Novel: "I’m pregnant", the president is furious: You’re brave, dare to lie to me with pregnancy?

After three years of marriage, she has been alone in the empty room, and Xu Zizhen felt like this in her life.

Who knew that the accident that accidentally broke the deadlock between them two months ago, and the child who had come to make her see the hope of happiness.

She has been waiting for him at home, and always wondering whether Fu Sinian knows if she is going to be a father, she would be as happy as her. However, she did not expect Mu Anan to commit suicide.

"I admit that I don’t like Mu An’an, but I will never hurt her when the child comes.

She looked up at him, and her eyes were humble, but the man’s expression became more and more indifferent. He would never be merciless, and he ruthlessly broke her final fantasy.


The whole man was thrown on the ground, and he kicked his kick even more, and the pain couldn’t help her spasm.

What’s more painful is Xu Zizhen’s heart.

As if she was thrown on the ground, her heart was crushed into fragments.

The man’s cold and quiet voice passed into her ear with the thunder, "Xu Zizhen, you are bold, dare to deceive me with pregnancy! An An is committed to being deceived by your tricks!"

Xu Zizhen’s eyes widened, and the weak light in his eyes was eroded by despair. "No … I didn’t lie to you … I … Ah … I’m really pregnant …"

Fu Sinian grabbed her hair hard, "Really? I have never touched you, how can you get pregnant? Xu Zizhen, don’t challenge my patience anymore!"

Xu Zizheng breathed a meal, barely pulled the corner of his lips, "You … you have a joke with me again? Hehe … it’s not funny at all, it will scare me …"

She knew the man for 20 years and loved him for 20 years. Even if it turned into ashes, she could recognize him at first glance.

Although it was dark that night, his breath would not change, and the temperature of the fingertips would not change. She just forgot that she would not recognize her man!

"Xu Zizhen, why are you stupid? Just be worthy of my child? Dreaming!"

His voice was very light, but he turned her world upside down. This one she was familiar with, and the handsome face of love suddenly changed, as if the layer of camouflage mask was opened, showing her face.

Xu Zizheng was under cold, and the chill from her feet made her no longer finding the slightest warmth.

She doesn’t match?Who matches then?

Mu Anan?

Xu Zizheng clenched her fists tightly. She had never hated a person so much for a moment, and never dared to be so.

The overwhelming rain turned into a root of the root, dripping her humble heart, but he was afraid that she would not have to tear it with him.

Xu Zizheng laughed, very weak, "Fu Sinian, you dare to humiliate me so unscrupulously, just rely on me to love you."

"Hush." The man pressed her lips with his fingers, "Don’t say love me, how disgusting."

How do she match the word love?

Love him, a favidence of a loy?

Love him, crazy hurt his lover?

If this is love, then he disdain!

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