Novel: This woman is pregnant with a low fever, but she refuses to take care of it. President Gao Leng is mad.

In the VIP room of the tea house, the other two women seem to know it. They have always said that they have laughing from clothes and jewelry to men.Talk.

The character of the two women gets along well, and she also takes care of Mu Huanhuan, worried that she will take her intentionally or unintentionally when chatting.

Shi Huan spent a lot of money on the table, and the smoke addicted to the cigarettes subconsciously, but when he looked up, he saw Mu Huan who looked at the mobile phone on the sofa.Press.

Several other men also knew that Mu Huanhuan was pregnant because of Lu Jingyu, so the smoke addicted and consciously went out to come in before came in.

"Ms. Mu, are you not very comfortable?" One of the women wearing a capable was a capable woman asked.

Mu Huanhuan’s mind was a little wooden, and after listening to her voice, he would return to the back: "No."

She is really uncomfortable, but she also can see that Shi Huan Lu Jingyu Mo Jinchuan is not simply accompanying people to drink tea and playing cards. These people are not like simple characters regardless of their behaviors and atmosphere.

She was private with Shi Huan, and she still knew how to be.

When the woman heard her say this, she didn’t continue to ask, picked up her mobile phone and sent a message.

On the table, one of them wearing a white shirt and exuding righteousness, the mobile phone on the shelf on the tea shot shaking a bit.Essence

He touched the card and hit it out. "Huaner, Miss Mu seems not very comfortable. Do you take her back to rest first?

Shi Huan took the tea cup and drank tea. Before he could let it go, listening to him, he was looking at Mu Huan, and he really saw her. There was no spiritual look.

The arc of his mouth sank, and when he touched the card, he pushed the card and pushed the card on the table.

Shi Huan picked up the coat on the chair and got up and walked over. The voice was still cold, "I will send you back."

Mu Huan looked up at him, and said nothing, stood up and followed him out.

The two walked out of the tea house one after the other. Mu Huanhuan was too lazy to say a word to Shi Huan.

Is this woman who never learns and can’t be soft?

If you are uncomfortable, you will not say that he will say to him, and he knows himself, and wait for him to know from the population.

Is it true that this is the same in front of Gu Anhan?

"It’s not troublesome, just two less, just take a taxi and go back!" Mu Huanhuan stopped at the door of the tea house.

Shi Huan turned to look at her, stepped forward and pulled her wrist, pulled her to the place where he stopped, and then stuffed her into the car regardless of Mu Huanhuan’s wishes.

When Shi Huan got on the car from the other side, when he tied her a seat belt, he frowned suddenly: "Have you had a fever?"

Mu Huanhuan smiled ironically and turned to look out the window.

Shi Huan didn’t say anything, and went directly to the hospital with Mu Huanhuan.

"Since you know that you don’t pay attention to getting pregnant, don’t you know that the consequences of a cold for pregnant women can be big or small?" The doctor was a middle -aged man with white hair. He was polite to teach: "It is your irresponsible parents.Only then caused so many deformed children each year, and finally gave birth to the child’s abnormality, and then abandoned the child. "

Mu Huanhuan heard the doctor’s words, and was a little scared in her heart. If she wasn’t with Shi Huan last night, how could she not sleep without blowing her hair, and would not have a fever and a cold.

"Then will I have this impact on my child now?" Mu Huanhuan touched his stomach and asked with an eyebrow.

The doctor glanced at her with heavy glasses, "Are you still looking forward to the influence?"

Mu Huanhuan subconsciously refutes, and the doctor said again: "You are now a low fever, not serious, but you are pregnant with your body. Many medicines have an impact on the fetus and you cannot eat it.Drink more warm water for the past. If you still ca n’t reduce fever, you can wipe your body physical physical cooling with alcohol. I will also give you some cold granules of Chinese medicines.

After speaking, the doctor looked at Shi Huan next to Mu Huanhuan. "Women must pay more attention to being a husband during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a woman’s business, and her husband needs to take care of it physiological and psychologically."

Shi Huan was stunned before you should go, "Well, I remember."

When he came out of the hospital, Shi Huan still didn’t ask Mu Huan and drove back to the European Union directly.

Mu Huanhuan wanted to draw him angrily, but he also knew that he couldn’t help it, and he could only be dragged upstairs by him.

There was a water dispenser in Shihuan’s house, but he had never been used to burn water. He had tossed in the kitchen for a while, and then handed it to Mu Huan with a cup of warm water.

"The doctor said that you should drink more warm water when you have a cold, I watch you drink it!"

Mu Huan stared at him crying and laughing, "Shi Huan, are you neuropathy?"

Shi Huan stretched his jaw, "Huanhuan, you either drink obediently, or I will feed you in person."

Seeing his face seriously, Mu Huanhuan really wanted to splash the water directly on his face.

Of course, this is just thinking about it. She can see that Shi Huan is not very happy, as for why she can’t figure it out.

If it was because of the child, he had said last night that he would give her three days to consider, so as not because of this incident.

Is it because she caught a cold and affected his so -called daughter?

