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Suggestions for pregnant women, breastfeeding and new infection of children

01 New Crown Furating History and Disabled Pharmaceuticals

38.5 ° C is a watershed, which can be observed in physical cooling below 38.5 ° C. It is higher than 38.5 ° C. Consider taking the medicine to cool down. It is not absolute to wait until 38.5 ℃.It may soon exceed 38.5 ° C, and even the convulsions of convulsions.

1. Matinophenol, ibuprofen or sodium sodium deafenate

The pharmacist recommends that the pregnant mothers before 20W have a high fever of 38.5 ° C in physical cooling. The first choice for acetylphenol is also the first choice of antipyretic medicine.However, without acetaminol, you can use ibuprofen to cool down. Each usage is 0.2g-0.4g, minimizing the number of times as much as possible.It can also be used carefully between 20-28W, but it is recommended that the use time does not exceed 48h and uses more than 48h. It is necessary to follow the volume of amniotic fluid in the hospital.It is not recommended after 28W, because the fetal arterial pipe may be closed prematurely, too little amniotic fluid, and kidney injury of neonatal.

The use of acetaminol, ibuprofen, and sodium sodium dicen during lactation are safe. Of course, the first choice is to be acetaminol.

Sequence of safety in breastfeeding during pregnancy: acetaminol, ibuprofen, sodium sodium sodium.

The antipyretic effect is from strong to weak: ibuprofen, to acetaminophen, sodium sodium cylindrical.

The analgesic effect is from strong to weak: sodium sodium chloride, ibuprofen, and acetylphenol.

2. Lotoruen

Avoid use during the morning, middle and late pregnancy, and use it with caution during breastfeeding. If mothers who are breastfeeding are taken during the medicine, it is recommended to take medicine for 6h before breastfeeding.


Avoid use during the morning, middle and late pregnancy, and not available in breastfeeding

The use of Pausheng may be related to the fetal split and heart malformations. Using Puzon in the third trimester may cause the arterial catheter to close prematurely.

Because Pu Sheng may cause newborns to sleep, it is not recommended to use during breastfeeding.

4. 吲哚 Meixin

Avoid use during the early, middle and late pregnancy, and use it during breastfeeding

Using may be related to oral fissure deformity. After 28W, it may cause the fetal arterial catheter to be closed prematurely.

The use of Mi Xin during breastfeeding is relatively safe, but it should also be breastfeeding 6 hours after medication.

5. Medisacco/Sexbu

It is not recommended throughout the pregnancy, it is available for breastfeeding

This type of drug is a selective COX-2 inhibitor. The safety data of pregnancy is lacking and has a potential effect on the fetal’s kidney maturity. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the entire pregnancy.

But breastfeeding mothers can use it, which is safe for the baby.

6. Reproductive preparation containing acetaminol

Please read the instructions carefully

Many compound cold medicines are not only used to relieve heat and analgesic, but also contain other drugs with anti -allergies, cough, sedation, and alleviating nasal congestion and runny nose.There may be drug components that are unfavorable to the fetus in these drugs.Before use, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the drug components in the instructions and use them carefully.Generally speaking, compound compounds should not be used for the pregnancy cycle of acetylphenol tablets.It is still cautious during breastfeeding. If you use it for at least 6 hours, breastfeeding is used.

7. Libavelin

From 6 months before pregnancy to breastfeeding, it is disabled

"New Coronatte Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan" (fifth edition) uses Ribavarin for new crown antiviral treatment.However, this drug is a very dangerous drug for pregnant women, with obvious teratogenicity and embryo death.The half -life of Liba Lynch can stay in the body for 6 months.Regardless of men and women, it is recommended to prepare more than 6 months after receiving the treatment of Libaweilin for treatment.It takes a long time to consider Libavelin to remove it from the body, so breastfeeding mothers should also avoid using it.

8. Azfding

Due to reproductive toxicity and genetic toxicity, maternal mothers, lactation, children, and women of childbearing age are disabled. Men who need to have children should not use it.

Please take a look at the list of specific antipyretics

02 Other new crown symptoms

The cough, runny nose, etc. caused by the new crown are also very tortured. So how do pregnant women use medicine?Please see the detailed medication guidance form

As for the general throat pain in "swallowing blades", some throat sugar and tablets can be used.

03 What should I do if I take medicine to breastfeed?

Many mothers are worried about breastfeeding problems after medication. The overall principle is to breastfeed before taking the medicine and extend the next breastfeeding time as much as possible.In addition to considering the drug factors, we also have to look at the baby’s condition. If the baby is a premature baby, a newborn, or the current constitution is weak, we suggest that you can breastfeed after 5 drugs half -life (T1/2), because at this timeDrugs can basically be removed from the mother.T1/2 can be found by the pharmacokinetics in the pharmaceutical manual.

If breastfeeding mothers accidentally use drugs that may be unsafe and do not have to be anxious. We can immediately stop breastfeeding and use the above method to breastfeed.

04 Children’s medication

Because the child’s infection is particularly fast, parents are bold, but rest assured to provide you with the choice of drugs, please refer to the following table.

Table 4 Reference form for children’s new crown medicine

Finally, you should remind everyone that you can take a drug with the right medicine and take one of the medicines with the same role. There is no need to use the medicine. Beware of the drug causes liver damage.Compound preparations generally have various effects such as relief, analgesic, antitussive, and treatment of nasal congestion, and no other drugs are required.Of course, the condition is severe, high fever, etc., you must go to the medical institution for treatment.Or sweep our pharmacist WeChat.


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