Obviously fertilized, why did I fail to bed?Many people don’t know these reasons

Pregnancy is a magical thing. In the whole process from the combination of essence eggs to bed to embryo, pregnant mothers need to be treated with caution, but there are still many pregnant mothers who have been fertilized, but the last step failed.What is going on in bed, what’s going on? Today, I will take a look at the majority of female friends to take a look.

The fertilized eggs are generally in the body without obvious symptoms. It gradually moves to the uterine cavity under the driving of fallopian tube cilia and its peristalsis.The body will change, such as nausea, mild bleeding, fatigue, frequent urination, etc.

Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs take about 6-7 days. At that time, the fertilized eggs were very small.You can use B -ultrasound to see a very small pregnancy sac.

1. The embryo itself is defective

Many times, the most healthy sperm combined with the eggs, but in some special cases, some abnormal sperm will be combined with the egg first, sometimes because the egg is combined with a sperm, the second sperm is also combined with the same egg with the same egg.In this way, the fertilized eggs have congenital defects.Therefore, before pregnancy, both husband and wife must check whether their chromosomes are abnormal, so as to smoothly implant healthy fertilized eggs.

2. Women’s endocrine disorders

Some women have a normal sexual life after marriage, but there is no hope of pregnancy.It is likely that because the ovarian luteal function is insufficient, progesterone’s secretion, and endometrium abnormal uterine, it will affect the fertilized eggs to bed.So long -term infertility women need six hormone tests.

Six hormone tests are the most commonly used methods for testing men and women’s endocrine function.By measuring hormone levels, you can understand the disease -related diseases related to endocrine disorders in a timely manner.The results of the six sex hormone tests can reflect whether women’s endocrine disorders and ovulation ovulation are normal to a certain extent.

3. Uterine factors

Uterine developmental deformities, submucosal fibroids, endometrium polyps, uterine cavity adhesion, and endometrial tuberculosis, etc.

Therefore, if pregnant women want to conceive their babies smoothly, hysteroscopy can be treated for related treatment.Hysteroscopy can directly examine intrauterine diseases, and can quickly and accurately diagnose most intrauterine diseases.The cervical tubes, uterine cavity, and bilateral fallopian tube can be checked through uterine laparoscopy, and the reason for interfere with fertilized eggs can be found.At the same time, hysteroscopy can be used for related uterine surgery to reduce physical injury and psychological trauma of pregnant women.

4. Immune factors

For women, men’s sperm and slurry are obviously foreign bodies.But under normal circumstances, women do not produce anti -sperm antibodies.Only under specific circumstances, such as inflammation and damage of female reproductive tracts, can antibodies in women’s serum and cervical mucus.At this time, the female reproductive tract, especially the macrophages in the uterus, can cause an immune response. "Self -defense" will cause the sperm in the cervix to lose, condense or die.

Through the description of the above article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the failure of the bed, if you have been perfected.However, there is no success in bed. It may be caused by the above factors. You should go to a regular hospital for treatment in time.

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