Novel: After marriage, the wife’s small production has a irritable personality.

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Chen Minglang stopped the car, then walked to the door of his own villa, and opened the door with the key.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw Yao Yinhuan rushing towards himself.

"Husband and husband, I tell you … you are going to be a dad."

"Ah?" The news came too suddenly. He stunned for a few seconds before reacting. "I’m going to be a dad? Are you pregnant?"

Yin Yin nodded with a bright smile.

The joy of happiness struck him instantly, making him feel like a firework explosion in his mind, and then excitedly hugged Yao Yinxuan to rotate.I love you so much……"

"Husband, I love you and baby too."

Xie Shuping came out of the kitchen with a piece of dish and saw the two people’s rotating movements, and immediately hacked a face. "You two are about to stop, how old is the age and there is no point."

Chen Minglang hurriedly put down Yin Yin, but did not release her hand around her waist, raised her head and shouted: "Mom, are you going to be a grandma, unhappy?"

"Of course I am happy. I look forward to it for two years." Xie Shuping’s black face stood up and melted, grinning.

But the next second, "Xiao Yin, you must be very careful in the action of walking in the future, but don’t hurt my good grandson."

Yin Yin pulled his hand and raised his head well, "Mom, I know."

"Come to dinner, I deliberately go to the market to pick the current hens who come back to stew, and you can drink a few more bowls when you know."

"I want to drink a few more bowls too."

"Cook a lot, just drink it."

When Chen Minglang saw his mother put the vegetables on the table, after entering the kitchen, he said with a smile: "Wife, why don’t you let me accompany you to the hospital for examination? So, I can know the news for the first time."

Yin Yin glanced at the kitchen and said softly: "I measured the pregnancy test stick in the morning and knew it was two poles. I was very happy and wanted to tell you. But like the last time, let everyone be happy to be happy.. Then I went to the hospital for an examination. After I knew the results, I wanted to tell you in person to tell you that it was better. Then I kept being patient and I couldn’t bear to call you. "

"Wife, thank you." He kissed her forehead affectionately and held her gently.

After they got married, they never had contraception, but they had never been pregnant.

His mother just started to urge many times and asked them to go to the hospital for examination. He thought about just getting married, and he was not in a hurry to ask for a child.

A year ago, when Yao Yin was having breakfast, he was nauseous and vomited.Everyone thought she was pregnant, and ran to the hospital with Xing Chong, but the result was discomfort caused by stomach problems.

She also found that she was more difficult to get pregnant.

His mother changed his face, and since then, his attitude towards Yin Yin was very indifferent, and he spoke.

He even hinted at herself more than once that if she was infertile, he would divorce and marry again. He was the only son, but he could not break the incense.

During that time, there was a shadow at home.

He was worried about bipolar, and he could only accompany Yin Yin to check the disease in various places.Chinese medicine, western medicine, health products, women’s private care products, etc. When others say it will be effective, buy it.

After so many tossing, can you be pregnant and nervous when you are pregnant?

Chen Yong deliberately took out the treasures treasured at home and said he had to drink a few glasses to celebrate.

Due to Yao Yin’s pregnancy, the family of four sat at the dining table, all of which were full of smiles, with a smile and laughter, and the air was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

Xie Shuping put a large piece of fish and put it in Yin Yin’s bowl. "Come, eat more, you can pay attention to the nutritional balance in the future, you can’t pick eaters."

"Okay, thank you mom."

"Xiao Yin will go to the company to quit his job tomorrow, and raise your fetus with peace of mind."

Yin Yin’s action was a meal, and he looked at Chen Minglang with the eyes of help.

But don’t wait for him to speak, Xie Shuping continued, "When you are married, let you not work, you have to go, let you go. There is no shortage of money you earn at home.Don’t be blindly tossing. Women and couples at home and do housework are the duty. "

"Mom, this era, female …"

"Mom, rest assured, we will deal with it." Chen Minglang first interrupted Yao Yin’s words, then pulled her corner under the table, and motioned for her not to say it.

Chen Yong looked around on their faces for a week, and then sinking, "Okay, eat first, the young couple discusses it before deciding. But now the top priority will give birth to the child safely."

The owner of the family spoke, and the remaining three did not dare to refute, all bowed their heads to eat.


In the evening, Chen Minglang came out after taking a shower and saw Yin Yin leaning against the bedside to play with his mobile phone, and looked like he was unhappy.

"Wife, what’s wrong with this, the little mouth is all over the sky."

She laughed, "Oh, ask about it."

"Wife …" He took off his shoes and climbed to her. "Wife, you also know that your parents are old thoughts, why should you care?"

