One month of divorce wife found pregnancy, the ex -husband came to make a remarry marriage, woman: I widowed the puppet

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If you suddenly find that you are pregnant after divorce, will you choose to remarry?

This is often happening in film and television dramas or novels. After the two divorced, the woman found that she was pregnant, and then the two began to entangle again.This happen to the dog blood really happening in reality.

A friend and husband have been married for three years and have never conceived.Who knows that the divorce found that he was pregnant for a month, and the ex -husband ran over to remarry after learning the news.My friend directly replied: I lost my puppet. After the child was born, someone asked the child’s dad, and I said it was dead.In a word, the ex -husband has nothing to say.

Don’t say that friends speak so ruthlessly, too ruthless.My friend received too much grievances in the three -year marriage with his ex -husband. He also completely recognized the face of the husband’s family and was completely awake. He didn’t want to let himself and the child jump into the fire pit.

After getting married, I found that my husband was not doing business. He was either playing games or surfing the Internet all day.The key is that the man is still his mother, and he listens to his mother without making money. After marriage, the mother -in -law family has always wanted to make friends pregnant. Friends did not take measures, but they never conceived.The in -laws thought that the friend had a problem and found something everywhere. Later, if he couldn’t bear it, his friend proposed a divorce.

Who knew that after divorce, men knew that they were less spermatogenesis. The quality of the small tadpoles was poor, and the fertility was more difficult.I heard that his ex -wife was pregnant and ran to find a compound.A friend directly said nothing to say.

In fact, I really admire the courage and courage of friends.How many women will choose to compromise because of their children. After all, they are children’s dads. In order to give their children a complete home, choose to turn back.My friend said that it was because of the child that I would not turn back.According to the nature of the ex -husband and his family, looking for me to remarry, I just needed a child to pass on to generation. I used to be wronged. I did n’t want my child to live in a family with a problem.I know that raising a child will be very hard. After seeing the fate, you will meet more suitable people, but the ex -husband is absolutely impossible.

Many women lack the courage of timely stop loss in marriage. They always endure for children, and they feel that they are good for children.In fact, children are far more sensible and sensitive than our adults think.Mom’s grievances in marriage, children are in their eyes.Mom sacrifice her happiness and maintains the illusion of marriage on the surface, and children know.Mom is painful and the child is not happy.

So if you have a grievance in marriage, your family will be unfortunate.Don’t want to use your child to change the status quo. Children can’t tie anyone, they can only tie the mother himself.Time to stop loss is the king.

In family relations, the relationship between husband and wife is always the first.Only when the husband and wife have a good relationship can the family run harmoniously and normal.However, many husbands and wives always put parent -child relationships first, rely on children to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, and everything for children to compromise.This may seem to be able to get a momentary calm, but there will be a day when there will be a big explosion in the morning and evening.

It is not to persuade everyone to divorce, but children need to live in a loving family.

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