Pay attention to abnormal symptoms during pregnancy?If these 10 cases occur, you should seek medical treatment

Pregnancy is the most important time period in women’s life, and it is also a special physiological period that needs to strengthen nutrition.However, there are many problems during pregnancy, such as malnutrition, physical discomfort, and gestational diabetes and hypertension.You cannot paralyze the whole of the whole pregnancy, especially when there are several cases, you cannot hesitate, and immediately seek medical treatment to avoid affecting the health of the mother.

1. Back pain

Generally lying on or sitting, standing, and bending over for a long time, waist pain occurs, but pay more attention to rest.If there is always persistent pain, the abdominal spasm or pelvic pressure in the late pregnancy, or the pelvic pressure is too large, it should be highly suspected of premature birth, or it may be prematurely peeling.

2. Abnormal vaginal secretion

The level of sex hormone in the body after pregnancy has changed a lot, so vaginal discharge increases, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, which is normal.If there are many vaginal secretions, at the same time, it is accompanied by small abdominal pain, white belt with odor or bloodshot, which is likely to be infected and should be treated early.

3. Itching

There are severe itching on the palm of the palm or feet. Even if it itching ointment is used, it is not available. At the same time, the color of the stool is lighter. It should be highly suspected of bile stasis. This is a rare complication.The fetus died.

4. Bleeding

Early pregnancy bleeding is generally unable to separate from the body’s hormone changes and the increase in cervical vascular, or it is too frequent.In addition, the front placenta or abortion also causes bleeding.Regardless of whether it is early or in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, all the symptoms of bleeding should seek medical treatment early.

5. Body edema

Both hands, feet, and facial edema should be highly alert to signs of eclaca. Generally, the first time of the premature eclampsia will be diagnosed at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and the onset of the disease is more suddenly.

6. Callery spasm

Reasonably supplement calcium and potassium, walking appropriately or stretching exercises can reduce the problem of calf spasm.If the calf is spasm and accompanied by pain and redness, you should be alert to thrombosis in the lower limbs, and further inspection is needed to diagnose.

7. Headache

Too much stress, poor diet structure and insufficient sleep can cause headaches for pregnant women.If stubborn and persistent pain occurs, you should be highly suspected of signs of eclampsia.

8. Watching things blurred

If the pregnant woman looks blurred, she often sees that there are dark spots in front of them, just like mosquitoes fly, and the surrounding vision is lost.

9. Abnormal fetal movement

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal movement suddenly changed, and further examination was needed.The decrease in the number of fetal movements within 24 hours is likely to be the fetal trap or dehydration, or it may be damaged by the umbilical cord.

10. Urban changes

If the pregnant woman’s urine is turbid, it exudes a special smell, which is likely to be dehydrated.If this situation lasts for a long time, it is highly suspected of urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection is not a small problem. It may cause premature birth without treatment.

Kind tips

Pregnant women should take comprehensive care during pregnancy, especially in diet and exercise.Pay attention to the balanced and diversified nutrition, eat less sweets, irritating and greasy foods.After pregnancy, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands are secreted and the body is prone to sweating. Therefore, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hair and take a bath, change clothes frequently, keep your own cleanliness, and avoid infection.In the case of physical permission, multiple outdoor activities such as walking or pregnant women yoga, not only strengthening the body but also easy to give birth.In the early and late pregnancy, sexual life is absolutely prohibited, so as not to cause premature or abortion.

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