Once you are pregnant automatically, this pot is not only the company’s back

"Are you married? When planned to have a baby?"

The most often asked this sentence is not family members, but enterprise HR.In the face of female employees, they have to consider whether female fertility will increase the company’s cost.

State regulations must not dismiss fertility women without authorization, but this regulation is completely paid by enterprises, so problems such as professional gender discrimination and reduced fertility rates appear.

If you want to solve the problem of fertility and employment from the root, you will not only rely on enterprises.


A few days ago, a company requested the promise signed by employees to attract attention.

The letter of commitment wrote: "I solemnly promise that once I am pregnant during the work of the company, I will leave the employment automatically and give up any economic compensation and relevant legal responsibilities of the unit."

As we all know, labor law stipulates that pregnancy employees must not be dismissed, but the employer allows employees to sign such a book in advance in order to escape the legal responsibility.

In fact, maternity discrimination has been repeatedly banned. In addition to signing commitments, some companies also use other ways to dismiss female employees during pregnancy.

For example, a university notified that "female employees have not been punished for pregnancy" and deduct 6 months of performance salary "and" cancel the evaluation of excellent evaluation within two years. "

Pregnancy is reported, giving birth to queues, and pregnancy may be dismissed. Do not recruit appropriate age and unpaid women. In short, in order not to bear the losses caused by pregnant employees, companies want to do not take responsibility.

But can only be punished for "resting" on fertility discrimination?


It appeared when she was in a labor dispute due to pregnancy.According to incomplete retrieval, 4620 was involved in the 766,940 labor arbitration on the referee document network; in 329,9840 labor disputes, 10392 was involved in "pregnancy".

Among these labor disputes, workers are not absolutely weak, and they often occur in corporate equity damage.

There are also such examples around the hottest bacteria. A friend became pregnant soon after he joined the job. The work on his hand needs to be reduced. He needs to recruit separately for maternity leave. After this friend returns to the company to go to work, he is about to leave the job.Essence

It is equivalent to finding a company in her pregnancy fertility stage to bear wages and insurance, which is understandable. However, the company encounters such employees who are only short -term fertility, and they can only eat dumb losses.

Labor law stipulates that pregnancy employees must not be dismissed. This is the protection of women’s rights and interests. Enterprises must abide by, otherwise it will be illegal.And this situation is equivalent to "national petitions, companies pay for".

The corporate economic pressure is high, and we have to make a "escape behavior."The protection of women’s rights in labor law has increased the economic costs of enterprises hired. Objectively speaking, to some extent, women’s employment difficulties have increased.

Change this situation, if it is just a blindly required to abide by the law, it will cause increasingly serious occupational discrimination.


my country’s fertility rate is now down, and it has a certain relationship with professional gender discrimination.Occupational gender discrimination is not just the responsibility of the enterprise.

It is not realistic if the enterprise bears the government’s responsibility, and the government pressure conference has caused other problems, and it will need to pay a certain amount of supervision costs.

Moreover, the concept of women’s freedom of fertility is gradually valued now, and fertility is no longer a necessary behavior of every family.

Therefore, in the current population situation, fertility has surpassed the scope of family affairs, and it is reasonable for individuals, enterprises and governments to bear certain costs.

my country can redesign on the basis of the existing maternity insurance system to ensure that men and women’s income levels are basically stable during maternity leave, accompanying maternity leave and parenting leave.Power and responsibility, etc.

Occupational gender discrimination is not only related to women, but also to the development of society and the country. It requires individuals, enterprises and governments to pay corresponding efforts.

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