Novel: Miss Ye is still pregnant, and normal people will shock so much blood, let alone a pregnant woman

Mu Zhanbei was frightened: "What about people? How about Zi Ning now?"

"People have been taken to the hospital, the situation is not so good …"

"I know, I come here!"

After hanging up the phone, he watched Ye Qingge fiercely: "You’d better pray that Zi Ning is fine, otherwise I won’t let you go!"

The rapid footsteps disappeared at the entrance of the stairs, and Ye Qingge collapsed on the carpet weakly.

Mu Zhanbei’s uniqueness is not the first time she teach, but she has not had such a chill once.

He will never let her go, and he will not let her go anyway.

Thinking that this child may have the same destiny as the former child, Ye Qingge shuddered.

She likes children so much, she wants to be a mother so much. This time she can’t listen to Mu Zhanbei, she has to find a way.

The only way is to escape, go abroad, and give birth to the child.

Ye Qingge thought of doing it and immediately packed his luggage. He just closed his luggage, and Mu Zhanbei’s special assistance came with a bodyguard.

Special assistance is always the unchanged poker face: "Miss Ye, Mr. Mu asked me to take you to the hospital."

"I don’t go to the hospital! Liu Te helps, let me go! I beg you!" Ye Qingge did not expect that Mu Zhanbei would be so fast and did not give her a chance to slip away.

"Ms. Ye, please don’t embarrass me!" Special Assistant ignored her begging.

"I want to call Zhanbei." Seeing that Ye Qingge reached out to get his mobile phone, he added a sentence with a special assistant: "President Mu is now in Miss Zi Ning, Miss Ziying is not very good."

In a word, Ye Qingge’s thoughts were absolutely clear. She knew the rules very well. As long as Mu Zhanbei was next to Ye Ziying, she would never answer her.

Ye Qingge was desperate by the bodyguard and got into the car and went to the obstetrics and gynecology department. He just walked to the door of the operating room. The special phone called. He opened a few words and looked at Ye Qingge. "Mr. MuSaid the operation and don’t do it first. "

"Really?" Ye Qingge looked surprised.

"Miss Zi Ning’s big bleeding to transfusion, Ye Ye let you go now …"

As long as she didn’t get rid of her child, it was not a problem to lose her blood. At this moment, Ye Qingge did not resist the slightest, but he was extremely happy.

It’s just that she seems to be more beautiful. This blood transfusion is not ordinary blood transfusion. Take 200cc or 400cc.

Ye Qingge was tied to the bed and was taken away by the doctor for 1000cc.

Normal people donate up to 600cc, and Ye Qingge is still pregnant. The blood of 1000cc is imagined, and he will pass on the spot.

Ye Qingge was unconscious for four days. On the fifth day of the fifth day, she had some consciousness.

I was dizzy and had no strength, but I heard someone talking faintly, with a hint of anxiety: "What’s going on? Why don’t she wake up now?"

This is Mu Zhanbei’s voice. Ye Qingge opened his eyes desperately and saw Mu Zhanbei standing in the ward in front of her, in front of him, a doctor in a white coat.

"Mr. Mu, Miss Ye lost too much blood and needed to recover." The doctor replied.

"Isn’t it the loss of blood? As for this?"

"Not only the problem of blood transfusion, Miss Ye is still pregnant. Normal people will shock so much blood, let alone a pregnant woman." The doctor’s voice was sympathetic. "She is like this, this child may …"

"This child shouldn’t exist!" The man’s deserted voice, "Zi Ning’s body, can’t afford it, wait for her to wake up, let her get rid of the child!"

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