Pregnancy is also prone to depression, knowing depression during pregnancy

Regarding women’s depression, we hear the most postpartum depression. In fact, otherwise, many pregnant mothers will have depression during pregnancy. Let ’s take a look at it.Essence

Features of depression during pregnancy:

If you have the following 4 or more symptoms within a period of time (at least two weeks), you may have suffering from depression during pregnancy.If one or two of them are particularly troubled you in the near future, you must attract great attention.

For example, you can’t concentrate, anxiety, extremely irritable, poor sleep, very easy to fatigue, or persistent fatigue, constantly want to eat or have no appetite.The continuous emotional low, wanting to cry, emotional fluctuations, and impermanence.

The significant changes in the level of hormone in the body can affect the changes in neurotropic transmission in the brain.You are likely to experience these changes at 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and then you will experience these changes again when your body starts to prepare.The change in hormones will make you feel more anxious than ever. Therefore, when you start to feel more anxious and depressed than ever, you should pay attention to remind yourself that these are normal reactions during pregnancy, so as not to fall into pain and disappointment for this time.Can’t extricate yourself.

Other incentives that are prone to depression during pregnancy include: a history of depression in family or individuals.If your family or you have a history of depression, then when you are pregnant, it is more likely to suffer from depression during pregnancy; there are problems in interpersonal relationships, which is one of the main reasons for women during pregnancy and pregnancy.If you have a tense relationship with your spouse and can no longer solve the problem by yourself, it is best to find the relevant consultation immediately.Many people think that as long as the child is born, the problem between husband and wife will be solved. In fact, the arrival of the child will only increase the pressure of the husband and wife relationship. Only by consulting and finding the corresponding method is a positive means to solve the problem.

Pregnant women who are prone to depression during pregnancy

1. Pregnancy itself has a certain dangerous pregnant woman

Some are more complicated or dangerous. It is necessary to stay in bed for a long time, or to get pregnant for multiple genetic tests (such as twins or multiple twins), which will cause pregnant women to be tortured by spiritual and physical torture.On the one hand, they must endure the physical pain caused by pregnancy, and on the other hand, they have to be scared for their results. Therefore, this type of pregnant women are more susceptible to the trouble of depression during pregnancy. They should pay special attention.

2. Pregnant women who are pregnant through drugs and other means

If there is a tendency to be infertile and by taking drugs to get pregnant, in the process of taking the medication, you must endure endocrine irregularities caused by the side effects of drugs, and the emotional instability caused by it.Faced with the concerns and fear of losing the fetal fetuses, such people are also susceptible to depression during pregnancy.

3. Pregnant women who have experienced abortion experience

If you have experienced abortion in the past, you may worry about the safety of the fetus during this pregnancy.If the last abortion was separated from this pregnancy, or had multiple abortion experiences in the year, then your body may not be fully restored from the last miscarriage, and it is relatively fragile in spirit and physical body, so it is easier to cause pregnancy during pregnancy.depression.

4. Pregnant women with major changes in life

Do you have a new residence in order to better welcome your baby’s coming?Or do you encounter difficulties at work for reasons for pregnancy?Any major changes in life during pregnancy, such as moving, divorce, unemployment, loss of relatives and friends, may cause you to be depressed during pregnancy.

5. Pregnant women who have experienced pain experience

Pregnancy may trigger the painful memory of pregnant women’s abuse of emotion, sex, physical or language abuse that has suffered before.At this time, the change of your body is no longer controlled by your will. This feeling of out of control caused by physical changes may remind you of the out of control when you are abused, and make you depressed for a long time.

How should expectant mothers avoid "pregnancy depression"

1. Natural cultivation.Life is alive, there are joy and sorrow.When you are in a bad mood, you can take a walk at the park near your home after dinner and play happily, which will definitely help to change your bad emotions.

2. Language adjustment method.Through language, it can inhibit people’s pleasure and sorrow and distress.Even internal languages that are silent can make people regulate their emotions.

3. Pay attention to the transfer method.Note that the transfer method is to transfer your attention from one emotional state to another thing that can cause other emotional state.

4. Thinking transfer method.The thinking activity is transferred from the negative, unpleasant emotions to the other emotional state, so as to get rid of the negative and bad emotions.question.

5. Action transfer method.The action transfer method is a method of converting some emotions into action. This method is to answer the question of how depression adjusts from the perspective of actual action to vent their emotions.

Depression during pregnancy is also caused by various reasons. I hope that the above sharing can bring good guidance to the pregnant mothers and happily welcome their baby.

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