Novel: She was pregnant for the first time, so curious, I couldn’t help but reach out to touch the pregnant woman’s belly

Xiaotao didn’t hold back the words after hearing this.

Seeing Xu Jiayi’s star eyes kept staring at his stomach, Hay’s tentatively asked, "Do you want to touch it?"

Xu Jiayi heard the words, looking up at Hai’s with a surprise, some helpless, "Can you?"

"What’s wrong with this." Hai’s "stunned", pulled Xu Jiayi’s hand and put it on his belly.

Xu Jiayi stretched her hands nervously and slowly placed on Hai’s stomach and touched it, but she didn’t feel any difference, and she didn’t feel the difference, as the cousin said, the little nephew would move.Xu Jiayi was a little lost and was about to take back his hand, but felt that the position of his palm seemed to be kicked and creened gently.

"Move! He moved!" Xu Jiayi retreated in surprise, laughing and laughing.

Seeing Xu Jiayi smiled happily, Hai Shi bent the corner of his lips unconsciously.When I felt that the child in the stomach was moved, she was so frightened that she was stiff and dared not move. I thought it was a child. Let Xiaotao ask the doctor to check it carefully.Make a sigh of relief.

Then she will record the number of times the baby’s fetal movement is recorded every day to determine whether the baby is healthy. If she sometimes moves late, she will be anxious.

Hai’s thoughts were gradually far away, and he didn’t notice the figure of his husband’s return at all.

Looking at Wang Ling’s come in, Xu Jiayi stood up and greeted, "Cousin is back."

He heard that Haishi returned to God, looked at Wang Ling with a smile, and saw him walking towards himself step by step, but felt that his heart was filled with full.

Wang Ling slightly squeezed the head, and after saying hello to Xu Jiayi, he went to Hai’s. He asked what Haishi felt like today. Does the baby make a noise, what did you use breakfast and lunch?Xu Jiayi said, got up and said, "I will send you."

Seeing what Wang Ling said to herself, Xu Jiayi thought about it. It should be that she had a follow -up of her cousin, and then she didn’t resign. She nodded and told Xiaotao to let her take care of the sea.Family, if she can help, although she went to her.

The two walked side by side, Wang Ling glanced at Cuiyun and Yuanxiang behind her, and glanced at Xu Jiayi again. The silent asked is now saying that it was now said, or after the screen retired.

Xu Jiayi looked back vaguely and glanced at the two girls behind her. The two girls immediately stopped silently and followed Xu Jiayi’s body.

Seeing that the two girls retreated, Wang Ling lowered the voice, "You want me to help me, I have done it."

Xu Jiayi paused and glanced at Wang Ling’s look, "um", waiting for Wang Ling to continue to say.Sure enough, I heard Wang Ling’s voice continued. "I have made an appointment with Qian Feng, just in the next day. One by one, otherwise you still don’t go, you want to know, wait for me to come back and talk to youThat’s it. "

Although Qingyuefang has also made a innocent business in recent years, it is also a romantic place. Where is the place where everyone can go? If it is known by outsiders, wouldn’t it be famous …

Xu Jiayi shook her head and refused, and she had to look at it with her own eyes to rest assured.

"Then how do you go to the house that day? I won’t go to my mother."

"I have my own way." Xu Jiayi’s eyes bent, with a little cunning meaning, seeing Wang Ling still wanted to persuade, Xu Jiayi hurriedly blocked Wang Ling’s words.It’s about to be facing the pelvis, can I find my grandmother and my grandmother? "

"I found three three, and they would let them come to the house for two days to prevent it in case. The grandmother is not sure yet. I am not satisfied with finding a few of your watches.In a hurry, she is now pregnant with Liujia, and she has to follow her temperament. She is just happy. "Speaking of her daughter -in -law, Wang Ling dang immediately had a little anxiety.

In the past, he hadn’t raised a child. He didn’t feel that he knew the bumpy among them after experiencing himself. He also understood that it was not easy.This pile one by one, if it weren’t for two mothers to help, he really had two eyes.

"That cousin still has to prepare early." Xu Jiayi persuaded two more words, then he returned to Jiaxi Garden with Cuiyun and Yuanxiang.

As soon as she entered the house, the second -class girl -in -law who was waiting in the outside came forward and unravel the snow on Xu Jiayi’s body, and then picked up the furnace over, so that Xu Jiayi entered the inner room.

In November, the weather was so cold that he jumped coldly, and he was so cold. Xu Jiayi couldn’t dare to care. He would cover a snowy cover when he went out, and he had to warm his hands.Even the house in the house has been gathered in the flames from October.

Burning in the brazier is the good silver frost charcoal. There is no smoke or other unpleasant taste. The warm and warm flavor of the whole house can not feel the chills outside at all.If you are just wearing the outside, I am afraid that I will sweat all over for a while.

