Pocket doctor 丨 When I was pregnant, I met a cold.

The cold winter has its own unique "temper". If the temperature is low, the important thing is that the wind is still making trouble. Recently, many people have fallen due to a cold …

Normal people have a cold, rest and take medicine, but the pregnant woman has a cold, which is not a person’s problem. It also involves the baby in the stomach, and even the family’s problem …

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Some pregnant mothers have a cold and are uncomfortable and do not want to carry them hard, but will it affect the baby in the stomach if taking cold medicine?It is estimated that everyone is extremely entangled about this problem!Today, Cai Xiaohui, the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Friendship Hospital to answer his doubts.

Cai Xiaohui

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beijing Friendship Hospital

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In fact, the medication during pregnancy is not absolutely safe to the fetus. Only when the drug benefits to the mother than the harm to the fetus, the medication is considered during pregnancy.If you are pregnant, how to prevent colds is the best strategy.But as mentioned above, what should I do if I care about it?Then all you need to do is not to take medicine yourself, you should seek help from a specialist or pharmacist in time.Because using certain drugs may have an impact on the developed fetus, and even causes fetal malformations.

So which drugs can be used by pregnant women,

Which drugs cannot be used?

Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration) divide related drugs into 5 levels of A, B, C, D, X and other levels based on the drug -harmful animal trials and clinical research data of the fetus:

Class A: The impact on the fetus is relatively small, and patients with pregnancy can be used safely.

Category B: It is safer to pregnant women, insufficient evidence of the fetus, or it cannot be confirmed that it can be used with caution when there is a clear indication.

Class C: There are animal experiments that type C drugs can cause fetal malformations or deaths, but only animal experiments, but there is no research on humans (no one dares to take live people to do the experiments in this area), only weighing weighing weighingThe benefits of pregnant women are more than harmful to the fetus before they can be used.

Class D: Generally, this drug is avoided by medicine, but if the life of pregnant women is threatened and unused, it can be used with careful observation.

Category X: Pregnancy and patients who may be pregnant are prohibited.

In summary, it is not necessary to use a cold. If it is a drug of Class A or B, it can be used; even Class C drugs, if necessary, it is not necessarily taboo.

If the profit is greater than the disadvantages, you can consider use it.But it is recommended that the medication must be taken properly under the guidance of the doctor during pregnancy, and you should not take it without authorization.

Preventing colds for the topic

(1) Keep healthy living habits, ensure sufficient sleep, and exercise appropriately.The disease is like a spring, and you are weak and strong, so in order to defeat it, you need to enhance your "combat effectiveness"!

(2) Stay away from the sick people.If the husband at home or people who often come into contact with a cold, be sure to take protective measures, either you wear a mask, or he wear a mask, if you wear a mask more safer!

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(3) It is recommended to vaccinate flu vaccines.Before pregnancy, women who plan to get pregnant can inject influenza vaccines as appropriate to protect their bodies.Pregnant women are also very necessary for the abnormal influenza vaccine, which can be vaccinated under the guidance of a doctor.A study by Fox News Network on October 13, 2018 that a study involved in the participation of the American Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC) found that in vaccination of influenza vaccines during pregnancy can reduce the risk of pregnant women infected with an average of 40%.Effectively prevent influenza in pregnant women.

If you have symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, etc., this is likely to be the symptoms of normal colds, so you don’t have to worry about it. Some people tease, "take two weeks of medicine for two weeks.In fact, what is said here is not unreasonable.

Generally, without other complications, usually 5-7 days can almost heal.If the symptoms are relatively heavy, you can use proprietary Chinese medicine to relieve symptoms, such as Banlangen granules, cold and heat -clearing particles.If you have cough and sputum or even fever, you must pay attention to it and take a doctor in time.

In short, do n’t be afraid of cold during pregnancy. Carefully use the medicine to expel it (a cold). Prevention is a good way. Pregnant mothers pay attention to cold and warm!

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