Precautions for pregnancy?Pregnant women’s dressing guide, beautiful pregnant moms!

Some mothers think that the pregnancy journey is only ten months, and it is too wasteful to spend money to buy maternity costumes. Therefore, the first consideration is the price, regardless of the fabric and style, as long as it is cheaper, this is the biggest misunderstanding.The first thing to consider when buying maternity costumes should be the safety and health of the fabric, which is the most important.


The texture of the material is mainly cotton.Surprising natural materials with strong air leakage, such as cotton and filaments.Especially in the summer, pure cotton is the first choice, without leakage, and hard, sweat and washing resistance.The same sound should be prevented from using a fabric with chemical syringe factors.Chemical fiber fabrics are solved in the process of processing. Indirectly contacting the muscles of pregnant women, which will cause muscle inflammation due to the improvement of the muscle of pregnant women, which is also beneficial to the fetus.If you buy the clothing of chemical fiber, you need to wear it before you wear it.

Clothes style

The style of clothing is comfortable.When the ladies who maintain the task during pregnancy are choosing a maternal clothing, they do not have to have too much external adjustment.Everyone’s request for pregnant women’s dressing beams will not be too thin.

The collar material is not easy to be too thick. It is advisable to use V -shaped collar and round neck.The jackets of upper and lower big jackets are a model in maternal dresses (like Korean skirts).It is not only beautiful, and a loose skirt is cool when wearing a rising.The assembly of the height is easy to wear and take off, which can reduce the convenience of the light body of a pregnant woman.

The requirements of young expectant mothers are getting higher and higher for pregnant women. Although the entire pregnancy journey is only ten months, the mothers hope that they can be the most beautiful and individual pregnant mothers to use their unique pregnancy flavorShow in workplace and life.What should I pay attention to when buying a maternal maternal dress when I want to change the dressing, and how can I buy a wise maternity dress?

Selection of fabrics

Maternal women’s clothing is best to choose cotton and linen or wool. This type of fabric is breathable and sweat.Some mothers like chemical fiber when choosing a maternal daughter in winter. Although they feel thick and warm when they wear, they are not breathable at all from healthy and easy to generate static electricity.In other words, this kind of fabric is relatively drooping, and it is more close to wear. The pregnant mother’s belly slowly protrudes in the middle and late pregnancy. The pregnant women’s skirt wearing this fabric can only see a big belly at a glance.

Style choice

Consider whether the styles you want to buy are suitable for you to wear them, you can choose different styles during different pregnancy:

In the early pregnancy, the stomach was still unhappy during this period, but the waist became thicker. Therefore, it is recommended to buy A -shaped cut or unsatisfactory clothes and skirts. This kind of pregnant women are not exaggerated to wear, giving people a feeling of feeling, it feels likeIt’s just loose and leisure, and this kind of clothes can be worn as casual clothes after giving birth to BB.

During this period, the mother who wants to wear pregnant women’s pants pays attention, because pregnant women’s pants are generally adjusted and loose, and the stalls of pregnant women’s pants are longer.The stomach is not protruding, and the loose pants have a feeling that will decline, especially when climbing the stairs.

In the second trimester and during the period of pregnancy, you must choose a pleated top or skirt with a waist, but you must consider the size of the chest and abdomen when buying.Not on; but if you buy too much, you wore not only nothing but very stunned.Don’t think that buying too much maternity dress is a waste. These clothes are also a good choice in the future.


The size of the maternity dress is very particular.

The clothes must be slightly under the hip, otherwise you will find that the clothes you buy in the early pregnancy will become shorter in the future.

The length of the skirt should be below the knee. One can protect the joints. Second, because the belly becomes larger during pregnancy, the person seems to become more and more horizontal, so if the length of the skirt is too short, the proportion will be disordered.

To buy maternity pants in the early stages of pregnancy, it is recommended to choose a little longer, because the stomach of the stomach in the later pregnancy will raise the pants up.

In addition, you don’t want to wear your clothes like a pajamas. In addition to choosing beautiful styles, the size must be grasped.The parts of the shoulders, sleeves, chests, and hips and thighs must not be too loose. The size of these places is loose, and it feels like pajamas.The changes in these parts during pregnancy will not be as large as the belly, so just a little loose when buying.

Color choice

Some expectant mothers are not very good. It is recommended to choose some light and brighter colors to set off the complexion. Usually, mothers who do n’t wear beautiful colors can try this period. These colors not only make the skin tone of pregnant mothers look rosy.And it looks healthy and energetic.Naturally, the mother with a good skin color is fine, as long as you enjoy the glory of the pregnancy during pregnancy.

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