Pay attention to diet during pregnancy and food screening

1. Food completely heated

If the cooking is properly cooked, when the spatula is poked on it, there should be no pink pink on the meat, and the gravy should be dried.Every time it is used to check the raw spatula or other appliances, it should be clean.

Pregnant women’s choice of food should be cautious

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Be sure to use warm water and soap to thoroughly wash your hands.Full of soap foam, and make sure that the wrists, palms, fingers, thumbs, fingernails, and fingers must be washed.Finally, rinse the soap foam on his hand with clean water.

3. Food store attention

Save raw food and cooked food: raw food is underneath, cooked food above.Always cover all food as much as possible.To avoid insects and pets with insects and pets with insects.Check the production date of food and eat during the shelf life.

4. Prevent cross -infection

Cross -infection is the spread of bacteria from one food to another.Bacteria may be spread directly or indirectly, such as hand, cooking utensils, tables, knives, etc.Cross infection is one of the main causes of food poisoning.

5. Proper temperature storage

The refrigerator refrigerator and freezing room should maintain proper temperature.The refrigerator should be below 5 ° C, and the freezing room should be below -18 ° C.Use thermometer to monitor the temperature of the refrigerator and frozen room. The bacteria in the food like a slightly warm environment, so it is particularly important to heat up or keep freezing before you eat.

1. It should not take too much

Pregnancy is a physiological process, and the ingredients absorbed by the human body are gradually growing. It is not to say that they have to eat foods of two people at once. In fact, too much nutrients will increase the gastrointestinal tract of the pregnant woman and liver.The burden of kidney and other burdens will cause adverse effects.

2. Eliminate allergic food

Knowing that food is allergic, it is best not to eat during pregnancy.Some allergies can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, severe allergic shock, which is a special immune state. Sometimes it is slight allergy before pregnancy. It will be strongly reflected in pregnancy, which will affect the fetus.

3. Don’t eat too salty

Because too much salt intake will destroy the nutritional balance of the human body. In order to maintain balance, the human body will drink a lot of water, which will increase the burden on the heart and kidney. During the pregnancy, due to the huge uterine compression, like some blood vessels in the abdominal cavity, some blood vessels in the abdominal cavityIt will be oppressed and edema will occur. If you consume a lot of water at this time, you may increase edema.

1. Coix kernel induces abortion

Symphrisy is a kind of medicine and food, and Chinese medicine believes that its quality is smooth.However, pharmacological experiments have proved that coix kernels have an exciting effect on the smoothing muscle of the uterine, which can promote uterine contraction, and therefore may induce abortion.

2. Turtle turtles are banned from eating

Turtle turtles have the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, but turtles are salty and cold, and have a strong role in passing blood connections and dispersing stasis. Therefore, they have a certain abortion effect, especially the abortion of tadpoles is stronger than the pork.

3. Don’t eat papaya

Papaya contained in papaya has the effect of increasing uterine contraction. In order to avoid unexpected miscarriage or premature birth, it is best for pregnant women to not eat papaya or not to eat it. Even if the papaya is cooked, the papaya is not destroyed.

4. Crab should not eat more

Pregnant women are not completely unable to eat crabs, unless they are cold and weak pregnant women.Don’t eat more, let alone eat crab claws.Another thing to note is that when eating, you must choose carefully. Otherwise, if you eat dead crabs by mistake, you will be dizzy and abdominal pain, and you will vomit, diarrhea and even abortion.

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