Novel: Married to the president by pregnancy, but now there is only a child in the eyes of the other party.

The next day, the thin -way Chengkou opened the bedroom door, and smelled the meat of the dumplings. An Qian sat at the food again. When he saw him, he bent gently, and laughed, "Good morning, eat breakfast, do you eat breakfast?? "

Bo Xiangcheng put on the door with one hand, and the handsome face was a little surprised. The woman laughed at her for the first time.

The previous unpleasantness seemed to have never happened.

They are reconciled like this.

He thought that An Qian was still a bit of something on his body. It is undeniable that he was in a good mood and eat this set.

"Early." He walked over, "What did you do?"

"Pork filling dumplings, lean porridge."

Bo Xiangcheng took a bowl of dumplings and a bowl of lean meat porridge, and he started to eat when he sat down.

He praised: "The taste is good."


After eating the last dumplings, An Qian took the grass to water the grass, and replaced those flowers.

She watched her walking around while eating, she couldn’t get idle. The food in her mouth was delicious, and the stomach was warm and full. He suddenly felt that it was good to keep going like this.

He didn’t want to get married. He thought women were too troublesome, but An Qian was not sticky, restless, and did not disturb him.

He only needed to perform in front of grandma occasionally, and now he does not need to return the old house, and grandma will not urge marriage.

"I’m going to the company."


I walked to the door in a thin direction and said, "I call me if I have something. Although I am very busy, I will answer your phone."

An Qian packed up the chopsticks, nodded when he heard the words, um.

In this way, in the next half month, both of them met during the day and met with each other at night.

During the day, An Qian will shoot food videos, and go to the hospital to see grandma.

When it was dark, she would open the live broadcast and cook, without showing her face.

Watching more than 300,000 people, An Qian relied on fans to see her face, boldly, and more words.

"The onion must be chopped a little before it tastes more delicious. Well, the oil temperature is higher."

"Thank you [milk cat] plane. Everyone can do it, don’t brush too much gifts."

The barrage passed quickly.

"Good incense, when can I eat ingot and cook?"

"Brother Meng, let me do our best? Understand what I meant, the gift is brushed! Scarring her!"

"Yuanbao, we are very stubborn, you don’t let us brush us!"

An Qian happened to see this barrage, and for a moment, he said stupidly: "Then … please brush more gifts?"

A barrage:




"Since ingot said that, don’t give your face without brushing."

An Qian is stupid, she has a group of fans, she can’t touch it at all!

The [Milk Cat] began to send the plane again.

The most expensive gift at station C is a small aircraft, 5,000, and half a point with the platform, An Qian can get 2,000.

This [Milk Cat] brushed her a lot of gifts, and An Qian was a little uncomfortable. After a live broadcast, she hurriedly broadcast it, and privately sent a [milk cat].

[Yuanbao teaches you to cook]: Hello, milk cat, thank you for that, making money is not easy, you should take it up.

[Milk Cat]: "No panic, I have money."

An Qian: "…"

She had already seen it.

[Yuanbao teaches you to cook]: "How old are you? Don’t use your parents’ hard money to give me gifts."

[Milk Cat]: Mo panic, it is the legacy for me.


"Let me give it to me, you have to brush me enough, you keep it yourself."

[Milk Cat]: "Don’t be nervous, small money, if you have a burden in your heart, make me egg yolk crisp, I want to eat."

An Qian quickly agreed. After the milk cat sent her an address, she paused, and the milk cat was in Jiangshi!

As soon as the list made a small request, An Qian took the broadcast and started to do it. She made twenty of them. After packing, she would let the courier come to pick up the door and send it out.

The thin direction returned home from get off work, and the room was a sweet taste, a bit like purple potato.

An Qian sat on the sofa and watched TV, saw him, smiled, and asked, "I just made egg yolk crisps.

The thin -way belly was a little hungry, and then nodded.

But he didn’t like sweets, and he didn’t eat one after eating one.

"The baby will be two months tomorrow." An Qian said suddenly.

There was no expression on the face, only a sound, "Time is very fast." I paused, and then said, "The baby mother is working hard."

Then go back to the master bedroom to rest.

An Qian sat on the sofa and bit her lip. The young master didn’t say anything. She would go alone tomorrow’s birth check.

the next day.

The thin -way Cheng opened the bedroom door, and it was rare to see An Qian on the table. He froze for a moment, and he was used to pulling the door every day and watching An Qian sitting on the stool and asking himself if he wanted to eat breakfast.

Just as he was stunned, the bathroom next to the toilet was pulled open, An Qian was wearing a long coat, her hair straightened, she wiped the lipstick, saw him, and said "Early."

I went back to the room and took a bag and carried it out.

"Breakfast you have to eat outside."

Thin direction Cheng Wei pursed his lips, "Go out?"

"Yes." An Qian passed her and went to wear shoes.

Seeing her a bit anxious, and so in the morning, he asked, "Where?"

An Qian wore a pair of white flat leisure shoes, and hesan laces.

Thin’s frown, "Are you alone? Don’t you plan to call me?" Then he pulled out his phone and called the agent secretary to delay the important work until the afternoon.

An Qian is a bit innocent. "I said last night. I said that the baby was two months old. You didn’t say anything. I thought you didn’t want to go."

He said that he didn’t want this baby, and he was busy at work. An Qian didn’t want to ask him more, as long as he would be better to the baby in the future.

"For the first time, I became a dad and didn’t think too much."

Twenty -nine years of single, where can I know her words, don’t have a deep meaning. He walked to the door to wear shoes, "I’m going."


An Qian opened the door and watched the man in the suit and leather shoes changed his shoes.

"Do you want you to call you in the future?"

The expression of thin direction is a little serious, nodded, "yes."

An Qian was a bit jumping in his heart. The two went to the hospital, which was much better than one person.

Out of the door, there was breakfast outside the community. She asked the tall man around him: "Do you want to eat breakfast? For the insurance point, I still have an empty stomach, so don’t eat it."

Looking at the pot of the tea -making eggs in a thin direction, a layer of dirt outside, he shook his head, "No, let Xu Ji take it to the hospital. Is it to the people’s hospital?"

"Well, I will go to see grandma by the way after the checkup."

The couple took the car in the hospital.

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