Once a woman is dysmenorrhea, it means the formation of "uterine fibroids"!

What causes dysmenorrhea!Do you know the cause of female dysmenorrhea?

Meridity refers to symptoms such as lower abdomen pain, swelling, and lumbar acid during the period before and during the menstrual period. These descriptions are cold in the body. The following editors are caused by those reasons for the menstrual pain!

Dysmenorrhea is divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea

The primary dysmenorrhea starts the pain when I came to the holiday, and it hurts every time. This is the dysmenorrhea caused by the palace Han of the inherited mother.Essence

Many people take the dysmenorrhea. You go to the hospital for examination. Generally, you can tell you that you can tell you that it is okay. Most people will ask your mother. Generally, your mother will tell you: "Pain, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, just give birth to a child.It’s no longer painful. "At this time, do you think about your brain and think about it, you will not hurt after giving birth, where is the pain?

So many people do n’t understand. If you do n’t have a menstrual dysmenorrhea before marriage, the boy you give birth will have a common disease called pediatric hernia in the future, but if you are a girl?Then dysmenorrhea, this is the property you gave your child, because of our ignorance in this area!

Secondary dysmenorrhea is a dysmenorrhea caused by acquired. Due to diet and bad living habits, some people like to eat cold foods. In summer, they love cold drinks, blow air conditioners, wash their hair with cold waterGong Han caused dysmenorrhea.

Each regular leave is due to the fall of the uterine membrane, which is your holiday cycle, but because you have cold, don’t pay attention, wearing shoes in cold days, Chinese medicine talks about cold from your feet.There is cold, every month when the uterine film falls off a little, it will not be able to fall off a little bit, cold solidification, it is not painful in Chinese medicine, but it is not painful, because you have sweat to stick this piece of skin.The monthly sticky, sticking to such a month, sticky, and sticking into uterine fibroids after reaching the back. The fibroids are the tumor you accumulated.

Those details should be paid during menstruation?

Female friends are hot when they come on vacation. Many people like to eat ice cream at this time if they caught up with the heat.Go to eat cold. There is another one. In this season in winter, it is cooler outside. Some female friends wear single shoes, single socks, or do not wear cotton pants.Do not temperature. If it takes a long time, it will appear —- dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, the dysmenorrhea is very harmful, increasing the incidence of gynecological diseases, causing infertility and affecting the health of children.Therefore, the female compatriots of dysmenorrhea must maintain their uterus before pregnancy and regulate the dysmenorrhea.

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