Obviously she has been on the ring but she is still pregnant. The doctor’s explanation makes her feel helpless.

When Ms. Li was checked in the B -ultrasound a year ago, it showed that everything was normal and there was a loop.But the two days ago Ms. Li did not have a holiday this month, and she was frightened when she was pregnant.Wondering why you are pregnant with the ring?

In order to get the result, she and her husband went to the hospital for examination, but Ms. Li was pregnant.Her psychology has some fear and nervousness, after all, it is a life.The doctor said that her ring was very loose and was about to drop, because her ring had deviated from the position, so the sperm could go in.

But she already has two sons, and she is already in the age of childbirth, so she had to choose a miscarriage.During the abortion, the ring was also taken out of the ring.She is 40 or 50 years old, and she has to lose a child during abortion. She is very uncomfortable in her heart.

The birth ring is a good effect of contraception, but it has some bad reactions.Because if a woman’s physical metabolism is not good, it will cause anemia. Doctors recommend that it is best to check the hemoglobin once a year. You can find that anemia can be treated in a timely manner early to prevent danger.

In addition, we should pay attention to its drop, although the chance is small but cannot be ruled out.Because the foreign body reaction of the breeding ring is frequent, it may be because the cervix is loose.When the birth ring is generally falling off, it is difficult for you to know that you will only be discovered by a doctor’s examination.

Patients should pay attention after the on -board surgery:

1. When the vaginal bleeding and leucorrhea may occur in the first three days, the that will disappear without being processed by itself.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva after surgery, and you must not be in the same room and bath within two weeks.

3. It is necessary to regularly check for one month after surgery, one year, and one year, and review once a year. The inspection ring will fall off. If there is abnormalities, you must call a doctor for treatment in time.

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