Pregnancy cannot be in the same room. In order to solve the needs of her husband, the wife seduces 16 -year -old girls and kills them!

The 16 -year -old internship female nurse went to her friend’s house to take things away. The investigation and monitoring showed that she was strangely disappeared after the pregnant woman returned home. What was the truth?Explore the secret behind the disappearance of the girl.

On July 24, 2013, the Huinan County Police received a disappearance of a girl’s disappearance of alarm for help. The reporter said that his daughter had not returned home after finding a friend. No one called.Unexpectedly.

It turned out that that day, Hu Mou had to go to Zhou’s house to pick up things. On the road, Hu said that he met a pregnant woman. He had to be a little later to the weekend. After the agreed time of the two, Zhou Mou was delayed. However, Zhou was delayed.I didn’t wait for Hu.

So I called Hu Mou, but I didn’t expect that I couldn’t contact Hu. Because the two were closer, I couldn’t take it for such a long time on the road. When I thought of what dangerous friends, Hu Mou would call Hu Mou told Hu MouFamily.

After receiving a call from the Hu family who could not find his daughter, he also tried to contact him. Until he had no phone call, he was worried that Hu Mou really encountered something unexpected, so he called the alarm.

After the police received a call from Hu’s family, they retracted the monitoring from Hu to Zhou’s house. After many searches, Hu Mou’s figure was found in the monitoring at an intersection.

According to the monitoring, there was still a pregnant woman who was with Hu at the time. I saw Hu who left the pregnant woman and left. Looking at the direction of the two of them, they finally found that Hu Mou entered the pregnant woman’s house.Come out with a man with a suitcase and leave the suitcase after putting the suitcase. In addition, no one else came out.

This also corresponds to what Hu and Zhou said before. On the road, a pregnant woman should be sent home. It seems that this pregnant woman was the last person to see Hu. Therefore, the police found the address of the pregnant woman’s house and went to check it out to check it out.Was Hu had to have a pregnant woman before.

The police found the house check -in information and found that the people living in this house were a couple, male lead Bai and his wife Tan.

When the police saw that the two left before they returned, they immediately listed the two as the suspect to arrest them. Later, they arrested Tan in Bai’s hometown, but they did not find Bai’s trace in their hometown.

Tan refused to provide the police with Bai, so the police issued a notice.

Later, a rental driver provided a message saying that he had pulled Bai to a place named Wangjiacun and found Bai’s trace. The police immediately rushed to Wangjiacun.Bai found Bai in an abandoned empty house and arrested it smoothly.

After Bai arrived, facing the police’s inquiry was very resistant, and what Bai did not expect was that his wife Tan was fully entrusted when facing the police inquiries.

According to Tan, the two were colleagues. Because they often worked together, they fell in love with each other after they were familiar with each other. After each other, they were together.

Because Bai has experienced a failed marriage and has a daughter, Bai is also treated with Tan, and Tan also likes this feeling of being loved.Destiny heaven.

Although Bai’s parents did not agree with this marriage, they were still married. Tan was pregnant after marriage. Unfortunately, the good times did not last long.When he attitude towards Tan, and when he was angry, he sometimes started to Tan.

Since Tan was pregnant, he needed a permit, so Bai returned to his hometown to handle it. He encountered a colleague who had been working together in his hometown, and told Bai’s secret for one reason.When he was with him, he also cheated. At that time, many people of the company knew about it and laughed at him behind him, saying that he was a successor.

After hearing this news, Bai was very angry, so he returned to the home and asked Tan if he was a virgin. After getting the answer, Bai was very disgusted with Tan and felt that Tan had deceived herself. Tan also felt that he was not a virgin.Bai couldn’t lift his head in front of him.

So in order to compensate Bai, Tan proposed to find a virgin for Bai, so that Bai also enjoyed the taste of virgin.

Bai also agreed with Tan’s proposal, so the two began to find it.

Later, Bai made a quarrel with Tan because of this, so Tan left his home and came to walk outside. He happened to meet Hu who came to Zhou Mou. Because the two people saw it in the hospital before, I saw that when they were in the hospital, they saw that they saw in the hospital.After Hu, Hu was also very beautiful, so he got Hu Mou’s idea.