"It’s really cold that day, it should be snowy." Yuan Xiang put his hand on the carbon fire and grilled it, rubbing his hands and rubbing the heat and covered his face.The coldness of the tentacle snorted unconsciously and muttered out.

"I don’t know if I don’t snow down, but it’s raining." Xiang Qiao stretched his finger outside the house, laughing and laughing.Now she has basically given everything to Cui Yun and Yuanxiang, and she has been much easier.

"It’s raining?" Wen Yan looked at Xu Jiayi a little surprised to see through the window, not!

They only entered the house in front of the feet, and the back of the back was raining.Fortunately, God was raining now. If it was earlier, they would come back with rain, Xu Jiayi secretly rejoiced in his heart.

The weather was so cold. After using dinner, Xu Jiayi sent the girls to go back to the house to sleep. She also curled up in the quilt. After reading the book for a while, she blew the lights and rest.

The wind was shouted outside the wind, and from time to time, there were crisp sounds of the branches broken.Xu Jiayi in the quilt rolled unconsciously, the next second, the cold wind "slammed" the window blew away.

The cold wind poured directly through the window, and Xu Jiayi woke up coldly after a while.Ban Meng and half awakened his eyes and wrapped the quilt on his body. He still felt cold and pierced.Then I raised my eyes with yawning, but looked at the window and was blown away by the wind. No wonder it was so cold.

Although there was a girl in the outside, Xu Jiayi did not wake up the meaning of helping the window closing the window. Instead, she opened the curtain and walked to the window.Standing next to the window and looking out, the trees in the yard were blown up and crooked, rolled up the leaves in the air and turned around. The cool breeze of Ling Xun struck, letting Xu Jiayi snoring all over, and his sleepiness dissipated instantly.


It’s too cold …

Xu Jiayi held the window frame with both hands and was about to close the window. A flower in front of her seemed to see a dark shadow coming in from the window, scaring her heart to shrink, hurriedly turned to look, but saw a man wearing a night clothes lay down.On the ground, a black scarf was covered on the face, and the eyebrows seemed to be faintly painful.

Xu Jiayi’s eyes widened for a moment, and they couldn’t care about closing the window.

"Come on … …… …" Xu Jiayi’s words had not had time to say, and his mouth was already covered.

The man was behind him now, and there was a strong bloody smell on him.

Did he just kill someone?Intersection

In the eyes, she was filled with tears. At that moment, Xu Jiayi’s mind flashed countless thoughts, and she even forgot to struggle.The man’s exhalation was sprinkled between Xu Jiayi’s neck, with a bit of coolness.

After the reaction came, Xu Jiayi began to struggle desperately.While twisting his body to break free of imprisonment, he raised his hand to open the hand covering his mouth to call for help.

Cui Yun and Yuanxiang took turns to stay in the night every day. Today is Yuan Xiangshou’s turn.

Although Yuan Xiang felt a little sinking at night, as long as she sounded a little louder, she would wake up, so as long as she could break away from his imprisonment, she could be rescued.She can’t send it to let the man in black let herself go. He has such a strong bloody smell on him. It must be a murderer. Such a person is not rational and can only save herself.

"Don’t call."

There is a cold sound in my ears, and there seems to be so much … cooked ears?

This sound seemed to hear.

Xu Jiayi’s struggle stopped, turning her head to look at the face of her behind.The man in black saw her a little bit more peaceful, and then pulled a hand to pull the black scarf covered on his face.Looking at the enlarged version of her face, Xu Jiayi’s eyes turned smoothly, which was not bad with her conjecture.

Seeing that Xu Jiayi was completely quiet, Chu Changfeng slowly loosen his hand.

"Uncle … Why are you here?" Xu Jiayi frowned with a somewhat displeased.

Just now she really thought that a thief came in and scared her half to die.

"It’s a bit unexpected." Chu Changfeng pulled the corner of his mouth and slowly returned. He wanted to continue to say something but heard a sparse sound in the outside.Do a "boo" action while doing.

If a man found a man in her boudoir and hugged her with her, would she have to have a reputation?Intersection

Yuan Xiang is her own close -dressed girl, and Xu Jiayi naturally believes in her.It’s just that Yuan Xiang is too young. When he comes in, he watched a man who is afraid to call it out on the spot. At that time, the entire Shang Shufu can know that Chu Changfeng was in her boudoir at night.Even though he didn’t happen, her innocence was gone!

In the moment, Xu Jiayi felt like a fool. He just fought and struggled to help. At this moment, after knowing that it was Chu Changfeng, he had to find a way to hide it for him.

Xu Jiayi slowed his breath, staring at Chu Changfeng, his eyes were full of warnings.Chu Changfeng was aware of it, holding a noise without a sound.

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