Potted peanuts on the balcony, flowering and viewing flowers, but can eat peanuts. Dad all say a good way

Potted peanuts on the balcony, flowering and viewing flowers, but can eat peanuts. Dad all say a good way

In the fast -paced life of modern urban life, balcony potted plants have become a way for many people to relieve stress and contact nature.The balcony potted flowers brought beautiful landscapes and pleasure to people.However, is there a plant that can not only bloom and view in the balcony potted plants, but also produce edible fruits?The answer is yes, that is peanuts.

Peanuts, also known as flower beans and falling peanuts, are a common plant.The peanuts we buy are usually fried or after processing, and few people have seen the original appearance of peanut plants.In fact, peanuts are a herbaceous plant, and its seeds are fruits formed underground.Through the appropriate planting method, we can cultivate peanuts in our balcony potted plants, appreciate the beauty of flowers, and taste fresh peanut fruits.

First, it is important to choose the right peanut variety.Generally speaking, there are two common peanuts on the market: early and late -maturing type.The growth period of precocious peanut varieties is relatively short, suitable for potted planting.Late mature peanut varieties require longer growth cycles and more spacious growth space, which is not suitable for planting in balcony potted plants.Therefore, when choosing peanut seeds, we should choose precocious varieties suitable for potted planting to ensure that peanuts can grow up healthy in a limited space.

Second, prepare appropriate containers and soil.The balcony potted peanuts are best to choose a larger pot or flower pot, which is conducive to the growth and development of peanuts.In the choice of soil, peanuts like loose and well -drained soil.We can choose the commercially available flower soil or prepare the soil ourselves, and add an appropriate amount of corruption soil and river sand to increase the breathability and water retention of the soil.When cultivating peanuts, be careful not to water too much, so as not to cause rotten roots of peanuts.

Then, plant peanut seeds.Sprinkle peanut seeds on the surface of the pot soil, and then gently cover a layer of thin soil.Before sowing, you can choose to soak peanut seeds for one night to help increase the germination rate.After planting, keep the soil moist, but do not be too moist to avoid rotten peanut seeds.At the same time, peanuts require sufficient sunlight, and it takes at least 6 hours of sunlight to illuminate at least 6 hours a day, so you must choose a sunny position when cultivating on the balcony.

In the process of peanut growth, we need to give appropriate amount of fertilization in time.Generally speaking, the growth period of peanuts is about 3 months, and it takes about 3 months from sowing to the results.In the early days of growth, some high nitrogen -containing fertilizers can be used to promote the rapid growth of peanut seedlings.In the period of peanut results, fertilization of phosphorus, potassium and other elements can be appropriately increased, which is conducive to the development of peanut fruits.

When peanut plants begin to bloom, we can enjoy the beauty of flowers.The color of peanut flowers has different colors, including red, yellow, white and other colors.The flowering period usually lasts for 2-3 weeks. During this period, we can use the camera to record these beautiful moments and share it with family and friends.

After the flowering period is over, peanut fruits begin to form.The fruits will be underground at first. With the development of growth, the fruit of peanuts will gradually grow the ground and form a peanut shell.When the peanut shells harden, peanuts can be picked.At this time, the fruits of peanuts are full and solid. It contains full peanut kernels that can be eaten or cooked directly, which is delicious and nutritious.

Through balcony potted peanuts, we can enjoy the beauty of flowers and views, but also taste fresh peanut fruits.This is not only a way to enrich your life, but also an opportunity to get in touch with nature.The balcony potted peanuts in my house not only made me and my dad get close to nature, but also let us taste the deliciousness of peanuts we planted.Dad said, this is really a good way!Let’s try it together and enjoy the fun of planting peanuts!

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