Old people often say that the dream of fetal dreams is particular. Have you ever seen the dream below?

The fetal dream will bring a lot of hints, do you pay attention?Netizens commented that these fetal dreams are allowed to cry

During her pregnancy, Baoma will have these weird dreams. It is said that because the brain often wants to think of the same thing during the day, what goals hope to achieve, cause a deep impression on the cerebral cortex.Mom wants to know about boys and girls, or want the baby to grow up healthy, and will have these fetal dreams. It is said that having these dreams is a reason for the baby. See which dream you have done below.

First, netizens are small: When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed of a big python and rushed to me and said to me, come and hug me, kiss me, I was really scared at the time, I said that I dreamed of a snake in pregnancy.I would have a boy, and then the baby was born. I really gave birth to a healthy male baby.

2. Netizens smile: I often dream that I am in a piece of eggplant, all of which are eggplant, many eggplant, this eggplant is particularly good, give me a lot, and start eating one.Dreaming of eggplant is really accurate.

Third, netizens laughed and opened: I didn’t know that I was pregnant at that time. I was nap at noon that day. I dreamed that the angel said to me, the baby brings you, you have to treat him well, cherish him, this is God God, this is God.The little angel who gives you, who will give you gratitude to you, just want to inquire about the boy and girl, the angel is gone.After I woke up, I used the pregnancy test stick to test, and I was pregnant.

Fourth, netizen Lan Tian: Whether it is psychological hint or not, but it is really accurate. One month before I was pregnant, I dreamed that the two children were on my bed and kept laughing at me. After a month, I went to the hospital for examination.I said that I was pregnant with twins, and I felt quite accurate. I did tell me the two children I was pregnant, how can I have such a coincidence.

Many people have had fetal dreams when they are pregnant. Some people think that this is just a dream. Don’t take it seriously.It’s too nervous, if this is true, or the opposite of reality, we are all entertaining. What kind of fetal dreams do you have during pregnancy, do you come true?Leave a message to share with you.

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