Peanut is "cancer accelerator"?These 5 categories are really not recommended to eat peanuts!Too many people ignore it, no wonder to eat "the fruit of the heart"

Peanuts are not only nutritious and low -quality, but also the traditional health nuts in my country, and enjoy the name of "longevity fruit".However, there is always a saying on the Internet: peanuts are "cancer accelerators", and eating will accelerate the spread of cancer cells.

"Longevity fruit" has become a "cancer accelerator"?Is this really the case?

Is peanuts really "cancer accelerator"?

It is found that peanuts contain peanut condensate. After entering the blood vessels, this substance will react with the vascular endothelial cells, which will cause cytokines and risk the risk of spreading cancer cells.People have a fear of cancer, coupled with the prone to metastasis and diffusion of cancer cells, there are risks that are difficult to treat, and peanuts are food that people usually eat often."The beast of the flood", dare not touch at all.

Actually, don’t worry too much!Putting the toxicity of the dosage is not rigorous.Whether peanuts will affect the condition of cancer depends on the amount of peanut condensation obtained.Only if continuous and a lot of peanuts can make the human body obtain enough condensate to transfer cancer cells.In fact, in real life, few people will continue to eat peanuts continuously, so you don’t have to worry too much.Lan Qian, a clinical nutritionist at the Fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu, said that the peanutgenis produced by the appropriate amount of peanuts were low and were basically harmless to the human body.Therefore, appropriate amounts of peanuts will not promote cancer metastasis.

Instead, edible peanuts can reduce the risk of colon cancer and rectal cancer.This is because there are some antioxidant substances in peanut red clothes, such as primary anthocyanins, which is a inhibitor that controls the genetic cancer gene, which can inhibit the genetic activity and downstream signaling pathways of primary cancer, thereby interfere with the proliferation, metabolism and growth of cancer cellsEssenceIn addition, the Empire College of London, England has also discovered that peanuts are rich in folic acid and plant sterol, which has significant effects for preventing bowel, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

Therefore, for peanuts, everyone should eat and eat, don’t be too careful.

You can eat "longevity fruit"!In addition to helping to prevent cancer, peanuts also have a lot of health advantages -Chinese medicine believes that peanuts are sweet, flat, and can nourish the lungs, nourish the spleen, and the stomach, and nourish qi.In other words, eating peanuts often can nourish the spleen and stomach, that is, it can promote appetite and improve digestion and absorption, which is good for our digestive system.

Modern medicine believes that peanuts have high nutritional value, and each 100 grams of peanuts contain about 20 grams to 25 grams of protein, which is 1.5 to 2 times the egg protein content.In addition, peanuts are also rich in lecithin and cerebral phospholipids. They are important substances needed by the nervous system. They can delay the recession of the brain, inhibit platelets, and prevent the formation of cerebral thrombosis.It is worth mentioning that more than 80%of the fatty acids contained in peanuts are unsaturated fatty acids.This fatty acid is neither as easy to block blood vessels as saturated fatty acids, but also helps improve the composition of blood lipids, does not contain cholesterol, but also has the name of "blood vessel clearing".

All in all, peanuts are good and good healthy healthy treasures.When eating peanuts, if you can match one thing, you can still have a different health effect–

Peanuts with red dates: soothing the gods and nourishing the spleen, strengthening the spleen and stomach: After washing the peanuts, dried red dates, soak it with water for a while; put the peanuts and red dates in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with a fire, and then change it to change it.Cook it with a Wenhuo for half an hour, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar to eat.Health effect: red dates and peanuts can be called a perfect match. Both of them have the effects of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the god of sorrow, strengthening the spleen, and stomach. They are especially suitable for women with blood deficiency and help improve their complexions.Note: Patients with diabetes, cough, sputum, and wet people should not eat more.

Peanuts with Xiaomi: Make up Zhongyi Qi, soothe the gastric materials: 50 grams each of peanuts, Xiaomi, 10 jujube, 30 grams of honey.Method: Put Xiaomi and peanuts in the pot and cook, and add jujube and honey after boiling the heat.Health efficacy: peanut nourishing qi, Xiaomi soothing, jujube to nourish qi.Combining cooked porridge, there is the ability to nourish qi, soothe the nerves, warm the stomach, and relieve fatigue.

Peanuts with longan: nourish qi and tonic

Ingredients: 50 grams of peanuts, 15 grams of longan, 10 red dates, in moderation of rock sugar.Method: Add all the ingredients and boil it with water, or add an appropriate amount of rock sugar.Health effect: Longan can not only replenish qi and blood, but also benefit the heart and spleen, help sleep and peace.In addition, peanuts and red dates can replenish qi and blood. The three are cooked. The effects of qi and blood, helping sleep, and nourishing deficiency are significant.

It can be seen that the name of "longevity fruit" of peanuts is by no means arrogant.But it should be noted that there are several types of people who do nothing with peanuts–

These 5 categories are really not recommended to eat peanuts!

① A small number of people who are allergic to peanuts will be allergic to peanuts, which will seriously appear allergic shock and endanger life.② Patients with hyperlipidemia peanuts have high fat content (about 45%of oil), and those with hyperlipidemia will increase blood lipids after consumption.③ Spleen weakness, stools, enteritis, dysentery, indigestion and other weak spleen after eating peanuts, will increase diarrhea, which is not conducive to disease recovery.

④ Patients with gout have more fatty fats, fat can affect uric acid discharge, which is not conducive to disease control.In addition, peanuts are medium -sized purine foods (75-150 mg of purine per 100 grams).Therefore, patients with gout during the acute attack should fast peanuts, and patients who are in the ease period can only eat a small amount of peanuts.⑤The peanuts with bald stasis contain a kind of coagulation factor that can be used for low -aging function and reduced platelets.Therefore, if you are injured and blood stasis, if you eat too much peanuts, the blood stasis will not disperse, thereby aggravating and bleaching.

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