilet.It is seriously insufficient to sleep in the middle of the night several times in the middle of the night.

9. Niao will occur in the second trimester.Because the uterus causes compression to the bottom of the pot to laugh, sneezes, and coughs the NIAO.Starting from the second trimester, pregnant mothers can follow the mobile phone application G to do the Kiger movement, enhance the pelvic floor muscle strength, alleviate the problem of urine leakage, and help the delivery of the sidelines during the production process, help the postpartum pelvic bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom, help the postpartum bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom, help the postpartum basin bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom, help the postpartum basin bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom.Fast recovery of muscle.

10. Confusion often goes out of the toilet for several days.Severe hemorrhoids.

11. Foot cramps appear in the middle and late pregnancy.Due to venous compression, cramps will be prone to occur.

12. Per pubic pain may be in the third trimester. As the fetus gradually grows up, it will cause pubic pain when it is compressed.

13. I can’t sleep well in the middle and late pregnancy.Due to the oppression and fetal movement of the fetus.You are uncomfortable lying down.Obviously very sleepy, but you can’t sleep with the fetus, you have to turn over the bed for a long time every night.

14. Edema will be edema in the middle and late pregnancy.Some people start in the middle of pregnancy.

15. You will hear what you don’t want to hear.For example, you have to eat it for the nourishment of the fetus.For example, others are very easy to get pregnant.

16. In the beginning, I will slowly appear flatulence, and I will eat a few bloating every day. After a while, I will be hungry and uncomfortable!

Bringing life is a magical and sacred thing.But pregnant mothers really work hard.These hardships and uncomfortables cannot replace Dad.So dads, please take the initiative and more considerate when mothers are uncomfortable!

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