Precautions for polycystic pregnancy (nutritional articles)

I believe that friends who are preparing for pregnancy want to choose a composite vitamin and mineral products to prevent insufficient or lack of nutrition during pregnancy. So how to choose a product with rigorous formula and appropriate content will naturally become a required course.

I have shared the precautions of diet during the diet during the article "Precautions for Polycysts (Diet)". On this basis, let’s take a look at what nutritional supplements should be paid attention to.

Friends who know a little bit of nutrition may have heard of the toxicity of vitamin A, because excessive vitamin A can cause abortion and neonatal congenital defects.

It is the reason, but the β-carotene form is safe, so if the vitamin A in the product is not aopolly acetate or retinol palmate, you don’t have to worry about it.Even, most manufacturers will make them add to the safe range.

The lack of vitamin D is nothing new, it is obviously not enough to rely on 400IU/d’s recommended intake.

Regardless of whether the polycystic female is pregnant, supplementing vitamin D helps to increase the spontaneous ovulation rate, and it can also reduce the level of testosterone to a certain extent and increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

In 2016, PAL and others recruited 540 polycystic women to conduct a retrospective study, which found an interesting phenomenon.

When the level of serum vitamin D is lower than 30ng/ml, the live yield rate of fetus decreases by 44%. When the serum vitamin D level is greater than 45ng/ml, the live yield rate of the fetus increases to 4.46 times.

There is no doubt how much vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy is not the point. The key is how much vitamin D in the serum during pregnancy.According to your test results, formulate appropriate vitamin D supplements.

If you don’t want to draw blood to check the serum 25-hydroxye vitamin D3, you can regularly replenish 2000IU/D.

Although it is said that vitamin E is also called nacilitating phenols, for people with sufficient vitamin E intake, it does not improve the effect of fertility and cannot increase the live yield rate of fetus.

In fact, few people lack vitamin E, supplementing vitamin E may even be related to the increase in the risk of premature breakdown of abdominal pain and fetal membranes (some studies have pointed out that it may be reduced).

There is no need to supplement vitamin E because the possibility of lack is too low. The demand for vitamin E for adults is only 14 mg/d, while 30g soybean oil has 28mg of vitamin E, and 3 mountain walnuts have 10mg of vitamin E.Counting other foods, it is not easy to miss.

On the other hand, vitamin E is relatively stable in high temperature or acidic conditions, and even cooking will not destroy too much vitamin E.

I always feel that eating more nuts to supplement vitamin E during pregnancy is enough. It is not important to have vitamin E in composite vitamin mineral products.

I do n’t know if you have heard D-di and hyperthyroidism, which are two detection items for evaluating blood coagulation.

For polycystic women, some of them are fat, and most of them have insulin resistance. If these problems are not improved before pregnancy, there will be a higher possible state of high coagulation during pregnancy, which can increase the probability of thrombosis.

In fact, high -gel state is a prerequisite for increasing abortion and venous thrombosis.

Vitamin K2 has promoting coagulation activity. Although not everyone will promote coagulation after completing K2, it is better to avoid it.

What’s more, if the coagulation is indeed hyperactive, then the doctor will also ask you to take aspirin or heparin orally. In this case, supplementing vitamin K2 may weaken the effect.

A clinical trial carried out in Australia pointed out that the daily replenishment of 1800mg of calcium has reduced the risk of signs of eclampsion and premature birth by 56%.

The World Health Organization carried out a clinical trial among 8,325 women showing that the replenishment of 1500mg/d during pregnancy caused the incidence of severe premature eclampsia by 24%, and the mortality rate of pregnant women and newborn decreased by 20%and 30%.

The results of the figurine analysis pointed out that 1000mg/D calcium can reduce the risk of premature eclampsia by 55%, and the risk of pregnant women with insufficient calcium intake have decreased by 64%.

Obviously, you should pay attention to the supplementation of calcium during pregnancy, especially when choosing polycystic women who are strictly not drinking milk should pay more attention to additional calcium supplementation.

Disabled by tablets, most of the calcium content of composite vitamin mineral products will not exceed 300 mg, which is not enough for pregnant women who do not drink milk.

The more wise choice is to add 500mg/d calcium. Choosing calcium citrate or other organic form calcium can avoid constipation caused by calcium carbonate.

The reason why I do not advocate supplementing more than 1000mg is because I hope you pay more attention to vitamin D. If vitamin D is enough, I believe that 500mg of calcium is enough.

The dietary articles have introduced the significance of iodine iron, zinc, and selenium during pregnancy. Here I only point out what is the suitable content in the formula.

The total recommended intake of iodine during pregnancy is 230 μg/d, and iodized salt needs to be eaten during pregnancy. At least 2 seascapes per week, the appropriate amount of iodine in the supplement is 50 ~ 100 μg/d.

The total recommended intake of iron during pregnancy is 20 ~ 29mg/d. Pay attention to eating more beef or internal organs.

The total recommended intake of magnesium during pregnancy is 370mg/d. Pay attention to eating more beans and nuts. The staple food contains a considerable proportion of coarse grains.

Zinc and total recommended intake during pregnancy are 9.5mg/d. Pay attention to eating more seafood and lean meat. The appropriate amount of zinc in the supplement is 5 ~ 10mg/d.

The total recommended intake of selenium during pregnancy is 65 μg/d. Pay attention to eating more seafood. The appropriate amount of selenium in the supplement is 15 ~ 30 μg/d.

In addition to folic acid, there are many members of B vitamins. Pregnant women also need thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantotology, pyrine, pyrine, biomantin, cobaltine, etc.

Lack of one or more of them also causes trouble to pregnant women. For example, insufficient vitamin B6 (pyrine) is related to severe pregnancy reactions, but it is not as terrible as lack of folic acid.

As for chromium manganese copper sagnapus silicon boron, you are usually not missing …

No matter how we analyze, there are currently no private customized products, we can only choose a relatively suitable one from the existing pregnancy of vitamin minerals.

1) Megafood, baby & me2;

The vitamins of Megafood (American brand) are all extracted from food. For example, β-carotene comes from carrots, vitamin C comes from orange, B people from brown rice, folic acid from broccoli …

Note: 2 tablets contain 150 μg iodine


Please select the original European version of the original German version or Hong Kong. After 13 weeks of pregnancy, the formula is added to DHA, and the dosage form is changed to oil capsules, which is very easy to swallow.

Note: 1 piece (grain) contains 150 μg iodine

3) Chuangying, Kingsleyan

This product is relatively satisfactory (Chinese brand), and the formula contains only key nutritional elements, such as folic acid, B1, B2, B6, VC, VD, calcium, iron, zinc, pregnant women need to pay attention to a balanced diet.

Note: Folic acid is ordinary folic acid instead of methyl folic acid

4) Thorne Reserverach, Basic Prenatal

Thorne Reserve is a model of US prescription nutrients. The vitamins selected by this product are all activated forms. Minerals are easy to absorb, and the formula has been modified and improved many times.

Note: 3 capsules contain 45mg iron, which is more suitable for people with insufficient meat intake. The various nutrients with 1 ~ 2 capsules are better.

Special explanation: Maybe some product formulas are better but I did not find that you can choose better based on the above principles.

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