One dream flying out of the skylight?Dream female blogger claims to be Luhan’s girlfriend, and she has a love past?

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Every day, you will open the public account to see the orange, when will the orange hiding the orange!

Following the literature, the Internet fell into Dream Female Literature!

The originator of Dream Girl Literature is a blogger who claims to be Luhan’s girlfriend.

She posted a document to record her "love" past with Luhan, forcing Luhan to declare [eat melon]

Orange belt everyone carefully tastes this shocking work ▽

It was very complete, and it was a seven -year long -distance running.

It is still the first sight of the TV series.

Favorite girls have a specific appearance, high hairline …

It is rumored that Luhan likes to stay up late?

The songs sent by Luhan for so many years are all sent to you [EMM expression]

(The intermediate nonsense is too long, orange is omitted ~)

Guan Xiaotong: I don’t know your existence.

For a day, do you really need to work when you are Luhan?

This section of it is a dream flying out of the sunroof one by one.

It is a bit reasonable to design the marriage plan of each age.

The last paragraph is the essence of the full text, and it also brings some emotional colors for compulsory love.

(Handsome guys in the entertainment, when do you want to hide oranges!)

The hoarse geological question soon attracted all the fans of fans ↓

This should be a dreamer of dating online.

The main purpose may be the propaganda work.

But the brain is very good, and it is yet to be sophisticated [dog head]

In fact, writing a small composition is also the norm of rice circle.

Many fans will send private messages or Weibo@主 很多,

Share some small things in life, or express your love for idols ▽

(This paper is really attentive)

The word dream girl, originally refers to those women groups who fantasize themselves with emotional interaction with paper people,

Now it also refers to some fans who are looking forward to getting along with idols.

Who chased Xinglai is not a dream girl!Intersection

But some dream girls are crazy and even lie to herself ▽

(Yan Haoxiang: I have no face in you)

Covering the ears and stealing bells are higher than this!

There are dozens of dollars, there is no need to deceive people so much!

Bringing yourself into a girlfriend who becomes an idol, this seems to be the norm of a dream girl …

Orange often sees such a problem ▽

(Big data really knows oranges …)

Everyone answered very seriously ↓

Well, this child should be born in winter.

His strong old mother even thought about going to school.

What about his dad?Come in to copy homework!

There are also some dream women who are unwilling to stop on the Internet,

I came to offline wearing a wedding dress ▽

Wearing a wedding dress in front of Billkin is really brave!

Look at his LP laughed so happily [Dog head]

The offline of BKPP -the end of the dream girl, the heart of only fans.

There are also some living bodhisattva willing to satisfy the dream girl’s heart ▽ ▽

At the fans’ bouquet, this action is really fried!

Liu Yuning once said in the live broadcast that fans wore wedding dresses during the first concert.

So this scene appeared later ↓

Someone wore a wedding dress,

Someone wears a red skirt ▽

Because of one sentence in the line: Why don’t you wear a red skirt, don’t you say that you can wear it for me?

Fans put on red skirts and publicized the drama by the way.

Dreaming women’s idiots are still regardless of men and women ~

In the face of such a power ▽ ▽

The dream girls are like this.

Regardless of my men and women, no matter your men and women, you are my good wife!

In addition to relying on fans to satisfy herself, some apps have also played an important role in it.

Bookkeeping, a must -have software for dream girls ▽

Every day your love beans boo the cold to you ↓

There are many walls on the wall and can group a group chat ↓

The most important thing is that he and the real personality are very fit ↓

How can I say such a cold words in the 37 -degree mouth [Cry]

There is also the source of the ancient dreamer.

Hold everyone’s destiny in your hands, what CP is in love, you have to listen to me arrangements ▽

The average dreamer is to coax herself happy and dream.

However, some extreme people will develop into illegitimate students to affect the private life of idols.

Some people even bring this pathological psychology into life, harassing ordinary people ▽ ▽

A serious police documentary documentary documentary "Guardian Liberation West" always made people laugh.

There is a strange work with dream female literature!

You can still have a baby!

This degree is no longer a dream girl … It’s an imagination …

Similarly, the founder of the dream female literature,

It is not so much a dream girl, it is better to be a rumor black powder.

Fans are still sunspots,

Dream girl is still perverted,

The scale of the star chasing is its own borders.

Fans and idols are like two parallel lines. You try to move closer to him, so the two lines will intersect one day.

But unreasonable entanglement and interference will only make this focus eventually become a stain.

This kind of person should not represent our dream girls!

The last sentence

Say No to ignored star chase!NO!NO!

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