Pork liver must be fried?Although the food is good, avoid illness from the mouth!

There are many benefits to eating pork liver. For example, it can detoxify, alleviate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and increase wisdom to help.

In addition, you can cure prolapse and liver wind, and even some people eat pork liver to resist tumors.

In addition, if a woman eats more pork liver, it can also improve the skin, because it contains a large amount of vitamin A, which can make our skin smooth and transparent.

Since there are so many benefits to eating pork liver, how can pork liver be fried to be delicious and not allowed to lose nutrition?

First of all, the pork liver bought from the market must be washed with water, and it should not be soaked in water for too long, because it is easy to lose nutrients for a long time. Generally, wash with water for 3-4 times.

Then, cut the pork liver, soak the blood with cold water, and dry the water.After the pork liver is cleaned, it is the link to prepare the seasoning.

Before stir -fry the pork liver, in order to make the pork liver more delicious, we can add delicious seasonings. The method of making seasonings is very simple: rice wine, soy sauce, white pepper powder, oyster sauce and soy sauce, and starch.

You can start frying.Come on in the pot first, stir -fry the pepper and dried chili pepper with low heat, pour the cut onion, add 1 bean paste, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and then add the sauce that are adjusted before the soup.material.

Finally, put the pork liver under the pot. Remember to simmer with low heat, and you must not stir the pork liver with a spatula. Wait until the pork liver is cooked and then pushed with a spatula., Not delicious, it looks sticky, which affects appetite.

Many people think that fried pork liver must be cooked with boiling water in advance and then fry, otherwise it is not easy to cook.

In fact, no, according to my approach, as long as the color of the pork liver turns white, you can remove the heat.

In this way, the pork liver taste that has not been cooked in advance will be smoother and tender. If you sprinkle some garlic seedlings, green onion ginger, and drizzle with a layer of hot oil, the taste will be better!

Some people have a misunderstanding when cooking pork liver: the shorter the pork liver cooking time, the more tender the taste of the pork liver will be.

This is actually a big misunderstanding, because the pork liver itself will have a lot of parasites. If it is not cooked, it is easy to infected with pental virus.

Generally speaking, the time of fried pork liver should not be too short. Generally, it is necessary to stir-fry for more than 5-10 minutes. Be sure to wait until the pork liver all turns gray-brown, and there is no original pink meat to get out of the pot.

If you do n’t judge, share a small tip here: Use chopsticks to poke a piece of pork liver to see if there is blood flowing out. If there is blood and water, it is not familiar.

Everyone must remember that the pork liver must be cooked, otherwise it is easy to infect the pentistic virus.Many people may know hepatitis B, but they may not hear hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis virus is a type of hepatitis. It is mainly infected by digestive tract pathways. Infected people will lose your appetite, often disgusting and vomiting, do not like to eat greasy food, severe urine color becomes yellow, and the skin of the whole body will also be.It becomes as golden and golden as "Little Yellow".

However, you don’t have to panic. Hepatitis disease can be cured and will not be inherited, but it is also easy to be transmitted by secretly. If you are often eating abroad, you must pay attention.

For everyone’s physical health, Xiaobian suggested that friends who often go out to eat can be vaccinated with pental liver vaccine. Because hepatitis disease is currently not cured, vaccine is the most effective way to prevent the invasion of the pentistic virus.

This is because the vaccination of the pental hepatitis is the most effective way to cut off and spread. Friends who complete the 3 needle inoculation according to the vaccination process can be as high as 100%. From then on, you will not be infringed by the hepatitis virus.

After the epidemic prevention, there are many opportunities to go out for dining party. Everyone should pay attention not to eat raw meat and seafood. Although the food is good, avoid illness from the mouth.””

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