"How can I not care?" Yao Yin said angrily, afraid that the in -laws would hear, and the voice slowly weakened. "When in love, I will tell you that the two must live alone after marriage. As a result, what about?Not only do you live together, but you will not let that will not be allowed, there is no freedom at all. I have never seen your parents such a domineering person. "

"Wife, don’t get angry, let’s get angry and get angry. Remember that you are a baby, you want to open something."

She threw her mobile phone on the bed and glared at him, "Child, child … your family treats me as a fertility tool."

"What is so bad to speak?"

Seeing that she had always made her temperament, he was a little angry, but as soon as he exported, he regretted it.

No matter how you say it is his wife, he still has a baby in his stomach, and you need to coax.

"Wife, I’m sorry, I’m not good at it just now, I shouldn’t roare you like that. I also know that my mother makes you not go to work, and feel wronged …"

Yin Yin took a picture of his thighs hard, "Chen Minglang, although I want to work, but temporarily resigning to raise a child at home to bring children, and I am still willing. What I hate most is the appearance of your mother’s high sessation order.I have never discussed, I am not a slave, I have my own opinion and ideas. "

"Well, I know you have suffered a lot for me, wife, I respect your decision."

"I took so much hardship before I was pregnant with my baby. The doctor also said that my fetus was unstable. If you pay attention to everything, you must maintain a good mood. I will leave the job on my hand and then leave, but I can sayThe child quit milk and go to work. "

"Okay, as long as you like it." Chen Minglang put his face towards her abdomen, and said with a smile, "I want to listen to the baby’s voice."

Yin Yin shot him away, "This is only six weeks, what can you hear?"

"Well, wife, good night." Yao Yin quickly resigned and started to raise his life, and Chen Minglang started to rush to the house every day.

When they were free, they watched the baby’s clothes, hats and quilt daily necessities on the Internet. They also discussed what the child should be named.

After dinner, go for a walk in the nearby park together. Occasionally watching movies or something, the little life is very moist.

The only bad thing is that Yao Yin stayed at home more, and his conflict with his mother became more and more serious.

As soon as he had time, he caught him to complain, saying how difficult his daughter -in -law was.Four meals a day are ready, she is not willing to eat, either she is having a lighter or she is suspected of buying the dishes.

The two were lying on the bed and replaced by Yin Yin.The appetite was bad, and those who eat those soups and water are gone at all.

Especially during pregnancy, his mother didn’t care about two sentences, and looked at it from a distance that it was a normal reaction, just vomiting.


He heard too much, he felt annoying, isn’t it just a little thing?Is it necessary every day?

But in front of them, they could only listen to coaxing, and dare not show a trace of impatience.

Otherwise, my mother would say that she had a daughter -in -law forgot.

My wife would say that she didn’t love her or care about her, and did not put her first.

The days were mixed with it, and two months later.

When he met Chen Minglang’s friend’s birthday, a group of brothers and friends asked for dinner and drinking and singing together.

He thought to stay at home every day, and it was time to go out and breathe.Send a message to Yin Yin and get to the restaurant after being allowed.

Shou Xing sang a Cantonese song affectionately, and was praised by everyone’s cheers. He was happy and said that he would send red envelopes in the group to let everyone grab.

Drunk Chen Minglang also pulled out his mobile phone from his pocket. As soon as he unlocked, he saw dozens of unread calls, all from his parents.

There was a bad premonition in my heart, and the alcoholic was half scattered, and hurried back.

After only two seconds, the phone was connected, "Dad …"

"Where did you die? Don’t answer dozens of calls."

"The mobile phone is mute, I didn’t hear the phone ring, what’s wrong?"

"What’s the matter? Your wife wrestled blood and now performed surgery in the city hospital. Are you still rolling over?"

A cold gas rushed into his head, making him wide open.

He didn’t say hello to his friends, and hurried to the side of the road and stopped a taxi to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, he saw that his parents were staying at the door of the operating room and asked anxiously: "Parents, what’s the situation now?"

Xie Shuping’s eyes were red, "Still doing surgery, I don’t know if the child can keep it."

"It’s so good, how could it suddenly wrestle?"

"She took a shower in the bathroom. When I first came up, she slipped and fell to the ground. We watched TV on the first floor and didn’t hear her shout. When she climbed to the bed, she called meThen I knew something happened. "

Chen Yong scolded him, "My wife is big, you run out …"

"Why do you scold your son? You can’t blame him." Xie Shuping pulled Chen Minglang beside him, then lowered his head, and prayed prayerly.I will go to the temple to give you more incense … "

After four hours of surgery, Yin Yin finally turned to safety, but the child did not keep it.

