Novel: Husband is cruel to getting pregnant, his wife is born, and the wife begged her husband to let go, and was still anesthetized

In the operating room.

Zhong Xiaoqi was lying on the cold operating table. The man she loved her most wore a blue surgical suit, a mask, and separated her legs …

She raised her legs and got up from the operating table: "Lu Jian, I really didn’t betray you, this child is really yours, don’t you kill it? I ask you to ask you!" SheKneeling on the operating table, he hoeed his head.

The two nurses next to each other couldn’t help but see this scene and couldn’t bear it.I really don’t understand why Dean Lu did so!

Lu Jianmei’s eyes still did not have a trace of temperature, looking at her, as if looking at an item without life.

"Lie down!" The tone of his order came from behind the mask.

"Lu Jian …" Zhong Xiaoqi wanted to ask again. Lu Jian had pulled her arm and inserted the needle tube of the anesthesia in her vein.

She gradually lost her consciousness, but she could feel that there was a cold appliance into her body, which hurts!

The flesh was peeled from her uterus, but she didn’t even have any room for struggle.

When she opened her eyes again, Zhong Xiaoqi saw Lu Jian standing by the window at a glance. She instinctively wanted to show a smile, but the soreness from the lower abdomen made her smile stiff at the corner of her lips.

"You wake up, then sign the divorce agreement." Lu Jian turned around and handed her a document on the bedside.

For three years of marriage, Lu Jian killed her child in his own hands. He had to divorce on the grounds of derailment in marriage, and no property was not given to her.

All the expectations of Zhong Xiaoqi’s expectation of love, all of them instantly turned into gray, she teared the divorce agreement angrily: "Lu Jian! You don’t want to bully too much! Bai Ziyu is going to be released, right? So you hurried to me,Is it to let me give me the position of Mrs. Lu? You dream! I won’t divorce, you kill my child, I won’t let you be better! "

Lu Jian looked at her coldly, "Zhong Xiaoqi, don’t forget, who Ziyu did for whom! It’s for you! You are just a murderer!"

"It’s eight hundred times to you, your brother’s death has nothing to do with me! If I was guilty, why did the police go to catch Bai Ziyu without catching me?" Her hysterical mood caused a pain in the lower abdomen, a trace of red blood, andFollowing her legs overflow.She was so heartbroken, but could not help it.

Lu Jian turned a blind eye to this.

Lu Jian’s brother was Lu Ming, who died three years ago.And Bai Ziyu, she is the stepdother of the Zhong family, married to the Zhong family with her stepmother.

Zhong Xiaoqi is beautiful and dazzling, and Bai Ziyu can only live in her shadow from a young age.But that is, this kind of Bai Ziyu has won the sympathy and love of Lu Jian.

Lu Ming’s admiration for Zhong Xiaoqi has reached a point of paranoia. In order to pursue her, she has almost exhausted everything, but but there is only one Lu Jian in Zhong Xiaoqi’s heart.

Three years ago, Lu Ming suddenly received the news saying that Zhong Xiaoqi was abducted. In the heavy rainy night, Lu Ming drove to rescue him regardless of everything, but had a car accident halfway and accidentally died.

There were two people sitting in the sports car at the time, one was Bai Ziyu, and the other … was Zhong Xiaoqi.

At that time, Bell Xiaoqi was drunk, Bai Ziyu was driving, and the police judged so.

However, Lu Jian’s survey results showed that the person who drove was Zhong Xiaoqi at the time!The so -called drunk is just an excuse for Zhong Xiaoqi’s escape of sanctions. As for Bai Ziyu, of course, it is the one who was forced to help her with sin!Even the police were bought.

Lu Ming died, Bai Ziyu was sentenced to three years in prison, and Lu Jian suddenly proposed to the Zhong family to marry Zhong Xiaoqi.

Lu Jian’s parents died early. He and his brother depended on each other. He believed that Zhong Xiaoqi killed his brother, so he naturally tormented her and revenge her.

So he decided to marry her.

Originally, Zhong Xiaoqi was full of joy, but the life after marriage was like hell.

"I did not harm your brother, and there was no derailment! Lu Jian, do you accuse me of derailment, do you have evidence? Do you have a witness?"

Lu Jianju looked at her coldly: "Yes, because that night, I sent you to Chen Duo’s bed, so … I am evidence, I am a witness!"

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