Thinking of this possibility, Mu Huanhuan hooked his lips ironically.

She lifted the glass and drank half a glass of water, raised her eyes to look at the man who was still watching her, and asked, "Two young people, do I even have the right to go home?"

"Go home?" Shi Huan sneered: "Huanhuan, do you run to see your love rivals regardless of your pregnancy and get sick. Is it interesting in front of Gu Shao and Miss Gu, is it interesting?"

Mu Huanhuan’s eyelashes trembled and said with a smile: "Am I looking for embarrassment, what does it have to do with you?

Shi Huan stared at her slightly flushed face, and his brows were tighter. "You Mu Huanhuan has nothing to do with me, but you shouldn’t take my daughter to take risks!"

Mu Huanhuan pursed his lips. Sure enough, he was just because of the child in his stomach.

Shi Huan took the medical alcohol brought back, and stepped forward to hold Mu Huanhuan directly. Mu Huanhuan was still stunned. The cold body was empty, and his subconscious arm was hung on Shi Huan’s neck.

When he reacted, he asked unhappyly: "What do you want to do?"

Shi Huan glanced at her coldly, and hugged her and walked upstairs into her bedroom.

Mu Huanhuan was placed on the bed by Shi Huan, and then she looked at Shi Huan to pull out the bottle and cotton swab out of the bag. She pumped the corner of her mouth. "Do you want to cool me with alcohol?"

Shi Huan looked at her expressionlessly on the side of the bed, "Take off or do it help you?"

Mu Huanhuan was subconsciously climbed into the other side to get out of bed, and he refused without hesitation: "I don’t want it!"

Shi Huan reached out and grabbed her ankle, and easily pulled Mu Huanhuan back, and then grabbed Mu Huanhuan’s sweater with both hands and rolled up.

Mu Huanhuan grabbed his hand in shame, "You go out, I can come!"

Shi Huan stared at her with a panic with her lips, and said coldly: "Huanhuan, although I am not a good person, but I don’t have to start with a sick woman!"

The implication outside, he just wanted to give her a fever, no other meaning.

Seeing that she was still hesitating, Shi Huan smiled cynically: "I haven’t seen any inch of your body that night, what are the shy?"

When Mu Huanhuan’s movement was loose, Shi Huan took off her black sweater. The slender but beautiful body, with the black corset, was dazzling.

Shi Huan’s eyes suddenly darkened.

Even if he was just looking at this, Mu Huanhuan was still a little uncomfortable, and his face became hotter.

Shi Huan’s voice of hoarse opening command said, "Lie down!"

Mu Huanhuan bite his lips and glanced at him, and then lay on his bed. She couldn’t stand the hot eyes of Shi Huan, and closed her eyes.

After a while, she felt that the cotton sheets when she was cold slowly went down from her forehead’s ears and necks, and slowly passed through the flat belly along the undulating part …

Just when she thought it was about to end, she suddenly felt a warm and soft touch near her belly button, and Mu Huanhuan’s abdomen reflected.

She said with a low smile when she heard it, "Still so sensitive?"

Mu Huanhuan opened his eyes and stared at his face, and he reached out and grabbed the sweater he had just taken off and put it on, but Shi Huan deliberately faced her and pressed her hand: "What are you anxious, the back, the back, the back, the back, the back, the back, the back,Haven’t painted yet! Go back! "

Mu Huanhuan gritted his teeth and said, "Shi Huan, you can stop me!"

Shi Huan raised his eyebrows, "Go back!"

Mu Huanhuan confronted him for a while, knowing that he couldn’t be stunned, and his breathy face lay down.

After a while, she felt that the cold cotton was slowly painted down from her neck. I didn’t know whether Shi Huan was intentional or unintentionally.It’s tight.

This bastard!

"Is it okay now?" Mu Huanhuan said a word.

"Well, okay!"

Shi Huan threw Mu Huanhuan’s sweater into the dirty clothing of the bathroom, walked to his own dressing room to get a shirt, and handed it to Mu Huanhuan: "You can wear my shirt first to rest for a while, I call, I calledLet the bell work come over for you to eat. "

Mu Huanhuan didn’t pick it up, "What about my sweater?"

"I have thrown the trash!"

"Shi Huan!" Mu Huanhuan wanted to kill him with his eyes.

Shi Huan swept around her straight, "or you want to lie on my bed so much."

In the end, Mu Huanhuan took the shirt from him and put it on.

Shi Huan looked at her like this and left the room a little satisfaction.

Mu Huanhuan really needs to rest. Pregnant women instinctively are more drowsy. Mu Huanhuan is not too serious, but coupled with the cold spirit of a cold, Gu Lan and Gu Xianhan first in the morning, then was pulled by Shi Huan to play cards, and finally went to go again.Hospital, it has long been tired.

Lying on Shi Huan’s bed, he fell asleep deeply after a while.

When she woke up again, she felt like she was tightly bound by a fire, and she was a bit difficult to breathe.

She moved her fingers and found that she touched the hard body, and her neck had a thick and powerful arm.

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