People who come here to pass the menstruation: The pregnant mother "built files" in time in the week of pregnancy, and can enjoy a benefit during childbirth

Writing: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Fixed manuscript: After Su Zi

Pregnancy is a happy thing for every family, but it is easier to deal with various checks and delivery during pregnancy, so it is important to set up files to the hospital on time. This is a health manual for mothers and children.Essence

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Xiaoling and her husband have been pregnant for more than half a year, and have never seen any results. Some time ago, she had delayed menstruation, so she quickly bought the pregnancy test stick. After testing, she was pregnant.

The news made the couples happy, but after being happy, they still did not forget to tell the parents of the good news. After all, the elderly have been looking forward to it for a long time.

But when she told her mother, the most thing about her mother said the most happily for them was to let her go to the hospital for examination, but Xiaoling felt unnecessary.But the mother said, "Now it should be checked in advance, and it will be built in the hospital when it is 12 weeks."

Xiaoling was confused, but at her mother’s suggestion, she went to the hospital for examination, and understood the significance of building files from the doctor to understand her necessity.

In simple terms, it is to establish a file in the hospital.

It sounds very troublesome, but it is actually a very simple measure to be beneficial to both fetuses and pregnant mothers –

First of all, from the beginning of the establishment, all the examinations made by pregnant mothers can leave a record of the physical condition of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus. When pregnancy problems or the hospital needs to be replaced, it can be used as a basis for the treatment of doctors;

Secondly, this file will also provide some matters during pregnancy and even various matters after the baby is born, which is convenient for mothers to feed;

In the end, it is often allowed to enjoy a benefit during childbirth in the future -determine the delivery hospital, so that doctors can help you arrange beds in time.Especially in some large cities, the beds in large hospitals are relatively tight. If you do not build files in time, you may be restricted to go to a particularly good hospital.

Note: The time for building files, different hospitals or areas are different, then their requirements will also be different, which are roughly 8-12 weeks of pregnancy.Secondly, after the first examination of the file was carried out for the first time during the 12 weeks of pregnancy, some hospitals even requested that the files must be built to check, so you choose a hospital to do a good consultation in advance.

1. Related documents: including the original and photocopy, some hospitals do not need, and can consult in advance; medical insurance card and maternity insurance: also requires the original and photocopy;ID card: The original and photocopy is required, and some hospitals may require the documents of both parties.

It is recommended to consult in advance. Some documents may take a certain period of time. Certificate that has not been processed needs to be prepared in advance to avoid delays.

2. Submission of information

After arriving at the hospital, inform the needs of the file, and then fill in the information to fill it out and submit it.

3. Checkpiece

After the data review is completed, some examinations will be performed, including blood pressure, weight, abdominal circumference, etc.

4. Formally built files

After completing the steps of the birth check, it is handed over to the doctor for formal archives, and the process is basically completed.

requires attention:

Usually, there will be a large number of waiting people when they are built. They need to be prepared for waiting, comfortable to wear, and they need family members to accompany them.

After the file is established, the inspection will be carried out here, so when choosing a hospital hospital, you must comprehensively consider the distance and medical level.

In general, the establishment of the file is to facilitate the monitoring of the physical condition of the pregnant mother. It will be divided into two cards, namely large cards and small cards.

Big Card: It is mainly preserved by the hospital. The location of the handling is to handle it in the hospital and handle it around 12 weeks of pregnancy.(Some hospitals have canceled this method)

Small card: This is the health manual of pregnant women and children (including some pregnancy and postpartum related knowledge). About 6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women need to register for the specific situation in the community neighborhood committee, and then handle it in the hospital where the area where they are

Small cards are not used to check, but a file preservation, but there will also be some simple records of pregnancy, such as how long the pregnancy time is and how much palace high is.

The small card mainly shows only some basic information, and on the large card, the test results and physical conditions of pregnant women will be recorded more detailed.

Note: For mothers who have already processed maternity insurance, they need to go to the designated hospital when they are built in order to enjoy fertility reimbursement.

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