The doctor said it was a pity that it was a boy. If you sent it earlier, there was a chance to keep.And she was not in good health, and now her body is damaged. Even if she is pregnant, it is easy to have a natural abortion.

Chen Minglang was stunned in place, and something blocked his chest, making him unbearable.

He opened his mouth and asked the doctor if he had any questions, but found that his throat could not make a sound.

Xie Shuping sat on the ground and cried loudly: "Oh my God, what evils do the Chen family created …"

Chen Yong burst into two words first, and then sighed.

Miss Nurses stopped their noise with a reason to keep quiet.

Yin Yin was pushed out of the operating room and was sent to the general ward.

Chen Yong and Xie Shuping just glanced at her with complex eyes, and then helped leave the hospital.


Chen Minglang moved his chair and sat next to the bed, watching Yin Yin, who hadn’t woke up because of anesthetic medicine.

Her eyes were closed, her hair was scattered messy, and her rounded face was pale, and her lips were cracked.

He held her hand with one hand, and the other hand wanted to touch her belly, where the children who had bred their children, the crystallization of love.

At this moment …

His tears could no longer be controlled, and drops dropped on the hands of the two.

When he drank, he was a little sleepy. In addition, after this blow, he was exhausted, and he cried silently for a while.

"Husband, husband …"

I don’t know how long I slept, Chen Minglang woke up quickly after hearing the voice.

"Wife, you wake up, do you feel better?"

Yin Yin frowned, and said weakly, "Pain, husband, it’s painful … baby is okay …"


No, these three words reached his mouth, but could not be said.

When she saw his expression, she pulled back the hand she was held by him and touched her belly, "What’s wrong with the baby … no, no …"

Speaking, she suddenly screamed with her voice, and she wanted to sit up at a moment, just involved the injuries on her body, and poured back on the bed painfully.

But she waved her hands crazy like epilepsy, "Baby, my baby …"

"Wife, wife, you calm down." Chen Minglang could only hold her hard to stop her with a fierce wave of waves, and shouted on the side of his head: "Doctor, doctors, come here …"

Both the doctor and the nurse ran over quickly, and saw that she could only give her a stable needle.

Yin Yin quickly calmed down and fell asleep again.

Chen Minglang had no drowsiness, sitting beside the bed, holding her hand, and her heart was mixed, and her mind flashed countless pictures.

In the end, there is only one problem that is in my heart: What should I do in the future?

The next day, Yao Yin woke up and did not toss crazy.Being silent, even if he talked to her without responding, he opened a pair of empty eyes and looked at the ceiling.

The Chen Yong and his wife brought breakfast, and had a resentment in Yao Yin’s heart, and didn’t care about it.

Chen Minglang looked at Yao Yin, but found that she was still empty, and it seemed that she could not hear the outside voice.

"Mom, this is an accident. The child is not kept. The most uncomfortable person is Yin Yin. After all, the child has been in her stomach for more than three months. We are still young and will have the opportunity to give you a few good grandsons in the future.The most important thing is to let Yin Yin raise your body. "

"Are we not sad for so long? Besides, this is her careless …"

"Well, say two less words." Chen Yong interrupted Xie Shuping’s words, and told Chen Minglang on his head, "You should take a few days of leave with the unit first, and then go back to sleep.

Xie Shuping glanced at Yao Yin and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

"Wife, I’ll go back to sleep for a while. If you have any matter, you can tell your parents, or call me. Do you want to eat it? I will bring you at that time."

Yin Yin didn’t speak, and put his head on the side of the wall.

Chen Minglang took a five -day vacation until she went back to work with her out of the hospital.

She recuperated at home and lay on the bed all day. She didn’t go out, and she ate less.

Even so, Xie Shuping was full of grievances, and sarcasped from the beginning of her pointed Sang Huai from the beginning.

It can be seen that she has been ignored, and gradually extinguished the fire, and the atmosphere at home was a little stagnant.

Seeing Yin Yin, Chen Minglang was both blame and sad. He always thought that he hadn’t gone out of the party that night. Is it different?

The disturbance in his heart could not be resolved, and he put his energy on work, and went out early and returned every day to paralyze himself.And his wife’s temper became more and more irritable.


At night, he seemed to hear someone talking, and he thought it was dreaming.But the voice kept constantly, so noisy he was sleeping, and it looked like Yao Yin’s voice.

Then he stretched out his hand and touched him, "Wife, are you talking to me?"

The fingertips were the air, which made him soberly a little bit, and sat up with yawning.I saw a personal shadow sitting on the chair leaning by the window, fluttering with long hair, and a sharp look at him.

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