When Tan came to his side, he deliberately covered his belly, and whispered a signal of physical discomfort to attract Hu’s attention. When Hu walked to Tan Mou, he found that there was a pregnant woman in front ofHer body covered his stomach, and he told his friends for a while after he cured the disease and saved people.

When I came to the pregnant woman, I found that this person was Tan. I checked in their hospital before, so I stepped forward to help Tan to send Tan to the hospital.If you want Hu to send himself home, see Tan’s insistence, Hu is not good at it, and Tan’s family is not far away, so he returns home with Tan.

When Bai saw his wife take Hu home, he knew that the wife was looking for at this time, so he received Hu warmly and thanked her for sending his wife home. By the way, he took a bottle with a sleeping pill with a sleeping pill.The yogurt was handed to Hu.

Along the way, Hu, who had been dry long ago, drank all the yogurt without thinking about it, and fainted on the sofa within a few minutes.

After seeing Hu faint, Bai took Hu to the bed in the bedroom and wanted to start rape Hu. After putting Hu on the bed, he took off Hu’s pants and found that Hu was in the period of time.Although he was uncomfortable, Bai finally raped Hu.

About a few minutes later, Bai came out. The two were afraid that Hu woke up to call the police, so he stuffed Hu’s head with a pillow. After a while, Hu had no breathing.

After Hu’s death, Tan and Bai put Hu’s body in the suitcase, and then drove the car holding the suitcase in the wilderness.

In the end, he was investigated by the court and sentenced Tan to his life imprisonment for intentional homicide, and Bai was sentenced to death.

In order to restore the precious marriage with her husband Bai, Tan actually thought of finding a "clean" girl for Bai to provide them to solve her needs. I did not expect Bai to agree with this absurd proposal.disaster.

According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China:

Those who rape women with violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to imprisonment for three years and less than ten years.The young girl who is less than 14 years old, with rape theory, punished with heavy penalties.Rape women and adultery young girls. If the circumstances are serious, they will be sentenced to more than ten years in prison, life imprisonment or death sentence.

In order to make up for the fault of her husband who had deceived her husband, Tan negotiated with Bai, and found a woman for her for pastime.The water of the drugs fainted, and then Bai was raped to it.

In this case, the rape was completed under the common behavior of Tan and Bai, which involves common crimes.Common crime refers to the act of jointly commit crimes.Regarding common crimes or individual crimes, many people ca n’t figure out how to distinguish them. Let ’s analyze several criteria for judging the joint intentional crime.

The manifestation of the common crime is the intention of the common crime. The common intention here is that those who participate in the common crime all know that their behavior will lead to the occurrence of harmful consequences, and the attitude of hope or letting this result is a manner. As a result, the result is the result.Whether or not or not meets their wishes.

Knowing here, it also includes awareness of knowing that he is criminal.If Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhang are at the same place at the same time, the same criminal act of Xiao Li, but the meaning of Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhang does not mean that they have a common crime.Essence

Several criminals must have common criminal acts in the performance of common crimes, and they must be targeted at a object.For example, some of Xiao Wang are preparing to set up a fire, and Xiao Wang is responsible for buying gunpowder. Xiao Li is responsible for buying a lighter. Xiao Zhang is responsible for ignition. The objects of several people are the mountains that want to burn, and the behavior of several people is to set fire and fire the mountains.In a link, forming a serial role, then it constitutes a common crime.

In the common crime, there are primary criminals and consecutive criminals. The primary criminals are criminals who play the main role in the common crime. The criminals who have a secondary role in the joint crime are lighter than the prisoner of the prisoner.

In this case, Bai is a party of rape Hu, a main criminal, and played a main role in the crime; Tan deceived Hu Mou for Bai’s rape, which was auxiliary role in the crime.The crime constitutes a crime of rape in this rape case, but Tan is a criminal, and he convicted it compared to the crime of rape.

In the end, Tan and Bai were afraid of the incident, and they killed Hu, which constituted the crime of intentional homicide.

Husbands and wives have lived together for a long time, and the disputes are normal. The two should be solved reasonably. Tan should not be happy to use extreme methods to recover the relationship with extreme methods.In the end, a poor life ended, and Tan and Bai also paid the price for their actions.


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