One month in love, one day’s certificate, one night of pregnancy: I was particularly sad when I was urged

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At the end of the year, a large wave of marriage is about to kick off again. Even if the implementation of the new marriage law has caused a lot of divorce, it can’t stop this wave of urging marriage.Among them, the marriage of friends Xiaoman is particularly distressing. It really responds to the phrase "not good for buying and selling."

Xiao Man has been married for three years, and the child is three years old.At that time, he was also urged by his parents. He met his current husband at a classmate party, a man who was also urged by his family.Maybe they were urged to marry, and the two were together soon.Because it is a long -distance relationship, the time to get along is very limited. In less than a year, the family urges the certificate, pregnancy, marriage, and child.

In summary, "one month of love, one day’s certificate, and pregnancy one night."Friends of Xiao Man High School said, "People who are single at the beginning of the year will be born on the National Day."

It is said that people are marrying people or dogs, and they can see a baby, and Xiaoman is the same.

"My mother said that she had three of them at that time. There were almost no one in the confinement. In addition to bringing the children by her own, I had to make a family’s meals.Just take a child, I don’t know what you are sad? "

"Do you can’t wash the bottle by the way when you get up at night for your child to drink milk? It’s really sloppy and lazy!"

"It’s not what I drank this water, why should I go back, you have no hands and feet?"

Such dialogue staged every few days, and listening to people is hot.

Gu Jia of "Thirty" said: "After the child was born, the woman was dead, and the child’s mother survived.

Probably because of the absence of consciousness, spirit and mood all year round, Xiaoman’s health is worrying: habitual nausea is used to eat; often hacking your eyes after waking up; unstable holidays, sometimes there is no … 160+ height height is height.The weight of the weight is also in the early 80s, especially dry.Xiaoman blame himself countless times that he was not determined enough to make it like this.

In my opinion, the problem of Xiaoman’s marriage is of course the reason for Xiaoman, but some of the products on Xiao Man’s husband are even more fatal. As the writer said, "You are wrong to find a man in the garbage dump."

Take it seriously, summarize three, and find that there are three. Do not send such men!

Everyone knows that you have diligence and frugality, and carefully calculate, but diligence and frugality are not the same as the puppet.The bottom line of the former does not affect the basically normal life, and the latter is pure selfishness.

Xiaoman confused these two when he was in love.It is said that at that time, her boyfriend would rather watch piracy at home and did not want to go to the theaters. She would rather go to a sanitary roadside stall to eat or not want to go to a better restaurant to eat …Makes people feel the cost loss with a computer.

Emotional mentor Yuchen once said that if you calculate anything, you ca n’t count on your lover.Extraordinary people are especially selfish, and they love money and love themselves than they love others.

After marriage, Xiaoman’s husband can only be willing to spend the child without giving his wife for a few points, and in turn strange Xiaoman to make a lot of money.Such a marriage sounds suffocating.

Money is the only scientific standard for measuring feelings in the world.A man who does not want to spend a penny for a penny. To put it plainly, he must not marry a free fertility work.

I want to say such a man, you can’t go to heaven!Parents have raised us for more than two decades and have worked hard for more than ten years. They are not for such men to make cattle for free.

I have seen such a question: "Why are the better men who can deal with the problems of family and careers, and the worse men, the worse, the family and career are messy?"

There is a high praise answer: because when dealing with family problems, it also needs to continue to solve the problem and mediate interpersonal relationships. Excellent people will actively face it to solveIt will escape the problem, but the problem will not disappear because of this.

Doing a good job of our job is the obligation of each of us. If you do n’t even treat your job, you will complain about it and change frequently. Such people will be the same when they encounter problems in marriage.Thinking mode.

Xiaoman’s husband is just like changing clothes at work.Every time I change jobs, I complain that the leaders are difficult to serve, my colleagues are too strange, the salary is too low, the environment is too poor, and the overtime time is too long … I have been working as long as I graduated for eight years.Except for their age, the whole person has almost no improvement.

Not only does the career make people not see hope, but the family is also a mess.Once the family members are in conflict, his speech is always those few: you women are more!You are used to it, so that children will have such problems!If it weren’t for you to get married at the beginning, how would you be so unable to be so happy every day!I have to go to work tomorrow, there is no time to reason these small things … How can such a marriage not make people desperate?

Men who do well in work may not be able to do a good job of family; but men who have not done well in basic work will not deal with family contradictions.

The fate of parents and children is a lifetime.When our wings are not abundant, our parents have given us endless care; when we grow up, we have the ability to be grateful, power, and help them. This is also human.

And Xiaoman’s husband is a person who is "cold -blooded" to his parents.

Many mother -in -law is sick. In order to save some money, the elderly like to resist hard resistance. Several times, Xiao Man couldn’t see it.And her husband only said: Without care, they are used to it, and I am used to it, as if people who are sick are not his parents.

The most excessive thing is that there was a mother -in -law who couldn’t afford it. Xiao Man was going out. Her husband was on vacation at home. He thought that her husband would bring a good child.And her husband even threw the child directly to her mother -in -law to work overtime, because she would not bring it. Xiao Man had to call her mother’s family.

You can not be good or not, but you can’t help but understand gratitude.People who don’t even know their parents who love themselves, who he cares about in the world except him?

Therefore, when we are in love or getting married, we are all for ourselves.From a small full marriage, I have drawn the following three suggestions:

1. Don’t marry for marriage.

Many people get married for filial piety.We have to understand that the people we are going to marry are not parents, and those who live for decades in the future are not parents.Filial piety and marriage do not necessarily be connected. Marrying for filial piety and marriage for gossip is a manifestation of being extremely irresponsible to marriage.There are many kinds of filial piety, but it will never include your happiness as a bet.Remember!

2. I want to spend time to understand the other party.

The daily way to get along with each other, the other party’s attitude towards our family to our colleagues requires us to spend time.Many people can pay more than three people when they buy things, but they are hasty in marriage. They get married when they feel that they are suitable.You must know that good marriage is not afraid of comparison, let alone the test of time!If it is a wrong person, isn’t it good to find a problem early?If the other party is the right person, what does it matter if you get married late?

3. Planning children.If you don’t have a child casually, you are the basic cultivation.

Li Ai once said, "If you choose the wrong husband, you can change it again, and you can’t change it if you choose the wrong father for the child."From the love of the love of love to the fibrobic oil and salt of the marriage, those details that have never noticed will follow, even several times more than many.We need time to make ourselves adapt to these changes. For example, Xiaoman’s attitude towards his parents was discovered after marriage.If you do not deal with these problems and ask your children, you will not only harm yourself, but also harm your children.

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