Ovulation disorders passive Dintins, for 8 years to get married, asking for a hard work, my husband’s approach made me stunned

My husband and I like children very much. After marriage, we did not take any measures when we were in the same room, but the stomach had never moved.

Helplessly, I was struggling to seek medical treatment everywhere, and the parents of both sides were urging us to have a child as soon as possible, but an approach of my husband stunned me and tears.

I was born in 1988 and married my husband freely.Before marriage, our idea was to have two children, and the family lived, bland and simple and happy.But God seems to have a joke with us.No matter how hard we work, we can’t get pregnant.

So my husband and I secretly went to the hospital to check with both parents. My husband was normal. The doctor said that my ovulation disorders, menstrual disorders, cold constitution, and unlikely to conceive naturally.

When I got home, I rushed into the room, and finally couldn’t help crying loudly.My husband came in to comfort me and said, "Silly girl, how big, we are sick and cure. Don’t worry, I am accompanied by you!" I nodded crying.

But never expected that this toss was 8 years.

During this period, as long as I heard where the Chinese medicine is powerful, I will queue up.Grab medicine, decoction, drink medicine, wash the jar.Circulate over and over again.Drink once every morning and evening, and drink my belly with bitter potion.

The smell of soup is filled everywhere.Even the neighbors came to complain, saying whether I could close the doors and windows when I was fried, and the smell was too uncomfortable for many years.

Originally, the hospital could be fried, but her husband felt that he did not fry at home.So he insisted on giving me the medicine every day.

And every time, I have to take an ovulation needle.Sometimes it is necessary to play for several days in a row, and hope to discharge normal and mature eggs to meet her husband’s sperm.

Every night, no matter how busy, I insist on soaking my feet in order to maintain the ovarian enhancement.Persist in moxibustion once a week to pass the cold and warm the yang.

In this way, I asked the doctor to take medicine and injections. I persisted for 8 years, but I was still not pregnant.I tossed and collapsed, and said to my husband weakly, "I’m sorry, I confess my fate, and I decided to give up." My husband said, "Okay, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter. As long as the two of us are good."

Whenever the parents of both sides called us to ask us early, I dare not answer the phone.Husband quickly told them, let them rest assured, we will work hard.

I remember a year of Mid -Autumn Festival, I chatted with my mother -in -law.When I was happy, my mother -in -law turned around and said, "Xiaoxia, don’t play with Xuewen, do n’t play with Xuewen, take a child as early as you are young. You see the village is as big as a scholar in the village, and the children are going to kindergarten.","

I said embarrassingly: "Mom, know."

But my mother -in -law didn’t intend to let me go, and continued, "You can go to see the doctor if you have time, and check what is going on?"

I didn’t know how to answer. At this time, my husband hurried over and took the phone over, and said to his mother with a smile, "Thank you for your care! However, my mother is going to tell you. Yesterday we just went to the first hospital in the city.After reading, the doctor said that Xiaoxia was normal, it was my problem, and it was infertility caused by my death. "

Oh my god, I never thought that my husband would say this. He was protecting me in front of his parents and let me face them dignified.

My husband’s approach made me stunned instantly and unexpectedly.My eyes were red and tears came out.At that moment, I burst into tears!

The mother -in -law was surprised and murmured, "Oh my god, how can this? Oh, my mother knows." The mother -in -law hung up the phone very uncomfortably.Since then, my father -in -law has never asked me about my pregnancy.

My husband also let me take the initiative to tell this matter with my parents, saying that it is necessary to unify the caliber, and they all say that he is a problem of death to prevent the crowd.I did it according to the method, but my mother secretly asked me if I could cure it. If it could not be cured, let me divorce my husband.

I told my mother’s words to my husband, and my husband smiled and said that my wife was so good to divorce her.

We persisted for 8 years, and for a period of time we decided to give up, my aunt suddenly didn’t come.The previous amount was also very small, and the cycle was messy.So I didn’t care too much at the time.

But the next two months still did not come.I went to the pharmacy to buy a box of test strips, and the results were measured.I am pregnant?I can’t believe my eyes.

So her husband ran to the pharmacy and bought a box of test strips of various brands. The results of the test results were the same.Oh my god, am I really pregnant?Her husband looked at a row of test strips on the table, excitedly hugging me crying!

For the sake of insurance, my husband and I asked for leave to take a blood test for the hospital. The doctor saw the results congratulations. We only know that our dreams finally came true!

At the moment when the doctor announced, my husband covered my hand nervously. I obviously felt that his hand was shaking slightly, and his palms were sweaty.

My mother -in -law came to take care of me from my hometown. The whole family spoiled me as a princess, and finally I gave birth to my daughter smoothly.

The father -in -law also came from his hometown to take care of his daughter with her mother -in -law. I didn’t need to intervene in everything.Sometimes I fall in the night and I need to sleep during the day.My father -in -law was afraid of noisy, and took the child to the park to play during the day.

I used to get off work every day, and my husband was alone when I got home. My family was a bit deserted.But now I come home from get off work every day. As soon as we see, we call our parents and ask us to accompany her to play.

There is a different family atmosphere with children and no children!The father -in -law and mother -in -law live with us. We are together, so happy!

Friends, do you think you have no children to be happy, or are children happier?

Oral: Zhou Xiaoxia / Writing: Sister in October at home

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