One time I eat an enjoyable home Changmi, the practice is simple and nutritious. Those who love fans can try it

Hello everyone, I am allie. The beautiful day starts from nutritional breakfast, eats breakfast, and I am energetic all day.Breakfast, full lunch, eat less dinner, low oil, low salt, light diet. This is my habit of years. I hope to eat healthy, beautiful, and good figure with friends!

When you do n’t know what to eat for breakfast, you can try this rice noodle today, with a variety of ingredients, a pot of meals, a common practice, simple and easy to get started, I believe that friends who love fans will like it.

【Ingredients details】

Rice noodles, lean meat, cowpea, shallots, peppers, and county bean paste


Soak the rice noodles in cold water.

Prepare cubs, lean meat, green onions, peppers, and a spoonful of bean paste.

Smoin or beating into meat foam, add salt, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, a little starch, and a little edible oil and marinate for two or thirty minutes.

After the water is boiled, pour in cowpea and cook for two or three minutes to remove the water.

Cut the cowpea into a small section, and cut the shallots and peppers for later use.

1 ~ 4. Pour the rice noodles after the water is boiled. Cook until it is softened for almost one or two minutes. Remove the water and use cold water for later use.

1. Add a little oil to the pan and stir -fry the lean meat until the discoloration.

2. Put the lean meat on the edge of the pot and stir fry the Douban sauce until the flavor.

3. Mix it up with lean meat evenly.

4. Add an appropriate amount of water and boil and pour in cowpea and chili.

5 ~ 6. After boiling again, pour the rice noodles, add a little salt, raw soy sauce, cook until the taste is about a minute or two, and sprinkle some green onions before the pan.

The meat and vegetable rice came out in a pot, simple and delicious.

The rice noodles are clear and smooth.

【Warm Tips】

1. The rice noodles should be soaked and then cooked. The taste is fast and the taste is good. After cooking, the cold water is more smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to stick.

2. After the lean meat is marinated, it is fresh and tender, and it is not old.

3. Douban sauce has a stronger aroma after frying. The beancapa sauce has salty and high sodium content. The amount of salt should be reduced to avoid excessive sodium intake.

4. The whole water of cowpea can reduce the loss of nutrients. The sour beans who love to eat sour beans can be replaced with sour beans, and the sour flavor is more appetizing.

【Mix the Sea Belt】

The rice noodles are refined carbohydrates. Before eating, eat vegetables rich in dietary fiber such as kelp, which can optimize blood sugar after meals.


Put the soaked kelp and cook for about two minutes. Remove the water.

Cut the kelp into shreds, add carrot shreds, add a little salt, olive oil, and vinegar to mix well.

If you like garlic, you can add some garlic and mix with it. It is also good to eat; the sea belt has a salty taste. After cooking, the salty taste is weakened. When mixed, add less salt. The seasoning is adjusted according to your taste.

[Walnut kernel, cooked black sesame powder]

Cooked black sesame powder is a total of 12 grams of two people and two original walnut kernels. Daily a few strong nuts supplement a variety of trace elements.


The season of strawberries is fresh, economical and affordable, and there are many benefits in moderation.

Eat a bowl of homemade rice noodles in the morning, with kelp shreds, fresh fruits and fruits, and a little nuts. The food is diverse and rich in taste!

I love life, and I love to make food. Friends who like me, please follow me, thank you for your support!

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