People have children to make makeup, but you are still struggling with your pregnancy?

The biggest news of the previous two days was: Wuli Yubo Chiara Ferragni was born in Baby on March 19th!

She is the first fashion blogger I am concerned about on my INS. People are super beautiful, super wearing, and a boyfriend who loves her.

On the 30th birthday of Yubo, her male ticket proposed in public at the concert (the boyfriend’s boyfriend sent me not to let me disappointed the series)

I have paid attention from Yubo’s announcement of marriage, to pregnancy, and even giving birth.She is really so dedicated, and she is painted with a big belly and draws a thick makeup every day ~

People even have full makeup and watches, do they respect her?This is the professional ethics of a professional fashion blogger Hahahah

Many people have some misunderstandings, and they feel that pregnant women should not use skin care products or makeup!Now that technology is so advanced, many maternal and infant brands have risen, and products such as audiences such as maternal and infants are becoming more and more popular. It is really not terrible to makeup during pregnancy.

I especially like a fitness blogger. I just gave birth to a child and had a wedding recently!It was particularly hot before, and the legs of the vest line in eight months of pregnancy ~

She also often shares some skin care and makeup experience during pregnancy ~ So comrades, don’t be afraid, who said that pregnancy can’t be beautiful?

Therefore, pregnancy, makeup and maintenance are not so terrible. Just remember to avoid products with the following ingredients. Remember to avoid it ~


It can directly reduce melanin, kill or deteriorate pigment cells, and lighten the pigmentation. It is mainly used by dermatologists with a concentration of 2-4%.Pepophenol is the earliest drug to treat dark spots to treat dark spots, which is very irritating [1].

Pharmaceutol is a drug component, which needs to be prescribed by a physician to use it.Many countries have disabled this ingredients and do not rule out its correlation with carcinogen. [2].

Retinol (retiner; A alcohol)

It is generally existed in whitening products, and a large number of oral administration can cause fetal malformations.The amount of skin care products is relatively small. In fact, there is no great safety hazard. However, it is recommended to use a product containing the ingredients ~

Salicylic Acid (salicylic acid)

It can help the skin’s old keratin metabolism and promote the peeling of the stratum corneum. Magraonin pigment also follows the stratum corneum, so it has the whitening effect of diluting dark spots and the effect of narrowing pores.

The Department of Health stipulates that the concentration is limited to 0.2%~ 2.0%. This content is a drug containing cosmetics. Baby children under 3 years of age shall not use it (except for shampooing supplies) [3]


These two are preservatives. In fact, there is no need to be afraid of preservatives. It is more popular. The preservatives in cosmetics are less preservatives than the preservatives in the food we eat.However, seeing benzoate, hydroxylzylene, is toxic, it is recommended to use it with caution.

The following is the Amway product. Today, some of the main Amway makeup products.In fact, as long as you choose a regular brand (please flash, please flash open), there will generally not be any problems.

Let me talk about the base makeup products used by pregnant women today ~

Jiangyuan Road Shuiyang Beauty Muscle Foundation

Reference price: 300RMB

Pony Great God, K Sister, and Mao Egg have all recommended a foundation.The lotion texture, the face is soft, even if the distance observation of kissing makes the other party feel you bring it.The covering power is low, and the even skin tone is not stressed.

This is a daily base makeup that is suitable for most people. Do n’t miss it if you pursue natural makeup effects and vegetarian muscles!The color number is white, but the subdivision is quite clear.

Big oil skin and desert skin may not be held, and the mixed oil and mixed dryness said that it was perfect throughout the year.Look at the ingredients, absolutely beautiful, full of safety coefficients ~

San powder can be selected casually. All loose powder, 20 to 1,000 loose powder are very safe, don’t worry about any problems.

Bare Minerals mineral liquid foundation

Reference price: 280RMB

The texture is particularly thin and light, suitable for spring and summer.Its concealer is a bit weak, and the baby with a lot of facial defects does not recommend you to buy it.Most of the color numbers are natural, and they will not be dead. When you buy it, you can choose a color number slightly.

The ingredients are safe, without oil, water -free, silicon, and spices.Not only can pregnant women and breastfeeding be used, but sensitive muscle photos can still be used with confidence.

Meibian Dream Film Soft Breathing Foundation

Reference price: 139RMB

This product is very durable, and the face of dry skin will not be dry.It is very natural to use a thin layer of makeup eggs. It will be heavy but more concealer with a brush.The color number is deep, you can choose it in vain ~

Merbelline is also very gentle and safe. It does not add chemical sunscreen ingredients, and the price is relatively moderate. The sensitive muscles and the baby of the student party can consider it ~

Wet N Wild Focus Foundation

Reference price: 65RMB

The taste is not particularly good, the texture is relatively thin, suitable for spring and summer.Created the misty makeup sense, the concealer ability is middle and upper.

It will have a little heavy makeup. It has a very fatal disadvantage that it is dull!Four or five hours, the face will be yellow, and the babies choose a color number as much as possible.But its lasting power is not bad, it is no problem for a long time.

In fact, there are many more cosmetics that pregnant women can use. Everyone remembers the few ingredients I mentioned above, and it is okay to avoid it.

After introducing these models, there are many babies wondering: Should I change to pregnant women with special products after pregnancy?

In fact, it is not seen, and it is also said that as long as the products you choose are formal (Weishang, San Mu’s manual say goodbye), generally there is no problem.Instead, many brands now make money under the "mother and baby", which is quite abominable!

But lipstick is like eating in, I still suggest that you buy some brands that pure plants and pregnant women can use.


[1] Yang Renhong, "Unlock the myth of" sunscreen and whitening "(above)", Renai Medical News, Volume 16, No. 4 August 89,

[2] United States Food and Drug Administration (2006). Skin Bleaching Drug PRODUCTS for Over-the-Counter Product Use; Proposed Rule (REPORT). 1978n-0065.

[3] The Department of Health of the Executive Yuan, "Cosmetics contains medical or poisonous drama benchmarks (with medicine cosmetics benchmarks)", 2007/03/01.

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