Official announcement!The first goddess of the 25 -year -old Chinese flower skating is pregnant, and the pregnancy photos of the sixth one have only passed 8 months in the past

On June 1, Beijing time, at Children’s Day, there was good news in the Chinese sports industry.

In the special day, Li Zijun updated the social media dynamics and said: "I wish all the big friends and children a happy holiday ~, and you are welcome to join, my kid!"The smile, showing his pregnant belly, you can see that Li Zijun should have been pregnant for a long time.

Li Zijun used to be the first goddess of Chinese flower skating. Now she is only 25 years old. As early as 2009, she had won the National Flowing Slip Championship when she was 13 years old. Then she won the Domestic Winter Games in 2012The championship won the Grand Slam of the domestic event, and she also won the third place in the Youth Olympic Games.

Li Zijun is also a character who has played the Chinese Legion in the Sochi Winter Olympics. Although he said that his performance at the Winter Olympics was not as good as expected, he was still a very good athlete in China.In the International Slips Slote Skating Grand Prix, she has achieved the fourth place, which is the best result of her personal prize -prize -based stand.

During the whole career, Li Zijun used to be in the top master of Japanese and South Korea.In November 2018, Li Zijun officially announced his retirement in social media. After retirement, Li Zijun also contributed to China’s skating career.

At that time, because the expectations of her netizens were indeed too high, Li Zijun had encountered doubts after retiring. Even in 2014, Li Zijun went to participate in the World Flower Skating Championships.During the game, she showed a selfie photo of the local cuisine, and said that she liked Tokyo the most, which led many netizens to bombard the young man crazy and bombarded the young man.

At the same time, when Li Zijun retired three years after retirement, she released good news through her personal Sina Weibo. At that time, she and her boyfriend officially received a synergy. In the photos, Li Zijun’s expression was cute, and he also placed the camera to put on the camera.With a scissors hand, his boyfriend was tall and handsome, with handsome faces.At that time, Li Zijun showed the photo of her and her boyfriend’s certificate on November 5th, 2021. Now that the two people have passed the past 8 months, Li Zijun’s pregnant belly is already very obvious.

In fact, on the first day of 2022, when Li Zijun showed photos, some netizens once said that she looked at her face and felt that she might be pregnant.Now it seems that Li Zijun has really opened his new life, and this is also the good news of the Chinese sports industry.On the day of Children’s Day, Li Zijun was pregnant, and many people left an incredible message: "In my impression, even she is still a child." Some netizens pointed out: "Impression is still on the goddess retired.One day, I didn’t expect to be a mother unknowingly. "

Now Li Zijun’s Weibo has also received the blessings of nearly 400 netizens and the praise of thousands of people. The performance of Chinese skids has become worse and worse recently.The leaders of Chen Hongyi and Zhu Yi were not satisfactory at the Beijing Winter Olympics. After Li Zijun’s withdrawal, Chinese flowers also needed more and more successors.

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