Passport 5 working days end!Qingdao has become the fastest city in Shandong to apply for immigration documents

Reporter Zhang Xiaopeng

Before traveling abroad during the May Day holiday, the passport was quickly completed. Ms. Wang, the citizen, was overjoyed.At the end of March this year, the Qingdao Public Security Bureau escorted the high -quality development of the economy and society, optimized the business environment of the rule of law, and introduced 32 measures.Relevant departments will reduce the time limit of ordinary passports, Hong Kong and Macao Pass, and Taiwan Pass to 5 working days.Qingdao has become the fastest city in Shandong Province to apply for immigration certificates.

High -efficiency and convenient, complete a passport in 5 days

In the past few days, the reception window of the Entry and Exit Hall of the Qingdao Citizen Center is always full of people who apply for passports, which has become the most lively place in the citizen center."Hurry up! It takes only five minutes to apply for a passport. Only 5 working days have been obtained."On May 10th, near the lunch break, Ms. Sun took her daughter to the hall in a hurry and anxiously said to the staff: I want to travel to Japan with my daughter next week. Is it time to get a passport now?The staff answered with a smile: As long as the material meets it, it can be handled immediately.It turned out that due to the traffic jam on the road, Ms. Sun took her daughter to the lobby at 11:25 noon.I did not expect the staff to help her enthusiastically and finished her passport within 5 minutes.This surprised Ms. Sun and moved.

Like Ms. Sun, Ms. Wang, a citizen, is also one of the beneficiaries. On the same day, she deliberately came to the entrance and exit reception hall to show the gratitude.Ms. Wang introduced that she went to Thailand with her family during the May Day holiday. It was not until the day when I was going to travel in late April, and she began to apply for a certificate. She was still worried that it was not possible to do it on time.The end, her schedule is not delayed at all.

At the end of March this year, the Qingdao Public Security Bureau escorted the high -quality development of the economy and society, and optimized the "32 measures" to optimize the business environment of the rule of has become the fastest city in Shandong Province to apply for immigration certificates.

According to Sun Liqiang, senior sheriff, the second -level senior sheriff of the Entry -Exit and Exit Authorities, since January 8 this year, the city’s entry and exit management departments have accepted a total of over 220,000 applications for export -oriented certificates, exceeding 18 times the same period last year, and the acceptance volume has stabilized the province in the province.First."In order to cope with the peak application of the application for the country, we coordinate the city’s entry and exit reception windows, do a good job of staff deployment, equipment guarantee and other tasks, and provide citizens to provide a license application service overtime to achieve efficient and orderly transition. In the next step, we will continue to implementVarious convenient measures provide more high -quality and convenient services for applicants to apply for national documents. "Sun Liqiang said.

According to Liu Haixia, the head of the Exit -Entry Administration’s approval section, the requirements of the 32 measures in 32 measures "compress the time limit of the national certificate to apply for a certificate" requirement.After the certificate is completed, the time limit for the license is the shortest. As of now, it has been required to apply for more than 60,000 documents on the time limit, and it has made every effort to provide citizens with a faster and efficient license service service.

The special channel for companies to help the sea to grab orders

"The company’s inspection time is more anxious. I also went to the entrance and exit consultation with the mood of trying. I did not expect that it is now set up a special passage to provide services to our enterprise cross -border business, and only use two two two two.Heaven informed me that the passport has been made, thank you really! "On the same day, the employee of Qingdao Wanxiang Excellence Trading Co., Ltd. who came to get the passport in the entrance and exit reception hall of the Qingdao Citizen Center said.

According to reports, providing entry and exit for cross -border business activities in young enterprises, since the release of 32 measures, the city’s entry and exit management departments have opened special channels for more than 1,900 people in our city.Youth companies go to sea to grab orders and open up the market.Recently, more than 120 companies such as Hisense, Aokoma, Saiwan Group, Xianjunlong Color Printing Co., Ltd. have urgent publicity for senior management and employees who have urgently needed to engage in business negotiations abroad, and have been well received.

"Our company has recently hired a number of foreign experts. The professional and efficient service measures of visa departments have provided great convenience for foreign experts to work and live in young experts. They all said that they like this beautiful city and hope that Qingdao is getting better and better!"Guan Yanhan, the government manager of the Halle Group Human Sharing Center, told reporters.The reporter learned that Qingdao’s entry and exit management department has continuously optimized the work process of foreign talents with pragmatic and scientific measures, unblocked the contact mechanism of foreign -related enterprises in Qing Dynasty, and actively carried out the latest convenient policies for publicity.It helps enterprises to develop efficient and stable development.Since the release of 32 measures, more than 630 foreign talents have provided more than 100 foreign -related companies with more than 630 foreign talents.

The warm -hearted window is full of movement

In February of this year, Mr. Lu, a foreign Chinese, went to the window to ask for help, saying that he had a temporary license in Hangzhou for entering the country. Because his father -in -law was in danger, his wife had been pregnant for more than 6 months and urgently needed to apply for a visa extension in Qingdao.After verifying the relevant situation, Qingdao Public Security immediately requested the superior department to provide the applicant with help to solve the problem in a timely manner.Afterwards, Mr. Lu and his wife made a special trip to the window to presence thanks to express their gratitude, saying that due to the timely help of the entry and exit, they let them see the last side before the old man died, but he was willing.At the same time, they also expressed their sincere desire to live and work in Qingdao and devote themselves to the construction of beautiful Qingdao.

"In the Creation Creation of the Red Flag Window last year, the visa department and the police Wang Huiru were evaluated by the provincial public security organs ‘Red Flag Window’ and ‘Red Flag Model’.Entry -people public interest companies provide more convenient and warm -hearted services! "Said Han Lijun, chief of the Visa Department of the Import and Entry Administration.

In recent years, the parts of Qingdao Public Security Entry -Exit Management Department have deepened the reform of deepening management services, helped optimize the business environment, focused on improving the level of government services, and made every effort to forge a high -quality loyal teacher.In order to optimize the business environment and help Qingdao build a modern and international metropolis to contribute more public security entry and exit forces!

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