Not superstitious!Before the serious illness comes, sometimes I will remind you through a dream, please leave one more heart

Uncle Wang, 65, a year ago, his right hand always couldn’t control the shake, and the speed of walking was significantly slower. Sometimes he needed to help his wife Zhang Ye. The family quickly took Uncle Wang to the hospital for treatmentEssence

Zhang Yan said to the doctor that in recent years, Uncle Wang often shouted, punched and kicked in his sleep, and fell from the bed many times and fell into injuries.Zhang Yan was afraid of being injured in his sleep, and he went to bed with him early.At that time, the family did not realize that this might be the signal of the disease, and it was not serious.

Until this year, even when it was awake during the day, Uncle Wang had an abnormality, which attracted the attention of his family. After medical examination, Uncle Wang was diagnosed with Parkinson.

After asking the history of the past, the doctor said that the symptoms that appeared in the sleep state of Uncle Wang was actually the signal sent by Parkinson.This phenomenon is clinically called fast -eyed sleep disorder. If the signal can be found in time and the doctor can be found in time, effective treatment can be obtained earlier.

Parkinson is a neurodegenerative disease. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, it cannot be cured. It may last for decades and will have a great impact on the normal life of patients.Many patients have frequent nightmares before confirming Parkinson, which shows that there is a correlation between dreaming and Parkinson’s occurrence?

A queue study in "Electronic Clinical Medicine" pointed out that there is a certain connection between nightmares with Parkinson.The study was included in a total of 3,818 men over 67 years old. All participants did not suffer from Parkinson at the beginning, and they all passed the sleep quality assessment.

The researchers conducted a 7.3 -year follow -up to analyze the association between the nightmare of the subject and the occurrence of Parkinson. In the process of follow -up, 91 people diagnosed Parkinson.

The research analysis found that middle -aged and elderly men who have a nightmare more than once a week are related to factors such as low education, less drinking, and how much physical work.After adjusting some potential mixed factors, researchers have found that middle -aged and elderly men who often have nightmares have twice the risk of Parkinson’s risk of Parkinson.

Overall, the number of nightmares per week has more than once, and there is a high risk of Parkinson.This correlation is more obvious within 5 years before Parkinson’s diagnosis, which may indicate that making nightmares is one of Parkinson’s front -drive symptoms.

Another study published in the "Liuye Knife" in 2023 also states that people often have nightmares at the age of 7-11, which will lead to double the chance of suffering from dementia in decades.If you often have nightmares in childhood, it will cause them to suffer from Parkinson’s 7 times more than others.

In the future, people may help screening related diseases by making nightmares and preventing and intervention in the occurrence of diseases earlier.

Human sleep can be divided into two stages, which are fast eye movements and non -fast eye movements, respectively. Dreams can occur at any period of sleep, but most dreams will occur in the rapid eye movement period. At this stageThe total time is 20 ~ 25%.In context, the 8 -hour sleep time may spend 2 hours in dreams.

Many people think that often dreaming, representing poor sleep quality.This problem is actually different from person to person. Some people wake up after dreaming and feel that the mental state is particularly bad. This shows that dreaming causes poor sleep quality.Claims.If you wake up after dreaming, it does not affect the mental state, indicating that dreaming is normal.

Dreaming normally, sometimes it is good for the body.Help to consolidate memory

Most of the dream content is related to the recent experience, and the dreams of rapid eye movement have the characteristics of vividness and clearness. Through dreams, you can consolidate memory and help promote learning and growth.adjust emotion

During the rapid eye movement, the activity of the brain almond nucleus is very high, which can help clear the unpleasant emotions in the brain and help to restore psychological peace.

Potential threat event advance exercise

Many people dream of being chased or fled with the enemy when they dream. These dreams are to some extent, which is the reaction made by the test when they encounter danger, helping to better cope with emergency situations when they are awake.

Dreaming is what everyone has appeared, but when you find that you frequently appear these dreams, you must be highly vigilant, which may be a signal from the disease.

1. Dreaming of drowning and suffocation

Dreaming and suffocation often in dreams may be caused by breathing suspension caused by the repeated collapse of the upper airway and blocking air flow.Clinically, it is called sleeping and respiratory suspension syndrome. Understanding of this disease may bring a series of changes to the body, which is related to the occurrence of multiple cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and arrhythmia, and even sudden death.

It will cause the upper airway to collapse repeatedly, and even block the "road" of the airflow, which will then cause a short -term breathing, allowing us to have a sense of hypoxia and suffocation, resulting in such nightmares.

2. Dreaming of a organ was beaten

When an organ has a potential lesion, it is likely that the corresponding organs are beaten, stabbed by the knife, or accidents.After the dream wakes up, it will feel pain in the affected area.Some patients who suffer from brain tumors and neurological diseases clinically often dream of being beaten in the end.

3. Dreaming of being chased by people or animals

I was chased in the dream, but I couldn’t run myself. After waking up, there would be a manifestation of sweating and accelerating heartbeat, which may be related to the lack of blood supply to the coronary arteries.

4. Dream of falling from a high place

When suffering from hidden heart disease, he often dreams of falling from a high place, and is awakened during the process.

5. Dreaming of flood flooding

There are abnormal lesions in the liver and kidneys. They will dream of flooding, and the whole person is struggling in the water.

Dreaming is a very normal physiological expression, but if you frequently do abnormal dreams, or because dreaming has affected normal life, you should be alert to medical examination in time.

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