Novel: After the wife was pregnant, she carefully told her husband, "Do you take medicine or get it?"

Chapter 7 Pregnancy

After that, Yuenan Sheng got the best care for these seven days.

Every day, someone gives her food on time, and some people treat her injuries.

The place where she sleeps no longer has a mouse spider.

One day passed, sometimes, Yuenan Sheng even wondered if it was true.

But whenever she doubts it, she deliberately touches the scar of the left wrist.

That place tells her clearly that everything that happened was not a dream.

Her future is still to be taken to sacrifice the sky.

During this time, Yue Nan Sheng did not think about running away, but Feng Qingchen knew the same as. Although he did not show up, the person who arranged for her did not decrease.

Twelve hours a day took turns guarding her in turns, without exaggeration, the cold incense was small, and a fly could not fly out.

Not to mention her semi -disabled living person.

Two months have passed for two months. Yue Nan Sheng thought that until a month later, her cold fragrance was small, and Feng Qingchen would not step further.

But at this moment, in the face of the man under the flower tree, her heart suddenly jumped.

Not because of heartbeat, but because of fear.

After experiencing those things before the sacrifice of heaven, she had indifferent love to him, only fear.

"Are you pregnant?" The cold face came over, and the first sentence said was like this.

The preserved fruit in her mouth was difficult, and Yue Nan Sheng was stunned. Her monthly example did not come. She never thought that she was pregnant, "…"

Frozen, dragged her up from the lounge chair, and stared at her and flat belly. "Just a woman like you, what qualifications to be pregnant with my child! Yue Nan Sheng, I can’t let you leave you awayIs this child who drink medicine or I will help you get it? You choose! "

She is pregnant?During these days, she was always nausea and vomiting, and was there because there were children in her belly?

Still Qingming’s eyes that could not see things, Yue Nan Sheng took a step forward.

"Can you let me give birth to this child? Feng Qingchen, as long as you let me give birth to this child, I will do whatever you want me, you let me sacrifice the sky, will I be willing to sacrifice the sky?"With the color of begging, Yuenan Sheng is a bird in the cage. She is in front of him, nothing, nothing, except for pleasure, she has no other way.

Looking at the two -month recuperation, the body face was obviously much better than Yuenan Sheng, which was much better than before.

When he was a child, he almost died, and it was also in this season of floral fragrance.

Yue Nan Sheng’s soft and pleasant voice seemed to have heard it when he was the most helpless.

"Okay." Before he had time to think about the brain, he ran out first.

Wind Qingchen wants to reverse.

Yue Nan Sheng rushed into his arms excitedly.

Suddenly, the flavor of the floral fragrance was stronger, and the wind and dust acknowledged that at this moment, he found a long -lost familiar feeling.

I do n’t know why I can find a sense of familiarity with Yuenan Sheng.Then you can leave your child, but if it’s sunny, don’t blame me for being cruel! "

After throwing this sentence, Feng Qingchen escaped.

Although it is not sure to protect her child’s birth, they were safe at least in this month. Yue Nanyan thought of this and smiled relieved.

Touching his abdomen, smiling and smiling, crying with tears.

She has a child!

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